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  1. Week two went okay.. my "do nothing time" certainly crept up from week one, but i am averaging between 3 and 4 hours per day, so about half what it was. I have been studying a lot as i have an assignment due this week and had to catch up from my week off.. and much of my nothing time has been letting my brain rest when i feel i can't handle anymore (like you said Katia ). Although i'm trying to replace some of my brain down-time with updating myfitnesspal and nf as those are leisurely things that i allowed myself. Still not getting around to my Yoga as much as i'd like, I did it once in wee
  2. Thanks . I am studying for my accounting designation (CGA)... still have 5 or so years to go in the program.. but chunking away.
  3. I am feeling pretty good about my first challenge so far... I spent the entire past week in Whistler with my kids, my mom and my sister. We had our own little "book club" for the trip and read "Feel the Fear... and Do It Anyways". So i got some good self-help reading in and discussed it with them. Also, i focused on spending lots of quality time with my kids and had a little bit of "me" time in there as well when i wasn't chasing after children There was actually very little "doing nothing" time so i was proud of that. I did not however make my studying or yoga goals... but now that i
  4. I am on a quest to be happier and feel better! My first challenge . I have other things i'm working on at the same time.. but for this 6-week-challenge i want to focus on the following: Main quest: Be constructive reduce "doing nothing" time to an average of 2hrs of awake time per day (right now it's around 8) and spend more time doing things that will benefit me or my family. Doing nothing includes but is not limited to: internet surfing, watching tv, playing computer games, social media, etc.. I will track this quest by: being conscious of my timemaking conscious descisions t
  5. It's funny you say that, because I totally thought about that while i was doing it yesterday! I almost stopped at one point but then tried to keep going as if there were others watching me. I ended up doing the warm-up, level 1 twice and the cooldown which was about 70-75 mins total.. i was pretty proud, lol. a few more times doing it that way and i will hopefully be able to start incorporating level 2 instead of duplicating level 1.
  6. Thanks! yeah, i have heard about excercise using babies as a weight my 10 month old is a hefty 24lbs.. so i do get a bit of a workout in that sense, lol. i should start playing with her in a way that works my muscles a bit more. she loves being thrown up in the air, so i have developed some arm strength that way..
  7. Hi everyone, I heard about NF from a friend and decided to check it out. I think the whole idea is really neat and the peer-support system is great! I am 26, married and a mother of 2 (3.5 years & 10 months). I have an extremely sedentary lifestyle between my desk job and hours spent studying, gaming and watching netflix. My main source of exercise is playing with my kids. Anyways, I'm not overweight (5'8" 142lbs), although my body fat % is higher than i would like it to be due to my having NO MUSCLE whatsoever. I basically just want to be more fit, stronger, happier and healthi
  8. Thanks for the info Namaste i will have to look up the positions, lol, but sounds good anyways. I am not very flexible... that's one of the things i am working on
  9. Thanks! I think I will stick with it, and like you said just do as much as I can I hadn't thought of doing the level 1 multiple times, that's a good idea, and would probably allow me to get a full hour in until I feel I can more comfortably move onto the other levels.
  10. Hi everyone, Totally new here, I'm currently waiting for the next 6-week challenge to start, good time to join. I am 5'8", 142lbs (within the healthy weight range, although i'm hoping to lose a little) but my body fat % is about 28%.. which is higher than the "ideal".. and i would like to boost my energy a bit and just all around feel better... so that's why i'm here, i'm hoping to tackle it through diet and moderate exercise. One of my goals for this coming challenge is to do this one hour yoga DVD 3x per week, going to work up to 5x in the next challenge. The DVD i have is "The Bigge
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