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  1. 6 weeks is too much for me to cope with. Perhaps I should try 6-day challenges instead?

    1. Waanie


      Depending on the reason that 6 weeks is too much, can you maybe either downscale your goals or make two 3-week challenges?

    2. TheCrimsonFist


      Nah, you're wrong. 6 weeks is just 1 week repeated 6 times. Quit telling yourself you can't, and start leveling up.

    3. Chris-Tien Jinn

      Chris-Tien Jinn

      You can do it - and establish new, healthy habits!!

  2. Been sick as a parrot since Monday. Mostly just trying to get to work and get home. I'd call in sick if it weren't KS2 SATS week.
  3. Sore, swollen throat 3 hours after eating pizza. Interesting reaction!

  4. Week 4 summary goal 1 (strength): 33% goal 2 (primal): 56% goal 3 (running): 100%
  5. Day 6: write off. Day 7: 15% primal, ran huskies.
  6. Day 5: ran huskies. 50% primal (it was going well but I chose to have an interesting Martini-driven evening).
  7. Day 2: ate 85% primal. Day 3: lifted weights, ran huskies, ate 85% primal.
  8. Week 4 Day 1: ran huskies, 50% primal.
  9. I have a lot of excuses, but ultimately - I've been cheating myself. Sabotaging myself. Undermining myself. I have not lived up to the basic tenets of eat clean, lift heavy, sleep well. And I'm the only one responsible for any of that. WEEK 3 SUMMARY Goal 1 (strength): 66% Goal 2 (primal): 30% Goal 3 (cani-x): 33%. Marking: oh God why won't someone donate a large sum of money to me so I don't have to do marking any moooooooooore ...
  10. Don't we!! I resent that. Peer-marking for the rest of the year! Day 5: 20% primal.
  11. Fish and chips. Yummy fail.

    1. Bekah


      mmmm yummy. Sorry it's a fail for you :(

    2. fadagaski


      It tasted yummy! But I failed at primal yesterday, ahaha.

  12. Not too long, but there's a lot - and the kids just keep producing stuff that needs marking!!!
  13. Day 3: 50% primal. Day 4: 85% primal, lifted heavy weights. Weighed myself - lost a whole 2 lbs in 6 weeks of inconsistent effort. Feeling some muscle in my arms though!
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