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  1. I second the Nerd Fitness version of this, not everyone has smart phones... Regardless this chart is great for those who want to dabble into the Paleo diet!
  2. Your goals are a lot similar to mine! Welcome to the Rebellion and good luck!
  3. Ohai and welcome! You'll love it here! I wish you luck! My brother read the Wheel of Time series...Sounds like I need to!
  4. Welcome to the Rebellion! A pleasure to have you here, and I can relate to your weight loss goal (I'd LOVE to lose about 60 pounds!) Good luck!
  5. Welcome to the Rebellion! You'll love it here! We wish you luck!
  6. Description : Muscular, sturdily built werewolf! Strong points : Lots of power and a love of the outdoors. Weak Points : Bad lungs and an awful case of the laziness. Starting Point : The very beginning. -Jogging consecutively for roughly 1.5 minutes -A mile takes roughly 15 minutes.
  7. Thank you lots guys! I wish you both luck, here's to conquering that running!
  8. Apparently you're not the only one to think so, but it really hasn't been that much of a challenge for me. Just spread them out, and on the days I go to work (I work part time) I'll go between 1500-1600.
  9. (Here's to hoping I am doing this right and in the right place!) o.o Main Quest - Run a 5k -Jog for 20 Straight Minutes -Do a mile and a half in 15 minutes -Cut out Soda. Side Quests : -Learn a new piano piece. -Do a pull up. Motivation : See the world!
  10. The only things I ever drink are Mountain Dew and Water. I guess I should have been more specific. Drink water instead of soda! X)
  11. 1200 isn't a big deal for me. I'm not super active, and if I'm not watching calories I'll only eat about 1700-2000 a day. Far as piano goes, I'm actually looking at Speechless by The Veronicas. Had a wonderful friend of mine show it to me and I'm kind of in love with that song (even though I adore Final Fantasy!)
  12. Welcome new friend, I've got faith in you! Power to you, here's to success!
  13. Life is good! Been still watching what I eat. Did some walking/jogging last night for the first time in a while. Starting from square one can be frustrating, but refreshing -- you know you can conquer anything! Waiting to go for my run this evening. Going to do some writing! Total distance : .5 Miles
  14. Steal away! And thanks X) I'll go steal some of yours too!
  15. I've still got some work to do for it but I've got an idea about it
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