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  1. Awesome work! Everything looks great for your midway point, and ever still your positivity is awesome to see The sleep thing is hard one I think. I totally understand the weekend thing, wanting to sleep in, but skewing the cycle :/ but I think the important thing is that you are aware of it, and making an effort to still achieve it. In some of my previous challenges I did reward myself for making mental changes with a quest. If I was making a conscious effort to change something, or do something, but I found I wasn't quite hitting the mark, I told my self that it was still a great change
  2. Mid-Challenge Break-Down and Early Week 3 Progress: Mid-Challenge: A Brick in the Wall: Week Step Average: 3,900 (Week 1) + 4,900 (Week 2) = 4,400 - D Certainly not great to have a D at the half-way, but I think I will drop this one just a tad to account for my back, which is feeling a lot better as days pass, and I think if I can get myself outside and walking I can bring this up for the 28-day average. Not the Rack: Still doing my exercises everyday, but certainly not doing 2x the reps. B Not great, not an A, but to be honest the point of this one is to look after my back and mak
  3. Time for an almost 2 week update, and I think I will include the end of week 1 update as well, as I realised I only did the 'almost' one. Week 1: Alpha: D - 3.8k step 7-day average Beta: B - Did my exercises, just not double reps Gamma: E - 1.1L average (I had 2 litres on the Sunday) Side: A - I did have a chat with someone I normally wouldn't on the Sunday, which was good to be honest Week 2 (nearly): Alpha: 5.25k 7-day steps average - C - I am thinking of dropping the ranks for this - I had a really good day walking the other day, and even though I was resting and did the steps over a
  4. Lol, awkward - triggered the sunglass emote - I honestly forgot that was a thing... I might edit that all out, not sure yet though
  5. This week so far: Mon: 4.1k steps ( D ) Exercises doubled ( A ) 1.4L water ( D ) Had a meeting with some mates from uni about starting up a game project and the potential for a game studio - +1 Tue: 3.8k steps ( D ) Exercises done ( B ) 2L water ( C ) Had a chat with someone that I normally wouldn't, rather than wait around I went up and asked a few questions at the reception desk (I usually would be very happy to just loiter in the corner) - +1 Wed: 6.5k steps ( C ) Exercises doubled ( A ) 2.3L water ( B ) Tried to have a casual chat with a physio rather than just about the appointment a
  6. This is true! Sorry for the delay, I have been trying to get busy with my games development work this week, but I am gonna try and get on more often I swears it! Yeah, this is true too. I think it was good for a first week, and I am trying to get on top of my goals this week. Yeah, I am bad at setting News Years resolutions because I expect that to happen, but my plan is to be apart of NF and use the community support to really achieve these goals Thanks! It certainly is awesome to not feel sore for any period of time. Anterior pelvic tilt - I believe is what the physio was explainin
  7. Overall it does look like a pretty good start, which is always awesome. Get the pattern down and you should really start to feel good about progressing this week. Good luck for week 2! Keep up the great work
  8. Congrats on the first week! It definitely seems like a great win, and a great start! You could call that a B+ or A average for week 1, which is amazing really! I think it goes to show that you picked good goals and you did really well trying to achieve them. I think your positivity really helped with it all, which is wonderful, especially dealing with a cold during that week. Nice work! Also, nice work on the culinary prowess, the roast sounded amazing and that fritatta looks damn good! Re: FitBit calorie counter, I think it comes up a bit high with the burn count too, but I don't think
  9. Well it sounds like it was quite a positive result, even despite the set back from being sick. You have started off the year with a really great week Haha, napping surely is indeed! It's great to hear you are feeling on the up, and kicking that cold. Enjoy the weekend and the resting, and feel better!
  10. The (Almost) Weekly Update: A Brick in the Wall: My FitBit 7-day average currently says 3.78k steps. This is a D but it is the first week, and my back is feeling a lot better this week, so, despite the heat, I am looking forward to getting some more walking in next week, try and bring that average up! Not the Rack: I have been doing my exercises, but yesterday I only did the base reps - I don't want this to make me lose an A, so I might think about this one, and if I can keep up the double reps I might still reward myself. Currently... B. The Oncoming Thirst: Well the first 3 days I am
  11. Ah yeah true, yes being apart of a NF one would be fun. I certainly understand that, haha very understandable. I feel I am a bit the same, I have a few friends that have fitbits, but I haven't even added them because I don't want to impose on them :/ but I have been wanting to do some of the challenges. Hehe, yeah some buddies to do some digital walks does sound awesome! Thanking you! I'm definitely trying, maybe not quite hard enough, but I am doing my best to make conscious decisions throughout the day to do the right thing and try and reach my goals. That is a very good point, I like the
  12. Well, just a quick run-down on things so far... I am counting Mon-Wed as follows: A Brick in the Wall - will be graded at the end of the challenge, and I will include the steps I got on those days, it wasn't alot so it isn't too bad. Not the Rack - I have kept up with my exercises so far, I don't know about the 2x though, but I won't let these couple of days from before I started the challenge stop me from achieving an A. The Oncoming Thirst - I will count no water for these days, for the purpose of averages, but I won't force myself into a D or F for these days. Knowledge is Power, Talk is
  13. Haha, yeah I completely understand that. It has only been recently when a few people have mentioned that I have positive outlooks on things that I started to think of myself that way. But I can definitely say that everything I am reading seems very positive and definitely demonstrates progress. Yeah, I must agree, the best thing about the community is how supportive it is, I think we can all agree that it is an important thing for all of us. No worries, anytime! Keep up the good work, looks like you have just logged an A+ average for the day, very nice!
  14. Hail back Awesome, cheers! Definitely a big fan of Tolkien, and have sort of known about the walking to Mordor challenge, and have always been interested by it. Ah, thank you, I will have to check it out. Yeah, I think I might join for the same thing, to see where I get to in the story. Haha, lol, indeed, not much desire to be there without business there, and even then I think it would be a bit much! Awesome, thank you very muchly. I haven't added anyone as challenge buddies yet, but I think I might start looking into, because the more I hear about it, the more I am liking the sounds
  15. Hello! Nice goals you have laid out, and I like the scoring system you have with it, very nice! I wish you good luck with them all, and I hope the FitBit serves you well, I'm certainly looking forward to tracking some of my stuff with it too!
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