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  1. It could be either. I found a recipe for red Thai curry that uses an acorn squash that is pretty good. My only problem is peeling the squash. >.< it's such a pain! Congrats on your completed challenge!
  2. I say don't count it as a loss because you technically used it. You just didn't eat it. What were you trying to make with it? Either way, you're still doing good on the amount of produce that has been tossed. Good on you!
  3. I was thinking the same thing!! I was trying to read into and saw that (according to Wikipedia and their sources) Morningstar in Latin translates to lucifer. So his name is Lucifer Lucifer. Talk about full of himself. lol I dig the badass chicks.
  4. Maze is my favorite character. So sassy and in control. and don't remind me. I don't want to have to wait for Season 2.
  5. I went to EDC Las Vegas the first year it was there, like 2011. (There's photos of my somewhere in the interwebs.) There was a lot of people but I still enjoyed it. I am also a people watcher. And it's been a while since I've gone to a festival.... Go car!
  6. I work in the engineering department for an electronics manufacturing company so I found it interesting. Haven't heard about Industry 4.0 yet but now I'm researching it. (Honestly I've never thought to read much about the industry I work in. ) Loved the bio as well. I caught this bit and got excited. How are you liking the show? I'm excited to hear how your show goes this weekend.
  7. Going to a big festival by yourself is huge. Good on you! I went to EDC with a few friends but spent the last night by myself. It was fun and a good thing to do for myself. Damaging the rental car sucks but you didn't let that ruin your day or weekend for that matter. Glad you had fun.
  8. Soo...I finished knitting a bag and decided to bring it to work today. It's a bit big so I might make another one that is smaller...or something. Not fully sure yet. But here's a picture of it. My muscles have been tense the past few days. I think my knee issue is related. Stretching helps. I just have to right the combination of stretches. Though I guess that doesn't matter in the long run since stretching is good in general. Well, I should probably get back work...[emoji14] Sent from Lullaby's dreamland
  9. I kind of like the typos....reminds me of the website 'Damn you autocorrect'. I have spent quite a few hours (maybe even days) browsing that site.... Sent from Lullaby's dreamland
  10. If you select your post, a little pencil shows up in the top right corner. If you click on that guy, you should be able to edit your posts. Just be careful with all the formatting stuff that gets added. I always have issues. but that could just be me. Sent from Lullaby's dreamland
  11. I almost like this forum mess-up. Since I went looking for anyone who had the same issue and stumbled across new people. Though figuring out all the URL linking and formatting issues will get annoying sooner or later... @Wild Wolf I look forward to reading the whole write up. Sent from Lullaby's dreamland
  12. At least the 'like' button works.... Sent from Lullaby's dreamland
  13. So glad I'm not the only one having issues. And Ryan (wild wolf) totally stumbled across this thread and 25 pages is just too much for me to catch up on but I am digging the fact that you have a story going on. I skimmed through the last page or so. will try and follow your next challenge. Keep up the excellent writing and progress! Sent from Lullaby's dreamland
  14. Uhh..not sure if this is just me or what but I can't use the forum website to make posts. Hence the use of Tapatalk. Just checking to see if it was just me or if other people were having issues too. Sent from Lullaby's dreamland
  15. Yey! Dragon cuddles! It has been good looking back at it since I've been writing in it on and off for about a year. I do like it so I just need to get myself back into it. Thanks for stopping by and checking in. Sent from Lullaby's dreamland
  16. You're missing out on so much goodness! Sent from Lullaby's dreamland
  17. I feel that same way most of the time. Like right now, I'm totally trying to catch up on your thread. Happy to hear you smashed Week 3!!
  18. Honestly, this combination of things is hard for me to accomplish sometimes. I can usually get the shower with hair washing but it's not easy. So you're doing good in my book. I've been meaning to read your thread and it took me almost forever! But I'm finally here. I'm going to have to look into Bullet Journalling.... I've never thought of it this way. It could be why I sucked at some interviews in the past.
  19. Sooo...for like the past week, I've been looking at different fitness trackers because I want to upgrade the Fitbit One that I currently own. I happened to look at Best Buy's website just now and one of my choices is listed at $44.99, instead of the regular price of $179.99. And then I find out it's 'Pick-up' only. And it's not available within 250 miles of me or my parents. >.< I got excited and then sad... umm..was looking for sad kitten gifs...and then found this image...and had to share....
  20. I don't know if it's work that is frustrating or the fact that I just don't want to work.
  21. And hopefully this whole following thing actually works.
  22. You are most definitely winning at life. I'm very excited for you.
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