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  1. Aiki-jujutsu was the ancestor of aikido and modern jujutsu and hapkido. The founders of aikido and hapkido both studied and taught aiki-jujutsu as part of developing their own arts. (I don't know a lot about modern aiki-jujutsu, although I'd assume it's similar to some of the very early aikido variants, like shodokan.)
  2. I can solve your Windows laptop problem. Make yourself an Ubuntu USB installer and max out the persistence file to 4GB. It's basically a portable desktop, and it's surprisingly good. Boot your Windows laptop from that, and you have a Linux laptop. You can install anything you need on the USB stick, and you can probably even just copy over your settings from your desktop, if you have weird config files. (I hear you can also uninstall the actual installer - I think it's a package called ubiquity - so you just have a plain old live desktop.) The only thing to look out for is that any data on it is basically unprotected if you lose the USB stick, so I'd use Firefox private browsing as much as possible, and have another USB stick (encrypted if possible, and large enough for your media) as a working directory for your personal data.
  3. Teirin, put that in my throat right now.
  4. Week 1: Day 5 Things are looking up on the cold front. The worst bits seem to be fading, and my brain and body are starting to function again. Gonna take it a touch easy on the workout front for a bit, but that's okay for this challenge anyway. Meditation done.Workout done.Cheechoe's hip stretches (save for the deep squats) - like this, going to add it in, I think. Samson & Delilahs were surprisingly doable, if tough on the quads. My quads are always super-tight. Floor-humping stretch was bizarrely hard to get into. On my first attempt, my body was a bit, "You want me to do what?" It figured it out by the second attempt.Doing fairly well on rest. Not making the bedtime much this week, because I need lengthy hot showers before bed, but I'm sleeping fairly well and getting all sorts of naps.
  5. Man, you need a key of your own, if you're the one there. So you finally lured me into Cheechoe's hip mobility stretches. I think I'm gonna be doing these.
  6. Do you pre-cook your zucchini noodles?
  7. To be fair, most senior aikidoka will say that aikido is only guaranteed to be gentle on the nage. The uke can has as easy or rough a time of it as the nage likes.
  8. A more elegant weapon for a more civilized age.
  9. Week 1: Day 4 Still sick. Fluids pouring out of multiple head orifices. Sore throat. But I did get a reasonable amount of rest yesterday. And, unlike the last time I was sick, I've been eating enough and getting nutritionally useful food in. (In fact, I've been really hungry, which is bizarre. I'm starving every four or five hours, and going over my calorie target by about 150 calories a day.) I've been getting light workouts in, and they do make me feel better, but they've actually been sort of tough. Very dizzy and no energy. But I'll get another in later today, after I hit the yogurt smoothies hard, wrap up in blankets, and watch Doctor Who. I've decided to just give up and take a real sick day, doing real sick day things.
  10. Nah, not doing it is counter-productive to the goal. Meditating under non-ideal circumstances is just a good training challenge.
  11. Week 1: Day 3 I think this is the mental and physical stress of the past week or two catching up with me. Hopefully this will disappear fast. I feel like I've been through about six stages of cold in the past 24 hours. I'm having a food and tea break, a light workout, and then back to resting (since I'm not getting a lot at a time). I need to get back to my aikido exercises more regularly, especially the stretches. Lately, everything in my legs has been tight and sore, not just my quads. I don't know if that'll be today. Too much brainpower needed for the amount of mucus in my head. Done: light workout (Very light, I was dizzy. But it was the regulation half-hour for the challenge.)much sleep[meditation, perhaps... let's just say I won't be picking "focus on your breathing" today]second light workout
  12. Week 1: Day 2 I am sick. Endless sneezing with gobs of mucus everywhere. I got about two hours of sleep last night, despite my efforts. So today has been an exercise in managing being sick. Rest. Warm baths. Rest. I'm now onto fluids. Maybe another bath. We'll see how far I get on the challenge list. Then another bath.
  13. First, I think you should give mental toughness lessons to all of us. Second, the high anime content of your challenge is making me crave some Cowboy Bebop.
  14. People yelling at you to finish meditating? The authentic experience! I need to do a better job on the meditation today. I crammed it in yesterday.
  15. Eucalyptus throat drops? What is this sorcery? Spicy food is just good. I would kill for a really good curry today. Or Szechuan food.
  16. That does sound tasty. Alas, I'm gluten-free by necessity, so that particular brand is probably not going to be my thing, but there will be something. I'm not really in a tea mood today, so I'm going to be experimenting. Huh, I'll take a look when I get a chance. Could be handy..
  17. Raaaaargh, sinuses. Yeah. Exercise helps. Extreme hydration (preferably warm) helps. Warm compresses on the face help. Spicy food helps temporarily, but not really enough to sleep (on its own).
  18. Week 1: Day 1 Exercised. Just a walk, but I hit that recommendation today. Will meditate just before bed. Not quiiiiite in bed by 11, but close enough for government work. See, I'm gone. However, total failure to get eight hours of sleep. It's soooooo cold. It's too cold to sleep. I'm dying of cold. Ran out of time to do the difficult thing on my list. Tomorrow morning.
  19. How far along are you in Avatar? Watch more! Ooh, I forgot the forcefield challenge. That was a good one. What I have read is that the studies show that walking for thirty minutes three times a week is as good as the prescribed drug treatments for anxiety/depression. (I've also seem some sources recommending five times a week of much harder exercise to get that effect, which also seems plausible.) That's pretty amazing, actually. The actual panic attacks haven't returned. I'm hoping it was just a bad couple of days. But I'm also doing what I can to ensure it was just a bad couple of days.
  20. BABY APPA. That is just the best. I WANT ONE. I don't know if the caffeine will help my sleep, that's more behavioral. I sleep through large doses of caffeine pretty well, usually. But that doesn't mean it isn't having an effect.
  21. Try gunpowder tea. It's a green tea, but it's produced differently, and has sort of a smoky, nutty flavour. (It takes a much smaller measure than most loose tea because of how densely it's rolled.)
  22. I hear it makes a good mash.
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