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  1. Nuts and dried fruit. Bit of texture, bit of nutrition. You can go salty or sweet on that one. Cottage cheese is also nice with green onions or salt and pepper.
  2. Awww, thanks, guys. It's no big. I've done this a bunch of times, and I'm pretty good at documentation. It sometimes takes me a couple of tries to get it tailored to the right experience level, but anyone can do it if the next problem they need to solve is the right size.
  3. I am not a successful monk. I'm not very fit and I fail a lot of my challenges. What I am is a monk who keeps showing up and trying things. Which is why I pass myself even on challenges that I have really failed, because fundamentally I want to keep showing up and trying again. That's the one martial arts lesson I'm trying to take from the mat and apply to other parts of my life: I am okay with failing, so long as I keep showing up and trying to get better. So if the pressure to perform is getting to you, do a challenge that's just about showing up. You pass if you post regularly. You're teaching yourself to do the next skill you need to improve at your challenges. Or play with what sort of challenge you think will work best for you. A challenge that has one single goal all the way through? A challenge that has a new theme each week to adapt to what you need that week? Try it. Anything can be a challenge. No one will tell you it's too little. They might tell you it's too big. Just experiment. What's the worst that could happen? A challenge that doesn't work out great or bores you. And the fix for that is to change it when you know there's a problem, or to show up again next time with a new challenge. Literally no negative consequences. GIFs aren't worth bothering with if they're a source of stress or a big timesink. Just use them if they help. I started using Avatar gifs just because it made me smile to throw one onto my posts. It doesn't even really matter which one. See? Every one's a winner. Thirty seconds of effort, instant smile. If you want GIFs, just pick something you love to use as a theme, figure out the best way to make Google Image Search give you piles of it, and put a random one in your posts. But only if the extra effort rewards you in warm fuzzy feelings. They're not necessary, they don't make your thread "better" for others. They might make it better for you. Or not.
  4. Oh, sweet, then you're in good shape. So you've played with the file manager on Linux, I'm presuming, to navigate stuff on your older computer? The only thing you need to practice, if you haven't done it, is literally copying and pasting a folder from one place to another. If you haven't and want to try it, make a folder called "Test" in your Documents, download a few random gifs into it, then copy the Test folder and paste it in your Photos folder. That's going to be what you're doing. So here's how it goes: Look up that file paths for the user home directories I dropped on you a while back. Make a copy of those in a text file. Plug in your external 1TB drive. Should mount automatically, try opening it with the file browser. Just remembered that the file browser opens automatically in that version of Ubuntu. One less step! It'll be basically empty. Copy your text file with the user directory paths into it. Unmount the drive. Now you've practiced mounting/unmounting it and navigating in it and copying things onto it. Boot the new laptop from USB and pick "Try Ubuntu" instead of "Install". That's going to instantly give you basically the Ubuntu desktop you know and love, on your Windows machine. Magic. (This is basically the only thing you can do wrong. Everything else, you're good.) Plug in your external TB drive. Open your text file so you've got those paths in front of you while you work. If you think you're running XP, start with the one for XP. Make a directory called "Data Recovery" on the external drive and go into it. Cross your fingers. You're about to try the damaged drive. Open up a second file manager window. Look for your computer's hard drive and mount it. Navigate to the user directories. So now you've got two of them, one that shows "Data Recovery" on your external drive, and one that shows your user directories on your internal drive. Copy the "Kishi" directory from the internal drive and paste it into "Data Recovery". Then just let it run. You'll probably get everything, or pretty close to. If there are problems during the copy... unmount the drive to power it down, and let's talk.So that's getting your data back. Then you copy it where you'd like it on your old computer, and I'll show you the backup tool on Linux, and you just use your external hard drive to make a backup about once a week. Then your data stuff is done, and no matter what happens to your computers (within reason), you have what you need to work basically normally until you can replace it. After that, you could get your new computer working again by swapping the hard drive from the older one into it, but if you want to just stick with the working older computer for now, just to guarantee you've got a working computer, do this: Go into your software center and install these things: xfce4, Abiword, Gnumeric, Midori, VLC. Most of those are lighter-weight versions of the things that run heaviest on your computer. The big one is XFCE, which is is a lighter alternative to your default desktop, and it's an optional choice you can make when you log in. It won't remove anything, you just pick it on the login screen, and Ubuntu will remember your choice. If you don't like it, you can go back to the default the next time you log in. That's the easiest, most zero-risk way of improving how the older computer is running. It won't work miracles, but if you're pretty close to a setup that works well, and just a couple of things are dragging you down, it'll help you get a little more performance out of it.
