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  1. Alright week 4 update since starting Lite'n'easy I've lost 2.6% of my starting weight! 2cm each off my hips and waist. I think I'm really going to have to push myself to reach my goals by Australia Day but still I'm liking the progress
  2. Hello Perth/WA peeps sorry I've been MIA recently. How is everyone? Did anyone do the City to Surf the other weekend?
  3. Well Rebels I'm back again! I do apologise for my absence, I've been out and about levelling up my way. I got a new job, one with career opportunities. I'm now a "TRIM administrator & Trainer" (TRIM is a records management software) with local government. I'm now permanent, have a lot more freedom and responsibilities which is awesome. I booked a cruise through South East Asia. I'll be visiting 3 countries I've never been to before which I'm super excited about! I brought a cross trainer and it lives in the middle of my lounge room - no more excuses. I started up my own website,
  4. Guess who's back

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    2. SevenofSeven


      Hey you, been awhile, good to see you.

    3. pureleeawesome
    4. Rachy87


      Rooks, you are hilarious. SevenofSeven, yeah it has been, good to be back. pureleeawesome, hey what's been happening? I'll be posting in Respawn soon :D

  5. Rachy87

    Rachy87 vs BMI

    Hi guys! I've been away on holiday but we're half way through so I figure I owed y'all an update Goal 1: I'm struggling to add in the warm up/cool down aspect. I need to try harder to remember more so than anything. I've got ice skating as a regular cardio each week, trying to find other activities I enjoy to add to that. Goal 2: Barely touched the stuff whilst on holidays, be interesting to see how I go now that I'm back. Goal 3: This I'm not too sure about, nights where I have salad with dinner I don't really eat too much (I liked cooked veggies but I'm lazy and salad is easy). Thos
  6. Thank you Yeah the beep test is a cruel mistress that's for sure! More than happy to be your hero Yeah I like referring to it as Big Massive Inaccuracy. I did not know that the inventor had intended it for groups. Unfortunately it's what they are measuring me by so I'm stuck, *sigh*
  7. I have a fitbit now... It reminds me of the SpyKids movie "how long have we been falling for?" "I don't know my watch doesn't tell time"

  8. Trying 6 week challenge again

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    2. Rachy87
    3. Barfly


      My, what big eyes you have Little Red Riding Hood ;)

    4. Rachy87


      :D Thank you. Decided I better update my profile pic, it was getting a bit old. This one shows off my favourite feature about myself, as mentioned my eyes :D
  9. Just lost my post Basically I failled level 1 (situation changed and I got tripped up) Doing a 'walk-through' for levels 1-3 in the form of a 6 week challenge. Find details here: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/63748-rachy87-vs-bmi/
  10. Rachy87

    Rachy87 vs BMI

    Alright I'm back trying 6 week challenges again (after reading the latest newsletter - thanks Steve). For those who don't know I'm wanting to enlist and while I feel confident about being able to work up to certain requirements such as X sit ups and X push ups and find some other requirements daunting ie BMI and Shuttle-run. Main Quest: meet requirements for enlisting into the defence force. Minimum requirements for females: BMI of 32.9* or lower *Ideally under 29.9 but up to 32.9 is acceptable however will be monitored. 4 push ups 20 sit ups 6.5 shuttle run/beep test score My main thread
  11. Today is berocca day. I'm doing ok so far.... Didn't get to do yoga yesterday as I was the only person in my department and wasn't able to leave the front desk for an entire hour. Also had to stay back into close so by the time I got home and everything exercise didn't happen which I'm rather bummed out about. Looks like I'm facing the same today and maybe tomorrow as well :/
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