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  1. Quick Check In: Have not been completely on point - got slammed with ... I don't even know what. Like a flu, but no GI or cough issues. Very strange. Feeling better tonight and hoping to get back to it tomorrow. Diet has been pretty good actually. Did get talked into some ice cream, but staying pretty clean otherwise Kept up with yoga every day except the worst day of this funk Workouts have not happened since Monday. Hoping to get back to it tomorrow night. The sleep thing - I've been all over that though!
  2. I've been running for about 4 years, but not really very structured. I've completed a few marathons, but I've always had a hard time really sticking with the training. Life keeps getting in the way - but this summer, I am finding myself with fewer obligations and really making training a priority. PR is 5:25 with a Galloway style walk/run style. I do have a training plan - 3 days a week, one easy, one speed and one long. Adding in strength training 2-3 days a week (making Sunday strength optional dependent on if I totally trash my legs on Saturday long run and need the recovery more than the strength training). I'm on week 4 and it's going really well so far. Just taking it one run at a time and trying not to worry too much about the next week's mileage.
  3. Oooooh, 99 miles! I'm in awe - I have ultra aspirations ... at some point. Which race are you gearing up for?
  4. 4 halfs in a year? Bad ass! Sounds like you just finished one - when is your next one?
  5. First strength workout in probably about a month today. Oh God. How did that get so much harder? Got a rest day tomorrow, long run on Saturday, and back to strength on Sunday. For my diet goal, I'm tinkering with the notion of pushing up my go date to this Sunday rather than next. Will I be strong enough to resist post race pizza next Saturday? Only time will tell ... Yoga was a gift for me today. Dealing with some epic badness at work and actually found tears rolling down my face as I stretched. Like it was wringing the negativity out. Off to read a bit before tackling the sleep goal - hope you all had a great week and I'll check in again in a few days
  6. What's up Fellow Group J-ers! Here are my thoughts: A. My goal is to keep consistent with my marathon training. I'm currently regularly working out 3 times a week, trying to push that up toward the 5-6 range. B. My goal isn't squeamish at all, so I'm fine sharing as much as you want to hear - I'll talk about it until your eyes glaze over if you let me! C. Probably like twice a week? Maybe a mid week and a weekend works best for me.
  7. Is it too late to get on with a group? I'm hoping for a group to keep me accountable for my training
  8. *wakes up* *PANIC!* *sees group of Scouts in the distance* S%&t! Hey guys - joining a few days late, but better than never right? I'm in training for an August marathon and hoping with sticking with my goals, I can break 5 hours. To that end: 1) Follow my training plan: Kind of a no-brainer, but I've been good on running days, less good on strength training. Time to tackle it all. STA +3, STR +2 2) Start a Whole30 - April 26-May 25: Been slowly cleaning up my diet, but I think spending 30 days really focusing on self care and clean food will do me good. CON +2, CHA +1 3) Continue daily yoga practice: Started doing yoga at lunch as a way to combat desk slouch, but I've been amazed after two weeks what it has done to my peace of mind as well as my hamstrings. DEX +2, WIS, +2 4) Make sleep a priority: At least 7.5 hours a night. With all this training, plus other demands in my life, if I don't make sleep important I will get sick. Or at the very least, incredibly cranky. CON +2, CHA +2 Looking forward to the next few weeks with all of you!
  9. Ran 12 miles yesterday morning. It was 2 degrees. It got so cold my iPhone quit playing my audiobook and I had to run the last three miles with nothing but my suffering to keep me company. The only time I walked was when I saw a mama moose running up the trail toward me - luckily she diverted off instead of coming straight at me. At that point (mile 10.5), I'm not really sure what I would have done if she had come at me - dive off the trail into the marsh and experience some insane cryotherapy? Lie down and welcome the sweet release of death? All things said it was incredibly challenging, but I did it, I saw some amazing sights while doing it, I was buzzing from the runner high all day, and I am finally warm again!
  10. Just Checking in: Diet has been pretty good. Have been adding in whole grains and it has made me much less prone to crave crappy sugary junk food - feel more satisfied and my workouts have been going a lot better. Training is going well - completed an 11 mile run on Saturday, fueling with dates and a Larabar. Felt great. Do need to focus on getting strength training back into the regime more. Water had been going well but I was knocked completely on my ass with a bad bug this week and it has been hard to want to drink any water at all. Stupid that I should need it the most and it is a total turn off.
  11. I completely feel you on the carbs making you feel better. Steel cut oats for breakfast this week and I'm like a new woman after feeling like a failure trying to make paleo work to varying levels of success for the last two months - for me, marathon training = not the right time for paleo. Some people have had great success becoming fat adapted, but it just doesn't seem to be something that works for me, and I'm glad to hear there is someone else out there struggling with this too.
  12. HI there fellow Rangers: Just checking in. In the spirit of the parachute mini challenge, I realized I've pretty drastically repacked my chute the last three weeks and thought I would share where I'm at right now: - Workouts: During my first challenge, I focused a lot more on strength and walking, thinking since it was crappy outside that running would be on the back burner for a while. This challenge I have been getting out for a couple outdoor runs in the crap, and I found Sons of Anarchy as treadmill only viewing, so I have been strictly following a marathon training program for a race in mid-March. It's felt really great to get back to running. Strength workouts have been a bit less consistent - twice a week rather than three times. Want to stay on top of that because I think it will provide a good base for my marathon training. - Diet: As I mentioned in a previous post, with increasing mileage, Paleo has been making me feel low energy. I've been adding back in grains, focusing on cooking things at home and aiming for unprocessed foods. This has really made me feel better, both physically and mentally. - Water: Been nailing this like a champ! On the days (mostly the weekends, when I don't have a full day at my desk to chug water because I get bored) when I don't get enough water, I feel awful. Huge improvement and trying to make this a more consistent daily change. - Reading: Making some progress here. Keep on keeping on. So yeah, I feel like I've made some drastic changes in my challenge, but they feel like the right ones for me.
  13. Get it girl - way to power through and make good choices when it would have been just as easy to say f*ck it and just get through the week with whatever made it easiest. Proud of you!
  14. A good week this week. Plenty of water consumed, work outs going well. My big achievement of the week was completing my long run for my marathon training of 9 miles, no walking ........ ON A TREADMILL. We've had sh*t weather here in Anchorage lately, and the roads are all icy, so I spent a very long time on my treadmill last night (fun fact - it tries to turn off after 100 minutes. Do not let that deter you, you're so close to finishing!) Diet has been ok. That's going to be my area of focus for this upcoming week. With marathon training, I think I need a bit more carbs than a strict Paleo. Sweet potatoes are good but need some variety. So adding some rice and oats this week - primarily non gluten grains. How was everyone else's week?
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