  5. I forgot iaido. (Also, you need to remove the " before Monk in the second one, or it'll mess up your results.)
  6. Man, sorry about the finances. Some ideas here. For recovering your data: Set up some kind of backup of your files to a free cloud backup. You've got Google Drive, and it's pretty generous.Back when we first discussed this, someone suggested a cheap SATA to USB cable. If you don't have a lot of things to recover, just some writing files that'll easily fit on the USB stick/older computer, you can use that without getting a backup drive. Just pop the hard drive out of the newer laptop and hook it up to your working laptop as an external USB drive. This cable is only about $12, but unlike a backup drive, it's probably something you won't reuse, so maybe ask around if you can borrow one. If you do have a lot of data (like, it won't fit on your current hard drive), this... won't work so well. Getting your computer working good: Your old laptop can be made to work better, and you can keep using that.Or, your new laptop can be run from your USB stick without touching the hard drive, so you can take advantage of the better machine. I've done that for months at a time, and so long as you have a place to store data and some good security practices, you're good. (I have some experience in doing this fairly securely, if you're interested in doing this.) Probably safest to pop out the damaged hard drive first and put it in a box, if you want to do this.Or, if the new machine runs okay from USB and a new hard drive for the newer one is really not on the cards for a while yet, you can put the hard drive from your old computer into your newer computer. (I don't think you'd need to reinstall Linux. It's usually very smart about detecting hardware changes when it boots, so it should adapt to the new computer.) Then your older laptop will be the broken one, and you can have the advantages of the newer one. This is... not the best solution, because hard drives age and fail, and that drive is pushing it anyway. But that'll be equally true in either computer, so once you're pretty sure there are no other problems with the laptop, just stick your working hard drive in the computer that works best. Whatever you choose to do, just be as careful as you can backing your stuff up to cloud backups, like Google Drive or whatever. That working hard drive is pretty darn old, by hard drive lifespan standards, and it probably won't give you warning signs before it fails. If your stuff is backed up online and your last hard drive dies, you can use your Linux USB stick to run your computer until you can get a new drive, so you won't be computer-less. Basically, it's all about keeping the data safe, at this point.
  7. Working the hours you're working, the brain can react badly. Totally expected for tempers to wear thin, and things to feel down, and eating to get messed up. And honestly? Don't sweat it. Don't beat yourself up over it. Get through it, get out, reset. Just don't get stuck there. It's really valuable to learn how to do that reset, so don't even look at it as a bad thing. Life will get to you sometimes, and having practice bouncing back will help.
  8. Man, getting some good sleep once in a while makes the days when I don't feel totally unacceptable. Today is totally unacceptable.
  9. I guess getting beaten to a pulp from above is a form of relaxing, sure. I mean, aikidoka do that sort of thing.
  10. I need to work on the next challenge, so I don't get bored with it. This challenge, I feel like I'm just ready for something new now. We could, though. They sell green hakama in the US, and I'm sure there's some nice brown-black kendo armor out there. Not that I looked for a Kyoshi warrior outfit or anything. Um. When you live that near the South Pole, summer can't be that bad. It's probably like Canada, where everyone goes to their cottage for the summer and sits around on 50F mornings complaining about the heat.
  11. Good call, you need to do some self-care triage stat. What's the plan?
  12. It doesn't take the odds of your getting the job up or down. It's just standard business nonsense, not a superstitious indicator of fate. C'mon, man, you're a scientist. Have you waggled your arms yet? I want to see those arms waggling.
  13. Meh, don't worry about it. They're most likely required to interview a certain number of candidates as due diligence. And the people posting the ad probably don't have the direct input of the people doing the interviewing. Hierarchies of people reporting to people who report to people who submit requests to other people who report to other people tend to result in a lot of wasted time.
