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  1. gotcha, thanks everyone! fruit & yogurt are the only source of my sugar intake so i think im good
  2. HURRAY cause i love fruit! good call on the carbs. i will have to have less than i would like to. but im happy to know i don't have to cut it completely
  3. OKAY - So I've been working on figuring my marcos out & a good diet where I eat more than 1200 cals a day (yay me!) I've got it pretty well figured out, expect for one thing. SUGAR how much sugar am I allowed to have? IIFYM is the macro counter I am using, but it doesn't tell me!! Myfitnesspal says I can have 29g because I am sitting here starring at this apple. and thinking about how I want a fruit smoothie with my breakfast and yogurt as a snack later. But going on my 29g's I'm gonna be waaaay over. basically i need some guidance.
  4. I hate my coworkers so much that I eat my lunch/dinner (chicken, broccoli & sweet potato) cold everyday ...probably not the answer you were looking for.
  5. thanks for the link! about a year ago i started cutting processed foods from my diet. with the exception of going out with friends every now and then, everything i eat is real food. so i didn't think it was a huge deal if i was eating more fruit! haha. but im just not seeing results like i would like to. i need to find a good macro counter.
  6. same - when i started counting calories years ago, i used the site strictly for the calorie counter, and it worked! but now im at a good weight and i'd like to gain some muscle. so maybe it's time for me to part ways with livestrong!
  7. i do plan to lift more. im just taking a slower approach. thank you for the advice
  8. whoa! thanks! sorry for the delay - i was at work. thanks again for sharing these
  9. okay that makes sense - that inactive people are eating too much protein & it converts to fat. because i knew that protein could do that, which is why i didn't want to be way over on mine. i mean, i'm active but i wouldn't consider it to be a huge amount. i usually spend an hour in the gym every morning doing either weights or cardio. im not lifting a whole ton right now, i want to keep upping my weight but im going slow & steady with it. so i don't think i need a monster amount of protein, but clearly what i have been doing isn't work for me. i do see some muscle, but not the results that i would like.
  10. i love veggies, so this could definitely work for me! activity wise - mon wed fri i do weights at the gym. this includes squats, lunges, deadlifts, hip abductor machine. arms i use the bicep/tricep machines. assisted pull ups & im trying to up my plank time. tues/thurs i do 30-45 mins cardio. i think i'll start going on saturday as well & just has sunday as my off day. as far as sugar - i always notice that even one egg puts me over on my cho. but i know that it's good cho so i don't worry about it. does that apply to the sugar in fruit? because i love fruit and could seriously eat 3 apples a day ...!
  11. hey everyone! so, i am trying to stick to my recommended calories & marcos. im 5'6", about 135 lbs. trying to lose about 5-10 lbs but also trying to put on muscle so my calorie goal is set at losing .5 lbs per week. i use livestrong.com to track both of these it tells to stick to the following: cals - 1459 fat - 47g cholesterol - 219mg sodium - 1751mg carbs - 219g fiber - 18g protein - 36g sugars - 29g so yesterday i was messing around with the site trying to make a "perfect" diet plan for this week. right now, i have 1122 cals which include: breakfast: 1 egg 1/2 avocado 1 smoothie: 1/2 banana, 1 cup silk, 1 cup yogurt, 1 cup strawberries, 1 cup spinach lunch: 2 servings whole wheat pasta pasta sauce 1 apple dinner: 1/2 chicken breast broccoli sweet potato snack: 2 cups white kernel popcorn this puts me at: cals-1122 fat- 28g cholesterol - 246mg (over) sodium - 962mg carbs - 186g fiber - 35g (over) protein - 44g (over) sugars - 48g im really stuck as to eating more. because i know it's important, however if i have another apple im over on sugar. if i eat a whole chicken breast, im over on protein. but im pretty far from my carb goal as well! any guidance?
  12. Quick question here- I am trying to be very diligent this month about counting my calories. However I'm not sure what to do on my weight lifting day. Today I spent about 45 mins at the gym lifting weights. I'm not sure how many calories I've burned doing that, or how to figure it out. I'm mostly curious because these days leave me SO hungry! But I really don't want to go over on what I am eating. Thanks everyone.
  13. Hello hello! It has been a while since I've visited these forums but I'm in need of getting back on track! My stats are 5'6", 130-135lbs, around 20% bf What I am looking for - get down to 125lbs. Not greatly concerned with what my bf% is, but I would like to knock that number down as well. However I no longer have access to any way of measuring it soo...! I also want to get stronger. Legs are my number one area I want to work on. I have access to a full gym (cardio/weight machines/free weights). I very much prefer free weights! I love doing squats. I usually do squats, lunges & dead lifts. I would love suggestions for free weight arm exercises as well. I need a good routine for both. I just moved to a new city & I'm at a new gym so I've been kind of slacking/not feeling comfortable around the new people there. so i've just been doing cardio and some weight machines. i did some squats this morning & I'm ready to get back to the free weights! Any suggestions welcome! I do have to leave for work in a bit so there might be a short lack of response. Thankssssss....!!!
  14. I'm in Akron!! If anyone wants to meet up to train ever... PM me
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