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  1. Logging meals, exercising, travel Sriracha!

  2. Ready to get back in the game! Hand me a controller, coach!

  3. Well, it's probably been 1.5-2 years since I've been on here and really tried to get in shape. I spent the last month underway during a final-battle-problem losing about 12 lbs. Granted, it was a lot, but it was quite a bit of exercise and choosing not to eat terrible food. I'm trying to get better at tracking my meals, and then I remembered I used to do a fitness tracker with stat points and everything here on NFR! So I'm BACK, baby! I'm going to re-join the adventurers and do a side quest or something while I wait for the next 6-week to open up.
  4. Been trying to at least update my tracker every couple of days. I'm still only working out 2x a week, but this week will be different.
  5. How's everyone doing, spiritually and physically? I know the past two weeks I've been spending more time playing DnD and other fantasy-type games in my off-time than I have working on my relationship with God and my physical health. Therefore, I'm taking a week off from board games and things like that, and today I'm fasting so I can focus on productivity. Every time I feel the hunger pangs I remember that this week is a new start at glorifying God in thought, word and deed. Tell us how well you're doing on your 6-week challenges!
  6. So beat. Did hill training on the elliptical for 5K last night.

    1. unused_bagels


      Climbing up stairs is now murdering my legs.

  7. Agreed. I tried it last night, and I ended up staying up until 0100 because I PT'd at 2200 so that I could eat right after PT. PT felt great hungry, but I didn't get enough sleep and I definitely am suffering for that. Maybe IF isn't for me right now, but I'll try lunch and dinner. Aren't you supposed to eat after a workout? Maybe just a bit of jerky after I PT.
  8. Great verse! We will definitely have trouble, but I know it's got to be worse if I let myself go. I have to keep pressing on to look good and be fit, because if I don't someone will see me and think, "How could I be a Christian if that man doesn't even respect his own body?" These kinds of questions might be insensitive, but they exist. I need to remember to put a good face on the power of Christ working daily in my life. People see me, and every time I slip up, they talk. Granted, I'm human, but we need to strive to overcome our worldly nature as much as possible. Jesus overcame it, so that we can too!
  9. I have my own spices, and as far as the grading scale goes, I'm doing percentages, and A=90%, B=80% and so forth. I'll be getting a final grade. Click on my tracker if you want to see how I'm doing it.
  10. All right, I can't find too many different ideas on leangains that fit my schedule. Here's my typical day: Wake up 0600 (lunch @1100) (dinner @ 1630) Work until 1900 PT after work "Midrats" @ 2300 (leftovers for night crew) I could eat at dinner and midrats... Dunno if that would work.
  11. Love the name, Gainsdalf. I'm checking out leangains for ideas. Deployment's kicking my butt for diet and nutrition.
  12. I have a question about the intermittent fasting, too. Basically, it seems like he's suggesting I workout at the end of my fast, then gorge to recover. I'd love to do this, but I work out after a 12-day watch, where I get off 3 hours after dinner. I don't think I can wake up early enough to PT before work, and I'm in a rhythm now. Can I fast like, after my workout, or does that defeat the purpose?
  13. I am, in fact, stuck on this ship, in the middle of the Indian ocean. It's really easy to avoid most dairy, though, because the milk is UHT milk. UHT stands for "Watered down white paint"
  14. Bravo quitting the tobacco! I've been addicted to dip off and on, and one of the brothers on the ship is encouraging me to chew gum when I get cravings. I also have "herbal dip" for when it gets really bad. Hang in there! The substitutes work great for cravings, but never satisfy like the real thing, and eventually you'll lose interest in even the substitute, and then when you wean/lose interest in the fake stuff, you've won!
  15. Awesome goals! I'm encouraged by how honest you are with yourself. Check out my page for a couple of ideas, I browsed my accountabilibuddies group's posts, as they're on their 2nd-6th challenges, and got great ideas from them. I'd also recommend making a tracker and assigning attribute points to your goals. Makes it a bit more important to log in every day or so and track what you're doing if you've got a spreadsheet to fill in, with actual stats and percentages. Starting out with low-impact slow exercises like tai chi and karate will definitely help you discipline your body. Do well! Do it often!
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