  14. Google limits the number of search terms and that search hits it, so you'll need to either make a new search string, or replace some of the things on there. They're probably not all necessary. "Shaolin" will probably not appear in a martial arts context without "kung fu", so that's a duplicate, and the different spellings of the same term might not be necessary. Not sure how picky it is.
  15. No problem. It's worth checking the results you get against the people you find by reading their posts. There were not a lot of posts that matched that search in the past four weeks (though really I should have gone back six weeks, to catch the first posts). Those might not be the best search terms, it was just off the top of my head. But once the search terms are the best they can be, it should be a pretty good match. Google indexes NF fairly well, I think.
  16. It's so great to hear you talk about sprinting! I'm not into the running myself, but it's just delightful that you're enjoying it. Don't worry about minor muscle aches, that's just things that aren't used to being used that way getting a little stronger. Any joint pain, watch a bit more closely, but light muscle-tissue soreness, that's recovery. (I'm a little concerned about the shaking legs, though. It might be worth taking a daily multivitamin and double-checking that you're eating enough, not skipping meals before your walk, getting enough protein, etc. I associate that sort of shaking with the body being overtaxed due to low blood sugar or some other nutrition issue.) Good on you for choosing to rest. You're ill, and your body is doing some extra exercise recovery, so rest is your priority.
  17. That's not because it searches tags, it's because those pages have more repetitions of the keywords (since they aggregate people's threads), so they're judged more "relevant" than pages that have fewer appearances of those words. If you limited it by date, it'd show mostly challenges and a few other random threads.
  18. Fixed it to just catch the recruits. There's a search term limit, so you'll need to pick your top search terms.
  19. If they know how, and it's just laziness, guilt is the next step. This means math. Calculate the number of meals you make and the number of meals they make. Calculate the housework you do and the house they do. Calculate percentages. Calculate the monetary equivalent of the extra work you do, based on a fair hourly wage. Calculate the extra hours spent that you would like back to do other things. Extrapolate both these things out for a year. Suggest that this is all an extra tax men put on working women. But I'd start with simple scheduling, because that's something of a nuclear option.
  20. Go to Google and type/paste this: site:rebellion.nerdfitness.com intitle:recruit "krav maga" OR judo OR "tai chi" OR aikido OR karate OR hapkido OR "tae kwon do" OR taekwondo OR kendo OR boxing OR hema OR fencing OR "kung fu" OR shaolin OR bagua OR escrima OR bjj OR jiujitsu OR "jiu jitsu" OR capoeira OR "martial art" OR mma Then click "Search Tools", open the "Any time" menu, and select "Past week" or "Custom Range". It can't be limited to recruits, because there's nothing in the URL of a thread that marks it as being in a subforum. But it's easy to see when you have them all listed in a page. Google will show you which forum it's in. Figured out how to limit it to Recruits - corrected above. (It's not in the URL, but the forum does insert the forum name into the page title, and Google has a keyword for that.) That search is hitting the limit of search terms for Google, so if you want to search for more arts, it'll need two searches, or you'll need to remove some of those terms.
  21. My suggestion on the guys and the cooking is to make things really damn simple for them, even if it means some compromises on your cooking goals for now. Like, buy large packs of chicken drumsticks and a bottle of spice mix, and leave instructions for one of them to stick them all in the oven for half an hour so you're stocked up for the week. Then two days later, repeat the same basic instructions with a couple of bags of frozen brussell sprouts and olive oil. If you treat it like a simple chore along the lines of shoving clothes in the dryer, your odds of getting it done go up, even if the end product is not your ideal. It won't get the cheesecake made, but it will get the fridge stocked with some nutritious basics that can be pulled out when you're short on time. And they'll start getting in the habit of helping out with the cooking. It sounds like they really need the baby steps right now.
  22. You are at your goal! Yaaaaay! Waggle your arms in the air! For adulting, I recommend a soothing cup of tea before bed tonight. Iroh-approved.
  23. I've got the book! Gonna read it and see what I think, though it doesn't seem like it'll be on the list for next challenge. I'm trying to reduce any actual thinking for next challenge.
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