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  1. Logging meals, exercising, travel Sriracha!

  2. At first I was like "Lightsaber training? Heh. Nerd!" But then I was like :looks at the URL; And then I was like... ^____^-b I love it!
  3. you may be right; it's just I'd rather be a Paladin than a Ranger, even though I usually train like a Ranger. Maybe I'm over-thinking this?
  4. I just make up an Excel spreadsheet. It's as detailed (or not) as I want it to be, and I'm a whiz at calculating and programming in a spreadsheet. I have a tab for meals, one for challenge goal progress, etc.
  5. Ready to get back in the game! Hand me a controller, coach!

  6. Navy PT gear (bright yellow shirt, little navy-blue shorts), stripey rainbow socks, and loafers.
  7. I see we have classes on the site that have Martial, Primal, and even Psionic power bases. These are cool, don't get me wrong. When I end up picking a class, it will probably be Ranger. However I was wondering, as a player who almost always chooses a Warpriest, Cleric, or Paladin (at the very least maybe just a pious knight), could we get a class that has a Divine powerbase? A class like Warpriest or Paladin could be similar to Monk or Ranger (respectively), but put equal emphasis on spiritual and physical improvement. A goal to share one's faith at least 5x/week would have the same weigh
  8. Well, it's probably been 1.5-2 years since I've been on here and really tried to get in shape. I spent the last month underway during a final-battle-problem losing about 12 lbs. Granted, it was a lot, but it was quite a bit of exercise and choosing not to eat terrible food. I'm trying to get better at tracking my meals, and then I remembered I used to do a fitness tracker with stat points and everything here on NFR! So I'm BACK, baby! I'm going to re-join the adventurers and do a side quest or something while I wait for the next 6-week to open up.
  9. Been trying to at least update my tracker every couple of days. I'm still only working out 2x a week, but this week will be different.
  10. How's everyone doing, spiritually and physically? I know the past two weeks I've been spending more time playing DnD and other fantasy-type games in my off-time than I have working on my relationship with God and my physical health. Therefore, I'm taking a week off from board games and things like that, and today I'm fasting so I can focus on productivity. Every time I feel the hunger pangs I remember that this week is a new start at glorifying God in thought, word and deed. Tell us how well you're doing on your 6-week challenges!
  11. So beat. Did hill training on the elliptical for 5K last night.

    1. unused_bagels


      Climbing up stairs is now murdering my legs.

  12. Agreed. I tried it last night, and I ended up staying up until 0100 because I PT'd at 2200 so that I could eat right after PT. PT felt great hungry, but I didn't get enough sleep and I definitely am suffering for that. Maybe IF isn't for me right now, but I'll try lunch and dinner. Aren't you supposed to eat after a workout? Maybe just a bit of jerky after I PT.
  13. Great verse! We will definitely have trouble, but I know it's got to be worse if I let myself go. I have to keep pressing on to look good and be fit, because if I don't someone will see me and think, "How could I be a Christian if that man doesn't even respect his own body?" These kinds of questions might be insensitive, but they exist. I need to remember to put a good face on the power of Christ working daily in my life. People see me, and every time I slip up, they talk. Granted, I'm human, but we need to strive to overcome our worldly nature as much as possible. Jesus overcame it, s
  14. I have my own spices, and as far as the grading scale goes, I'm doing percentages, and A=90%, B=80% and so forth. I'll be getting a final grade. Click on my tracker if you want to see how I'm doing it.
  15. All right, I can't find too many different ideas on leangains that fit my schedule. Here's my typical day: Wake up 0600 (lunch @1100) (dinner @ 1630) Work until 1900 PT after work "Midrats" @ 2300 (leftovers for night crew) I could eat at dinner and midrats... Dunno if that would work.
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