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  1. Heyo. It's approaching the end of the challenge so I thought I'd post an update. I've had a bit of a bad week with sleep, stress, and food but I'm still pushing on. In terms of controlling my food I've learned that I need to think in terms of a few days at a time instead of everything all at once. I'm going to try working out four times a week and planning out my meals. I finish the school year soon so I'm making precautionary plans so I can still work out as I travel. Good news though is that I'm going to have a house next semester so I can cook and regulate my own meals. It's going to be awesome Good things to come for me.
  2. Heyo. I just barely got back to school from spring break. I managed to eat pretty well over the last week and kept up with my weights and running. I haven't quite kept track of my food intake though so I don't have must to report. Though running at elevation sucks quite a lot but I feel that I did well for a 4000 foot difference. Over all my break was fantastic and I cosplayed for my first time. I think it went well but it also motivated me to get my diet under control so I can start benefiting more from my workouts. I did notice that I'm in a lot better shape though. Activities that used to get me out of breath are super easy. I went hiking up a steep trail and I was thinking, "That's it?" So all in all I fell off the wagon with my goals but I have more knowledge and motivation than before the break. Also people have started noticing my weight loss so that was really cool. I think I need to pull my goals back in a little because I think I was trying to form too many habits at once. Like a proper scientist, I'm taking out extraneous variables. I want to plan out my meals for a week and stick too it and see how it goes. No if and or buts. Try and cut my sugars and have a system so I don't buy excess food and inhale it when I'm feeling insecure. That's another thing. I want to find a better method of dealing with my insecurity and anxiety other than eating. Does anyone have some methods that they use to calm down? I think I'm going to try walks first. My main goal I want to complete by the end is run two times a week while still weight lifting. Not three quite yet because I'm not used to it but build up to it. Plus if I plan out my meals then recording should be super easy. So main questions. What do you guys do to destress? Any tips for meal planning? (I'm limited on options because I have a meal plan with my university) How has everyone else been doing?
  3. Start of week three and I'm feeling pretty good!

  4. FWI I haven't had time to post updates so this is going to be a long post. Log for 26th Feb. weights 22 bench presses 85lbs 22 overhead press 45lbs 50 squats 95lbs 30 leg presses 300lbs 23 inverted rows 30 degrees Notes: I need to make sure I eat enough so I don't crash during my workouts. I also don't want to eat too much and so I think I'm going to switch to using my fitness pal to track my consumption. Food 12oz steak 1/2 head broccli 1/2 backed potato tea w/ almond milk banana protien shake two chicken tacos with chicken, pesto, corn tortilla Log 27th Feb. Food Apple banana Egg scramble with bacon, peppers, hashbrowns 2 squares of dark chocolate black tea apple banana scotch egg with honey mustard chicken tikka masala pastey Log 28th Feb. Food orange 3 sausage patties muffin veggie and dirt (gluten free bread) sandwich 1 square of dark chocolate Log 1st March Food 1/4 cup french fries 1 chicken tender yam Burger with egg gummies smarties honey dew and pineapple gluten free chocolate bean square Notes: I had a rough weekend and I've been repairing from it all week. I had to deal with someone who causes me a lot of anxiety and I had an anxiety attack coming back from a conference. I tend to eat my feelings sooo yeah. Weights Bench press 85lbs 8,8,6,6,6 then 30 @ 45lbs Squat 105lbs 7,7,7,6,7 Overhead Press 45lbs 15,7,6 Leg Press 300lbs 10,10,10 Dead lift 90lbs 3,3,3,3,3 Inverted row 30 degrees 5 Jog 2.16 miles in 32min Notes: Fell behind on running and so I did running and weights in the same day. I was super exhausted so I didn't complete my inverted rows. I also bumped into one of my friends who knows more about weights than me and he pushed me with my bench presses so I had noodle arms. I'm going to ask him if he could give me some pointers. I feel like I'm either pushing myself too hard or not enough. Log 2nd March Food Gummies cashew nut balls rice chips gluten free panini chocolate bar lettuce wrap with pastrami, salami, tomato, peppers, Log 3rd March Food 2 cashew nut balls 3 egg omlette watermelon sandwich roast beef, turkey, bell peppers, tomato, sprouts, cucumber jerky nature valley almond bar Weights Bench Press 85lbs 8,8,6,6 30 @ 45lbs leg press 300lbs 15,15,15 inverted row 12,10 side plank 15 sec x2 plank 45sec x2 Notes: I need to get my sleeping schedule back so I can get up to the gym. Going later just causes more problems Log 4th March yam kind bar 8 cashew balls 8oz blackened chicken with mango salsa 1/2 cup zuccini, squash 1/2 cup fruit - pine apples, hoenydew, grapes Run 2.15 miles in 32 min Log 5th March Food Kind bar early grew smootie- blue berries spinach, mango Sandwich - roast beef, turkey, veggies Havest Veggie soup 15 squares of dark chocolate plum protien shake salad potato pancakes Weights Bench Press 85lbs 7,7,6,6, 30 @ 45lbs (no spotter so I didn't push it) Squat 95lbs 10,10,10,10,12 Leg Press 300lbs 15,15,10,5 Log 6th March Food 2 Bananas yam apple GF sandwich 3 squares of chocolate Log 7th Mark Food Apple Gluten free pizza with vegan cheese, pepperoni, ham, bell pepper yam Rice Crispie GF sandwich Thoughts I've been having some motivation issues mainly, I think, because I've been really tired this week. I've managed to circumvent most of my negative thoughts, but I'm wishing I'd see results faster and have more control over a lot of things in my life. I'm going to keep at it and I have spring break coming up so I can hopefully recharge.
