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  1. Good ! Keep going with the exercises ! Well for the food, just stick to what works for you, better going slow and lasting than rushing and stopping. And for sure enjoy the journey great to know that you'r feeling good about yourself ! It's the way to go !
  2. Welcome !!! Rebboting live is on ! Life changes are normal and you can build a new one by starting building fun / cool habits and working on your fitness too! You'll find ways to enjoy the journey !
  3. That sounds great !! What are you planning to do then ?
  4. Came out from the monastery... intense meditation and training over... back to normal training !

  5. Great !!! keep going ! and with your kid, it will be great to share a passion !!!
  6. There is no association near you to be able to train indoor, when it's raining ? I am quite lucky in this field as i can train any day of the week, under rain, snow, as we use two training fields, one indoor, one outdoor .
  7. Ok some feedback on the training for those too last weeks: Well for the training routine, it has been quite fun to fall from the bed and .. train, but the funny part is that as soon i decided to train outside, it started to SNOW !!!! So doing the push ups in the snow was quite hard at the beginning but i started, and at the end of those 2 weeks it became quite easy.. the only problem is the skin that cracks with the cold... so lots of moisturizing cream... The other hard part is to run...in the snow, i spent more time sliding than running, so i stopped running to do some home cycling...
  8. Awesome objective !!! Keeping healthy homemade snacks (almonds, apples) or drinks (green tea, cocoa powder without sugar) is a great option, and use relaxation or visualization to avoid the cravings help a lot.. You can also try to explore the feelings that trigger the cravings and acknoledge them to get rid of them ...and get focused on the stronger/ happier... you get each time you defeat the craving, and the plan if you don't succeed to fight the craving to get back on the horse ! One thing that help me to not over eat: i write down all the food it eat in a pocket notebook, so i can dissoc
  9. Sure keep us posted ? Have got an eating plan ? What is in term of actions / results your challenge ?
  10. Here we are for a new challenge, a new training chamber to enter in !!! This challenge will be to truly master myself by giving my life a real change: In fact i am going back to college to make it possible! But my challenge is to level up my entire life like a....SUPER SAYIAN !!!!! Well i don't have hair but the idea is here ;p ! "Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power" Lao Tsu. So how to get my life to change, by changing some habits, step by step... 1.TRAIN SMARTER & HARDER: 1.Train
  11. Your back looks trained up and fit !!! Weight lifting or bodyweight training ?
  12. Actually that would be a great help if you had ideas of snacks or easy meals to carry !!! Or other ideas !
  13. What are some things you learned about yourself this challenge? I learned that i needed ton plan ahead my meals in the week to get them right, otherwhise it goes crazy! I learned i am ust harder that i thought in training but my level is qute law compare to my goals. I understood also that i have to plan and emergency solution if i can't do a training or a specific meal to avoid extremely fat food or training in a rush very late at night. And mainly that all is about mindset and habit.... Did you find any particular modes of training that you are particularly in love with, that you wer
  14. Results at the end of this challenge !!!! 1. Eat 100% Paleo + power lifting (to get fit and strong) in a every day base: Ok 100% for the power lifting ...but....went completely of the diet as i changed of activity (going back to college....) So quite a failure this time for dieting, to complicated to adapt fast to loosy food of the campus, and short breaks. I have to adapt that for next challenge ! 2.Work on inner strength by doing pranayama / chi kong or meditiation for 30 min per day yeah 100% !! 3. 2 hours of martial art training per day. That was quite good as i stayed around 80 %
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