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  1. Or shakshuka. Not actually fast, not much of a meal. (Wow, she's really picky...)
  2. THAT DONT INCLUDE CHICKEN BREAST, STEAK, OR ZOODLES. Not that there's anything wrong with those things, but Holy Pinterest, I need some variety. And walking around money.
  3. Whoops I crashed early yesterday. Haven't been sleeping all too well. I should honestly turn in about 20 minutes ago. 1. Yoga/PT 5 times a week Did basic PT with red bands. 2. Food journal in Cronometer (gotta fit that dress!) daily Coffee with cream, pancakes made from King Arthur's gluten free mix and blueberries, butter, maple syrup, orange juice, 2 sliced bacon, 2 small potatoes, 3 eggs, (that was separate breakfast and lunch not the world's biggest breakfast) salad with cranberries, pecans, blue cheese, steak, baked potato. A little high at 2145, b
  4. This is on topic I swear. On Netflix there is a show called the Indian Detective. I'm only on episode 3, but it's grown on me, kinda like a nail fungus (you'll get that by episode 2). It takes place partially in India, and his family is constantly drinking chai. I really want some chai. The show is worth a look.
  5. 1. Yoga/PT 5 times a week Didn't do yoga, but the dog and I did all the parallel stairs in the neighborhood. Obviously not fast because this was remedial don't pull mom down the stairs training. Did basic PT with red bands. 2. Food journal in Cronometer (gotta fit that dress!) daily Coffee with cream, leftover homemade pear cobbler, leftover beef stew and mash, homemade crab cakes eggs bennie, a double margarita. All gluten free. Way way over calories at 2506kcal. Oops. That's the trouble with alcohol. It's expensive, calorie rich, and I don't even get a buzz from
  6. That's actually a really good idea, I think, starting with morning routines. Kind of like how diet coaches tell you to start with breakfast or dinner or whatever meal. Do you think you'd prefer a hot breakfast? They tend to keep hunger away longer. For a paleo option, crustless quiches keep well and can be filled with vegetables. We watched The Producers (both versions) recently, so I've had Springtime for Hitler stuck in my head for days. I don't know whether to feel like a horrible person or not.
  7. Hello, I'm hanging out with the druids this challenge. I've thought about it before, and due to the nature of life at the moment, I decided to do it. January was not nice to me. I like tea. Black, strong, with a spoon of cream?
  8. I also write only for myself. I used to share more, and I still do with close friends, but thinking about publishing was making me change how and why I wrote what I wrote. Not caring about anyone else reading has really helped, which is important, because I use that story as a soundboard for myself. It's nice to have somewhere to go that is guaranteed private.
  9. 1. Yoga/PT 5 times a week WILL be done after the fiancé goes to sleep. Because its 82F in here and I can't sweat in peace around him. Not that I'm complaining about a single part of that situation. Didn't get done after all. But I did get to bed on time. I think for stress's sake, I'll allow myself to make up on the weekend. That way I still get the PT and I only have two days of weekend to mess up. If I don't do it then, there isn't going to be another makeup. 2. Food journal in Cronometer (gotta fit that dress!) daily Coffee with cream, leftover homemade pear c
  10. I must admit, my only previous experience with druids has been wannabe high school "majickaal whitches," stoners, and game-breaking wild shape abuse. So no yoga there either lol.
  11. Oh no, I didn't realize how old THIS thread was. 0_0
  12. I've worked 12 hour shifts, but that is just madness. And teaching? Much respect for your hard work! You definitely deserve better health. When I went to work a shift, I ate lunch and dinner there. I have a couple suggestions, most in the "bulk cooking" style. Typical bulk cooking is easy, but variety will keep you sane and more likely to stick with it. I would actually prep breakfast on the weekends too, because while work was 12 hour shifts, work actually started 3 hours before that. Most weeks I made crustless quiche, because I rarely got bored of different fillings. You
  13. Haha, I was wondering what one of my oooold posts was doing on the front page! Still, good suggestions and still an unresolved issue in our house. I love broccoli raab. So superior to regular broccoli.
  14. Oh man, this looks good. I had meatloaf for breakfast and didn't even bother to put an egg on it first. No judgment here.
  15. The beginning of this year has been rough. We moved to North Carolina, which is not a nice place to live. It has work and schools (an hour drive away), so there's that. Hopefully I can make the end a lot better, because I'm getting married in October! I'm not certain that I do a lot of Druidy stuff, but I plan on using yoga to attempt to rehab my shoulder. It's not that physical therapy doesn't work. I'm going to school to be a therapist, so I obviously believe in it. However, the VA will only pay for a couple months of therapy, and it takes more time that that to even get an
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