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  1. I just had to pop in to say how delighted I am by your username. The legendary Polgara can do anything! Best of luck to you. I've failed 3 quests last year, and I think I'll try the one following this one. Keep up the magic!
  2. Thanks for all the replies, guys. I think I answered my own question in the first post, just get out and do it. My schedule is not friendly to new habit-building. Biking to work is not an option, it's 18 miles away in the country. And I'm not biking back home at 12:30 a.m., when I get off. I bought new shoes last year, they're barely broken in. I guess it's just the trauma of activity on my legs when my body has become accustomed to sitting for hours on end. Also, I've failed C25k miserably in the past, that's part of why I asked how to build up the endurance to do even that simple program.
  3. I think I've asked this before, though probably in my long-buried 6-week challenge threads from last year. What's the best way to build up endurance for jogging and future running? This happens intermittently: I say I'll start walking to begin training, but life happens and I end up not walking again for a month or more. Then I have to start all over again. More than once I thought, "well, don't just stroll leisurely, speed walk or try to jog for 30 seconds." And that gave me shin splints and/or a headache. So I suppose I just need to walk more? I feel like it's not enough, because I always
  4. Week 4: A little better. Just did my off-site writeup. I'm back to logging my meals, partially with MFP, every day so far in a little notebook. That 1380 calorie goal is hard to limit......... Last week's bodyweight blowout had me really sore, heh. I had to scale back on the next round. I'll be back at it after I post.
  5. It was nice. We celebrated our 2-year anniversary. Did y'all think I was dead? I hit the bodyweight circuit today. I'll see these last 3 weeks out, at any rate. Yeah!! I graded myself for weeks 2 and 3 and calculated my "midterm." Ouch. I won't post my grades, they're painful. Seeing it all written out on my giant NF text file is quite helpful.
  6. It was ok, but the place was awful. Haven't heard back yet. I don't think the pay will be any better than the minimum wage I make now, so I'm not driving 40 minutes up the interstate for that. That ordeal shot week 2 down, and week 3 isn't going much better. I'm on vacation, and tomorrow I'm driving out to my boy's place to spend the rest of my time off with him. The harder I plan for these kinds of things, the worse I fall behind with it, I swear.
  7. Give me that box. I fell back on cereal over the weekend (Cheerios, Raisin Nut Bran, and Life. At least it's not sugary nugget cereal?). Ohboy, it's week 2 now. Time for the tally! 1. ACTIVITY. lol nope. Had a 30-minute hike last Monday that put me off for the rest of the day (headache, exhaustion). Good lord I am that out of shape. Cut back to a 15-minute hike Wednesday, which was much better. Bodyweights did not factor in as I was having Work-Related Problems (more later). C- 2. Protein, lots of protein. This went pretty good. Stuff like eating beef & veggie stir-fry without rice,
  8. Nice, I do like angel mythos. Don't worry about, stories can take a long time to plan out. And rewrite.
  9. Haha, your title too. This is cracking me up. Your challenge sounds really good! Are you doing the beginner body weight circuit? I love it. Oooh, what kind of story are you writing? *fistbunp for fellow writers*
  10. Let me tell you about Serkets. And thanks~ I got an application in the mail from a tiny newspaper I sent my resume to last week, so that's something!
  11. DeepGreenEden waves her bandanna in response ta Elinox, an' keeps a steady watch while th' bosun confers with th' cap'n. Th' ship's large black feline has taken ta restin' at her feet, maybe beggin' fer any more bits of sea creature, maybe just wantin' a scratch between th' ears. Which Eden gives her, th' spoiled thing. "Aye, that pretty little brigantine won't escape us," she murmurs. "An' once I get a share o' treasure, I be on th' path ta good fortune. Whatcha say ta that?" Somebody purrs an' nuzzles an affectionate palm. (Also, welcome aboard dhar, AprilMay, an' tigs! )
  12. Monday must have wiped me out, I slept really good. First time in 4 days. I also turned on the Deep Relax app before bed and tried to meditate for 2 minutes. My mind wandered a bit, the ocean sound I set on the app made me remember my trip to Mexico last summer. At any rate, it was relaxing. Earlier this evening I looked at job listings, but read more articles about job hunting. Which I shouldn't do, as it depresses me horribly. Remembering my ultimate backup plan of "work here at lousy job until I've paid off debt, draw and write in spare time, quit and launch comic." Oh god that's bleak. B
  13. Today I hiked around the yard and woods for half an hour. There's a great big hill that starts a clear path up into the woods behind my house. Forgot sunscreen, allergy meds, older shoes so my new running shoes wouldn't get muddy, and to stretch. Woooow. Even though it was cloudy and not very hot at all, I got pretty sweaty and battled a headache all afternoon! I thought food would take care of it but no. It's just now going away thanks to some Aleve I took about an hour ago. Also felt kind of weak from not eating so much, whoops. A Chobani yogurt for breakfast, a few bites of the roast I
  14. So true. Thanks! It really is, and habit breaking is way harder than I thought it would be. That's excellent how you found the things to motivate you and build your courage. That's what I'm looking for. I'm so tired of looking at the way things are and feeling bad about them; I want to change something or see a task through to completion. Once I accomplish a goal, then I should have the confidence to tackle new ones, right? And I'm not talking about weekly goals of "do the laundry and make sure I have dinner to take to work every day." So yeah!!
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