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  1. Keep grinding my friend. Good luck in your quest for the ultimate free range meat! Being mindful about you eating is half the battle, what you do is the other half.
  2. I have had the Fitbit One for almost 3 years now and my One is starting to have battery issues as well, used to charge once every 7-10 days, now it is almost every 3-4 days. Had good experience with Fitbit so I am thinking about the Charge HR. I have not pulled the trigger yet but leaning pretty hard in that direction.
  3. Challenge Wrap-up: Goals for this challenge: Maintain present weight at 221. A+ final weight 215. Lost 6 pounds, new all time (adulthood anyway) low. Complete first month of therapy. A- Hit therapy 2 twice a week, got in most of my at home sessions, but did not hit them all and missed a couple after my fall. Wear my CPAP every day for at least four hours. F Total failure, wore it a couple of times but between not sleeping and the sling and pain and just did not happen. Implement new budget get debt control plan. B Made great progress, got Quicken caught up, framework budget in plac
  4. Thursday update - Ate well, needed more protein, had good calorie deficit. 25 minute treadmill walk plus mall walk with my buddy, 12k step day. PT with the therapist today, it was brutal, he doe not think I re-injured my shoulder in my Sunday fall, said maybe a week or 2 setup back. When he stretched me it was brutal. No second session just iced and took lots of Advil. CPAP, yeah about that. Budget almost to bed, there is a light beyond the light of the oncoming train at the end of the tunnel but its a ways off. Work has really picked up this week, between not sleeping great and s
  5. Wednesday update - Good clean eating day, got plenty of water and nearly great macros. Hit the treadmill for 30 minutes in the morning and a 10 minute after work session. Finally a quiet normal day. One PT session, really tight, pain better but not to where it was before the fall. No CPAP, this is a failed item, gonna try again tonight. Worked on budget and updated quicken. Trying to get it cleaned up but may find a good end point and restart when I upgrade. Nice back to normal day, finally after a string of crazy.
  6. Sorry to hear about your struggles, keep grinding, it will get better or at least different. Hospital food can be the pits and taking care of a parent is tough too, I have plenty of experience points in both those ranks. Glad to see you back.
  7. Tuesday update - Back on track from the chaotic last couple days with my mom. Good macros and water, calories were a little high as my activity was a bit low. Slept in and then went to early PT. Talked to my PT about my fall on Sunday and he assessed me and said he thinks I just jarred it and will be ok but may take a few days for everything to calm down. We did a lite Day 1 session and he stretched me. Pain and stiffness back and a few new pains but nothing bad so he told me to just rest and ice the rest of they day and maybe try a very light session on Wednesday and back on Thursday w
  8. Monday update - Ate pretty well considering the chaos of the day and weekend. Did not walk since spent the night at moms and by the time I got home, had plenty of work to do. Not enough water but did ok. Skipped most of the PT trying to recover from my Sunday fall. Did a little before bed just to move it, tight but not awful, will see what the PT says in the morning... No CPAP, did sleep well but was concerned with shoulder after fall on Sunday. Got quicken updated, bills written out and went over evolving budget. Also paid off my wife's car, so a big WOO HOO there. Shoulder was
  9. Weekend update - Ate well on Friday and had a little sushi on Saturday and a planned treat meal at the Boy Scout pancake breakfast on Sunday. Moved the scale down to 216.2, lowest since college and bought size 38 pants that actually fit! Got out Saturday and walked the park and got some playground play in with the little guy. Sunday had a mall walk, it was warm but raining so no park walk for me and my buddy. Derailed Sunday, more at the bottom. Hardcore PT session on Friday with the therapist and got both sessions in on Saturday and one on Sunday. CPAPed it Friday and Saturday, shor
  10. Woo Hoo for the 5 AM club, and avocado makes any day great!
  11. Calling for a vote, sounds like the run with friends motion has the votes to pass!
  12. Thursday update - Ate great and clean, good macros, good deficit and great on water and the scale rewarded me again! 30 minutes on the treadmill and a good mall walk with my buddy, 10k step day. Hit both PT sessions but did not do cable pulls as my shoulder was pretty sore. Working on trap cramping during walks, making progress. Fired up the CPAP, lasted a few hours but better than nothing. No progress on finance level up today. Bounced back energy wise today, not 100% but much better than yesterday. 3 weeks since surgery, progress is slow.
  13. Wednesday update - Good eating day, thought about being bad but drank some water, had a spoonful of almond butter and it was all good. Good macros, great water and maintained a deficit. Got 30 minutes on the treadmill without the sling, shoulder cramped but worked thru it. Scale rewarded my discipline with another pound today. Did both sessions of PT with updated exercises. Got a couple of hours with the CPAP, but shoulder was hurting and hose kept catching on the sling which was not helping. Got some, that is progress, gotta get more. Paid bills and tried to improve quicken organi
  14. Tuesday update - Ate clean just a bit much today, missed the calorie deficit but macros and water good and it was a small miss. Only walked on the treadmill for 21 minutes as my shoulder started cramping around the 15 minute mark and could not go on. PT with the therapist good but wow I was sore after, did a couple new exercises and range of motion seemed a bit better on the pulleys. Only did the session with the therapist as I was too sore later in the day, so iced and took some advil. Gave the CPAP a go, kinds short lived, got tangled in my sling and solid sleep was tough due to shou
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