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  1. Video from yesterday: I'm probably not doing a challenge this time around, I don't feel terribly motivated to do so and have other things on my plate at the moment.
  2. Wednesday 04/05/2016 Deadlift (belt) 60x5 110x3 130x2 155 x5 175 x4 195 3x5 Hard. I always have a tough deadlift session around the start-middle of the block and this was definitely it. Starting with the bar too far away from me though. Close Grip Bench Press 20x5 50x5 65 6x2 75x5 85 4x3 Not much to say, bench still feeling good. Paused deadlift 110x3 140x2 165 4x4 Meh. Press 50kg 6x4 Not the best session ever, deadlifts hard going all round. Saturday 07/05/2016 BW - 85.4kg Back Squat (belt, sleeves) 20x5 70x5 100x3 120x6 140 4x2 160 3x3 180 2x2 Felt really good, very happy with these. Paused Bench Press 20x5 50x5 65x6 75 4x2 85 3x3 95 2x2 102.5x1 Everything feeling very good so I did the bonus 102.5. Nice and fast, very controlled. Pleased. Block Deadlift 70x3 120x3 170x2 200x1 230 2x2 230x Brutally, brutally hard. Once I actually broke the inertia and got the bar moving, locking it out wasn't a problem at all but actually moving it in the first place... so tough. I was pretty drained come the final set, or possibly had psyched myself out, and tried it a few times but it wasn't happening. Great session up to the final set of deadlifts. Video to follow.
  3. I'm kind of failing to do all of mine at the moment... so might be a struggle In for competition buddyness.
  4. Bulgarian you say? In for mad gainz or ruined shoulders!
  5. Monday 02/05/2016 Back Squat (belt, sleeves) 20x5 70x7 100x3 120x5 140x4 155x2 170 3x5 Felt pretty good, back a bit tired after block pulls at the weekend. Experimenting a little with bar position after some feedback from Ali (the guy pulls deficit deadlifts behind me in the video), need to play around with it after comp to get the best balance between reducing forward lean/wobbling at the bottom and ability to hit depth. Bench Press 20x5 55x8 65x6 75x4 85x2 90 3x5 Bench continues to feel great, long may it continue. Pausing every rep. Box Squat 100x2 130x2 150 4x4 Not convinced I am doing this exercise right, always feels way more backy than I think it should. Good but long session.
  6. Training video from Saturday. After feeling a bit crap earlier in the week, yesterday's session was excellent. Long may it continue.
  7. Saturday 30/04/2016 BW - 85.6kg Back Squat 20x5 70x5 100x5 120x4 140 4x4 160 3x3 Squat feeling really good today. Paused Bench Press 20x5 55x5 65x4 75 4x4 85 3x3 92.5x3 100x1 Bench was absolutely flying today so I did a couple of heavier sets, which felt really easy. Didn't really pause properly on the 100kg though. I made another adjustment to my setup to get my upper back a bit tighter and slightly reduce ROM. Given the ease at which I did 100kg after essentially 8 working sets, I think 110kg in June is a distinct possibility. Block Deadlift 120x3 140x5 162x4 185x3 207 3x3 It took me a while to get the setup for these right, I started out with the bar too far out in front of me and it was causing my back to round. Barbell Row 10x3 Lat Pulldown 10x3 Really good session, everything felt great. Need to start being more careful about my weight so I'll be more strict with diet from tomorrow.
