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  1. You have two options. Keep working for her and try to detach from her attitude and what is going on, and see each situation as an opportunity to grow. Stop working for her to get out of a bad situation. Sometimes the best decision is actually to separate ourselves from negative environments. Sure, it can be a good opportunity for growth, but only if we are able to detach enough to allow it to help us. She seems very toxic, like my boss used to be. When I had to work there, I tried to learn from his anger and moodiness, and throwing things (ha!), but I ended up quitting when I felt conf
  2. Great job! That's awesome. I try to notice, and push past three times when I am about to stop. The key is thinking reasonably (oh my body is literally done) instead of stopping out of habit. Pushing past will build this habit of thinking thoughts are true all the time. Keep it up!
  3. Everyone has really good advice. I would like to add one thing though about the difference between DVDs and joining a class. In the classes you have everyone to push you and make you go further than you often would on your own. Make sure when you are doing it you are pushing your limits (safely), and try to go past when you would normally stop as longer as you are not hurting yourself. Destroy the mental barriers of fatigue and doubt! Keeping track of your progress, whether it be time or repetitions of each stretch and increasing it a little every week is a great way to get stronger and mo
  4. I agree with Barefoot_Trader. Yoga translates to "Union". Yoga refers to the ancient spiritual path of achieving union. Of course, I understand what you mean however. The Yoga we hear about is just physical postures and stretching. If you'd like to learn about this, then I recommend finding a local class for it. Look for "Hatha" Yoga. Most of those classes should just be postures and stretching and some breath control. Do not go to Kundalini, Jnana, or Nidra Yoga classes as these will not be what you are looking for.
  5. Sometimes the muscles are tense due to a tense mind. I know it is hard to believe but there are some muscles in my back and neck that are only relieved when I sit and focus on my mind or body and relax. When the mind starts to go still, then the muscles follow, and it is the best feeling in the world. They are intimately tied together! Give the advice above, as well as this as try! Do both!
  6. Good start. After you feel comfortable with that, try to spend a few moments just watching your mind. See what is going on inside you. This will lead to expansive states of quietude. It will also help you be more aware of what is going on in your mind and body during the day (mindfulness). Keep it up, it's rewarding my friend.
  7. Buy this book: http://www.amazon.com/Tai-Chi-Classics-Shambhala/dp/1570627495/ref=sr_1_17?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1374259171&sr=1-17&keywords=tai+chi One of the best. I recommend not practicing the internal energy techniques that is taught however. Best done with a teacher, just use it for the theory and movements at the end of the book! Of course the 13th-letter is correct though. Always best with a teacher.
  8. Sun Salutation is a great stretch to start out your practice and get you warmed up in the morning. Just do a quick search on google or youtube for it, there are lot of good sources for it since it is simple. Remember Yoga means "union". What we normally think of yoga- stretching, body poses, movements etc - is just the beginning of the whole path of yoga that deals with the physical body. I recommend research the mental aspects of it as well to integrate it with the stretching and poses. You'll get a lot more out of and actually learn how to stretch and strengthen your body more effectively!
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