  5. *Gasp* the avatar posted on my page! Thanks for the advice. I think making myself think about running even the day before would help. My brain tries to find ways to get me out of it, while with weight lifting I know it's going to happen whether I slept enough or not. Granted this week has been super hectic so I'm not beating myself up too much but next week I'm going to respawn and come back at it with full force. Also I love legend of korra and one of my goals is to cosplay her when I have muscles. Korra gets punched out a lot but she keeps coming back with more ferocity and I really like that. Ergo my profile pic is of Korra.
  6. If you're cutting out sugars and carbs then I think that its common to be exhausted. Steve has a article about the "carb flu'' which is basically your body not having it's common fuel source and revolting. I think just make sure you eat enough food. In terms of protein do you like almond milk? I am lactose intolerant so I kinda have to like it but it's high in protein. Congrats on sticking to your goals. Also it's good that you were able to adapt your goals and keep moving forward.
  7. Hey all. It's my second day of missing running so I was wondering if anyone had any advice to motivate me to get up and go. I think a big part is when my roommate is here I don't get to bed on time, but even past that I'd still like to go. Surprisingly I've been liking using the zombie app, but again I missed two days. I'm going to run Saturday and Sunday so I'll only miss one run this week. Any advice?
  8. Thanks for reminding me not to be too hard on myself breebles. It was exactly what I needed to hear. Food and Workout Log for 24th Feb. 2015 Weights Bench Press @ 85lbs 5 circuits 7,7,7,6,6 Barbell Squat @ 95lbs 5 circuts 10,15,15,12,15 Overhead Press @ 45lbs 10,6,5 Leg Press @ 300lbs 10,8,10 Inverted Row @ 30 degrees 10,10 Plank 45sec,45sec Side Plank (both sides) 15sec,15sec Pushups 10,5 Thoughts: In terms of my squats I feel like I could do more weight easily, but I pushed myself and had lower back pain so I'm taking a bit easy. One thing I did gain from that is that I could easily squat more than 135lbs. I want to work on my side plank because thats pretty hard for me as well as doing more inverted rows to build up to a pull up. Food Earl Grey with Soy 2 shrimp sushi 2 chicken teriakyi sushi 1 yam 1 cup of chili with beans watermelon 2oz beats 1/4 cup zuccini 1/4 cup shredded carrots 1/2 cup chicken 1 cup spinach 1/2 cup cuccumber 2 cliff bars strike Peeps (marshmellows ) Strike Burger patty with egg -2% for today. I can't really justify the peeps even though they were given as a gift. I had a lot of veggies today so that was good but I need to figure out when to eat so I don't get hungry throughout the day Food Log for 25th Feb. 2014 Egg scramble -bacon, peppers, hashbrowns 10oz of cake tamale chips and salse I learned today that I shouldn't bake even for other people when trying to get rid of my sugar addiction. I had a super busy day and I sped walked around 10-12 miles today. I need to make sure I get enough food because I was exhausted at the end of the day. Lack of food also hurt my next workout and I wasn't able to do as much.
  9. Food log for 23/2/15 Cup of Early Grey with soy milk 20 cal 3 egg omlette with bacon, bell pepper, chicken, spinach, and salsa approx 450 cal 3 sausage links 110 cal 12 oz of pulled pork 400 cal 1/2 cup of bbq beans (strike 1) 150 cal Cliff bar 240 5 rice crackers 80 fruit leather 78 cal Alo veggie drink - 120 cal Total Caloric Intake - 1,648 Feeling pretty good for my first day. I slipped up a little with food, but I think I just have to keep pushing until the sugar cravings stop. I don't work out on monday's because I have an 8am class, but tomorrow I'll have a weight workout to set as a bench mark. I'm also going to work on a bunch of homework today so I can make up the two strikes for food. I hope y'all's first day of the challenge went well.
  10. In terms of getting up and going, I completely restructured my sleep schedule so that I get up and go before I do anything else. I also made a schedule of which days because having it planned out helps me a lot. It's a bit extreme but it worked for me. I'm dressed and out the door before my brain fully boots up. I think you have good plan! Measurable goals and I have a feeling that you are going to do really well.
  11. I do have a microwave so I'll have to experiment with that. Thanks for all the advice, I didn't even think of grabbing some extra stuff from the salad bar. Thanks for the help
  12. Hey I'd be down for the motivational buddy thing. For me food and record keeping is a problem for me too. You seem to be doing well so far. Here is my recruit post if you are interested. Feel free to PM me. http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/61276-forget-skinny-im-training-to-become-a-badass/
  13. It was nice to talk to everyone. It was a very welcoming community. As of right now I just have a notebook I'm going to essentially take everywhere. I then plan on posting to a progress thread. So posting and having people expecting of it will definitely be a motivation. Thanks pwallace for the vote of confidence. Do I post updates here or do I make a separate thread for progress? And muddydancer, thanks for the welcome. I definitely think I will join the rangers by the end of this challenge. I like the hybrid aspect of the class/guild.
  14. Heyo, I'm a college freshman living on campus for my first year and my school has very few paleo options. I also don't have access to a kitchen. I get groceries once a week, but it's a walk. I can eat paleo, but it limits me to 5 dishes on campus. I was just curious if anyone else had some tips or tricks for eating healthy on a college campus. Also since I already paid for my meal scam I'm limited in funds to buy groceries.
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