  8. Monday 25/04/2016 Back Squat (sleeves, no belt) 20x5 70x5 100 8x2 120 6x2 140 5x5 Really stiff down my whole right side, particularly my glute and lat. Probably from travelling recently and spending a fair bit of time on trains, metros etc. Felt okay after the 2nd set at 140kg. Moved well. Bench Press 20x5 52.5 8x2 65x6 75 5x5 85 3x2 Good, right shoulder a bit sore, probably related to the above. Again, moved pretty well. Low Box Squat 100x3 120 8x4 So many squats. Pull Up 10x5 Seated Row 10x5 Not a particularly hard session but a draining one, much volume. Thursday 28/04/2016 Deficit Deadlift 70x5 120x5 140x4 162.5 4x4 Using straps for these. Unremarkable. Close Grip Bench Press 20x5 50x5 55x5 65x5 75 5x5 My right shoulder felt a bit iffy for the first set at 75, okay after that. Deadlift (belt on) 120x3 140x3 162.5x3 185 3x3 I'm trying to go back to using hookgrip so I used that for these. Also trying to get used to deadlifting in a tight belt without it adversely affecting my setup. DB Press 10x5 DB Chest Fly 10x5
  9. Mass update for the last week and a half coming! Tuesday 19/04/2016 Bodyweight - we'll worry about that next week Back Squat (no belt, sleeves on) 20x5 60x5 80x5 100x3 120x2 140 5x5 Felt a lot less awful than I expected. 140kg felt heavy AF after the last comp but aside from feeling stiff for the first set, this was really good and relatively easy. Paused Bench Press 20x5 50x5 60x5 70x3 80 5x5 Low back noticeably tight and preventing me from arching as much as I would like. Pendlay Row 70 5x5 CSR Machine 12x3 Shoulder Press Machine 12x3 Cable Bicep 12x3 Cable Tricep 12x3 Facepull 25x3 This went much better than I was expecting the first post-comp session to go. Hamstring strain thing has cleared up pretty quickly and I didn't notice it in training today. I have eaten like a complete arsehole to try and help recovery since I am competing again in 6.5 weeks so that may be a factor. Back on the wagon in a couple of days. Wednesday 20/04/2016 Deficit Deadlift 70x5 100x5 125x3 150 5x5 Felt good after the first set. Want to go back to using hook grip as I feel I'm better able to grind out lifts with it so used it for the first 3 working sets, straps thereafter. Incline Bench Press 20x5 40x5 50x3 60 5x5 Weighted Pullup +5kg 5x5
  10. Still here! I trained Monday and Thursday and visited family on Tuesday and Wednesday. A British discount/outlet retailer called TK Maxx has recently been selling the Reebok Crossfit Lite Hi Top shoe (i.e. the Reebok powerlifting shoe co-designed by Mark Bell) and I saw a pair cheap while in Ireland and had to buy them. A few other people I know bought them recently and really like them.I need a heeled shoe for squats and bench but they should be good for deadlifts. I did my first deadlift workout yesterday with them yesterday and they felt nice, I feel like I have a more stable base than I do in socks/deadlift slippers but I won't know for sure until I'm back to weights over 200kg (i.e. next week). I'm currently trying to resist buying a pair of Adipower weightlifting shoes I don't need, because I am an idiot who likes buying powerlifting kit. But they are half price
  11. Congratulations on your first competition! Man, I know the feelings on Bench. If I could bench even 15kg more I would have finished second at both of the competitions I've done. Still, something to work on
  12. I've been on holiday in Barcelona for the last few days and am travelling home for family reasons tomorrow for a couple of days so I will probably just be fairly absent for the rest of this challenge. I'm back to proper training today - less than 6 weeks out from the next competition now! There's so much volume on the first couple of weeks of my programme... I've kind of been eating like an asshole for the last week to try and recover from the competition as much as possible but will be back to normal in the next day or two.
  13. It took me a good 3 weeks to fully recover from pulling 225kg and the 230kg competition attempt was 2.5 weeks after actually hitting that weight in testing. I'm excited for the next block of training. I'd like to do 205/110/230-235 for a 545kg or 550kg total. It would then be 8 months until the divisional competitions next year so I would have a lot of time to put the work in to try and qualify for the British Classic next year.
  14. My new block of programming to take me through to the next competition has arrived. Again, another Sheiko-style block with much the same approach on squat and bench since it worked so well. My coach feels my back was still fatigued from hitting 230kg two and a half weeks out and because I deadlifted until quite close to the competition and that that's the main reason why I missed the final deadlift. So we're taking a different approach this time, with more 90% work on deadlift spread throughout the program and on the test/max day focusing on hitting my opener for fast reps rather than an all out max. I was back training yesterday and unlike immediately after the last competition, it was not totally horrible. 140kg squat felt really heavy then, yesterday it felt like normal and moved really well. I'm back in the gym this afternoon to deadlift so that will be interesting...
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