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  1. Rawr! I am here! Just been super busy with work and stuff. Summary of Challenge: Goal 1: Focus on Sugar in Stuff I Eat I am doing well on sugar and slaying sugar monsters and such. Rawr! I gave myself a solid B on this goal. Goal 2: Focus on Strength Training I am holding steady for 100 lb on deadlifts and have increased weights for bench press, overhead press, squats, lunges, arm and leg exercises throughout this challenge. I can definitely more muscle definition, but still working on the layer of fat. Flabby will not win! I gave myself an A on this goal. Goal 3: Focus on Posture My posture is much better after this challenge. But, I hurt my left shoulder somehow. It's been really sore for the last couple of days. Not really sure how I hurt it. :\ Anyhow, I gave myself a B on this goal. Life Quest: Focus on Getting Work Done I am doing better on my life quest and getting things done. Slowly, but steadily.
  2. So work has been super crazy and getting into my play time. Sigh. Life of being an adult. Anyhow, I am still sticking to my goals and hitting targets for my weight training. Still a bit off from being able to lift my own body weight, but if I could lose a few more pounds.. Mmm... Summary of Challenge so far.... Goal 1: Focus on Sugar in Stuff I Eat Because of my recent migraine that seemed to be caused by having too much sugar, I have been extremely cautious about how much sugar I consume each day. So I would definitely give myself a B for now. Goal 2: Focus on Strength Training I have been lifting weights 3 times a week and increasing reps each time. Definitely can deadlift 100 lb now. Still a bit of struggle, but I can do it in good posture without knees wobbling. I would give myself an A. Goal 3: Focus on Posture Standing posture is definitely getting better. But my posture for sitting is still a struggle. I will keep working on this! Rawr! I give myself a B. Life Quest: Focus on Getting Work Done I am not doing well at all for my life goal. I give myself a F.
  3. Rawr! I am here! Working on updating my progress! Work has been so crazy and still is pretty chaotic around here. But, I have been sticking to my goals and hitting my targets for strength training. Rawr! Hope you are all doing well!
  4. I am here! Just a quick update before I run back to work. I had a really bad migraine attack last week (last Tuesday to be exact). It lasted for two days. I even threw up my lunch and dinner *sniffs* along with the Tylenols I was trying to take. The prescribed med wasn't as effective as it would had been since I took it after the migraine attack had started for a couple of hours. I felt a little bit better on the third day, but got dragged down by a cluster headache later that day. Eventually, I had to take two doses of the Advil night time pills to knock myself out. I slept a lot over the weekend. Finally felt much better on Monday, but work has been super crazy with a bunch of deadlines. Anyhow, I am alive, but so tired of the cold, the headaches, and my depressing mood... Ugh. On a brighter note, I am keeping up with my sugar goal... given that I have been eating pretty bland so that I don't trigger another migraine... >.> Posture is getting better when I am not sleeping. Dunno how to correct my posture when I am asleep... mmmmm... I did lift heavy stuff when I felt better. But, I didn't increase weights or anything. Just did my usual reps +1 extra. I will come back with a more detailed summary. Hope you are all doing well! Thanks for checking on me! Rawr!
  5. Mmmmm... oyster sauce... I love it on veggies! Rawr! Yeah, I am tired of the winter weather, too. Forecast says we are getting more snow on Monday. Icy temperatures... Hope Spring comes soon! I want butterflies, cherry blossoms, and warmer temperatures! I don't know about eating small high-protein snack after workout. But drinking plenty of water and maybe a banana definitely help me recover faster after a hard workout. Good Luck! Hope your schedule is back to normal for the weekend! Rawr!
  6. Baked chicken is good on salad, too! If I got time on the weekend, I would season some boneless chicken breast really well. Drizzle some olive oil on some baking dish (coconut oil works great, too) and place the seasoned chicken pieces on it. Cover with foil and bake until done. After they are cooled off, you can chop them up into smaller bite size pieces and store them in containers. So yummy to add to salads or wraps! Rawr! Good Luck and Have Fun this Weekend! Rawr!
  7. Rawr! Go, Courier6! GO! Rawr! Have a Super Duper Weekend! Rawr!
  8. Mmm... tape you say?.... *tries it out* Thanks, Swampling! Rawr!
  9. Day 4, Week 1, Thursday: Goal 1: Focus on Sugar in Stuff I Eat Sugar count at 23 grams. Rawr! Goal 2: Focus on Strength Training Rest Day. Goal 3: Focus on Posture Still focusing on posture... Day 4 Drinking Water Mini Challenge: Done! Drank about 120 oz of water today. Rawr!
  10. Rawr! Hope Friday is treating you well, Ash! Rawr! *squeezetacklehug*! Rawr!
  11. Woah, I have no idea how I missed gsethi's post. Welcome, gsethi! Rawr!
  12. Doing well so far! Drank all 40 oz and more for the past three days! Rawr!
  13. Rawr! Thanks, Ash Ooo, cool stuff! Thanks, TennisGeek! Hope you are doing well! Rawr! Rawr! Good to see you back! Rawr!
  14. Day 3, Week 1, Wednesday: Goal 1: Focus on Sugar in Stuff I Eat Sugar count at 21 grams. Rawr! Had a banana pre-workout. It felt good. Goal 2: Focus on Strength Training I lifted heavy stuff! Rawr! Deadlift at 85 lb x 5. Rawr! Rawr! Goal 3: Focus on Posture Okay, standing posture is definitely getting better. But I still hunch over my desk while typing on the computer with my head leaning forward... It is as if I need a neck brace to remind myself not to do that... Grr... Bad Posture. Bad! Day 3 Drinking Water Mini Challenge: Done! Drank about 96 oz of water today. Rawr!
  15. Rawr! Go, Swampling! Looking Awesome! You are killing this challenge! Rawr!
  16. Rawr! Congrats! And GOOD LUCK with oral! Rawr! Rawr!
  17. I stopped by to RAWR! Good luck with everything! Rawr!
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