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  1. This challenge is a complete bust as I feel like I've spent every free moment on the internet researching medical stuff. Hopefully, the discussion I have with my doctor on Monday to go over my options will be a satisfactory one. There are other options besides surgery and I hope she is open to discussing them. My condition is not life-threatening in anyway. If she only recommends surgery then I will seek another opinion. My brother and I did go backpacking down in the Red River Gorge area in Kentucky this past weekend. We had not backpacked here before and it came highly recommended by a friend of his. We did the Swift Camp Creek Trail out and back. Only like 16 miles total, but we took our time and just enjoyed each others company, the trail and the wilderness around us. We had two beautiful campsites right next to the creek. One campsite even had Fred Flintstone chairs made of rocks around the fire pit. They were actually very comfortable. The trail was rated a 10 out of 10 for difficulty, but I didn't think it was all that hard. Ratings are all relative though, so I usually take them with a grain of salt. There was some elevation to be gained, but nothing that went on and on and on. We saw a rock bridge, a couple small waterfalls and followed the babbling creek almost the entire time. I heard a lot of wildlife around our tents the first night, but the only real siting we had was a wild turkey on the side of the road when we were driving away. We heard a lot of birds, crickets and other small things though. I'd definitely go back to this area to check out some of the other trails. Oh, we did get hit by the remnants of Hurricane Nate starting on Saturday night. There was just a steady rain, no wind or lightening. Made for great sleeping with the rain falling on the tent. We had to pack up in the rain; however, we were just hiking out to the truck. I don't mind packing up a wet tent as much when I'm headed back to civilization. The hike out was a bit slippery in spots as many leaves have fallen. Between the wet leaves, rocks, roots and mud, the trail was a bit challenging to stay upright. We took our time and made it out safely with no falls. Great weekend with my brother!
  2. Hi Zeroh13, Thanks for checking in. So many test, but still not sure of the final recommendation from the doctor. I go back on Monday to discuss my options. I feel like I've spent the last two weeks researching everything on the web and feel much calmer and ready to have this discussion with her. What did we do before the internet?!?!?
  3. Friday thru Sunday Quest 1 - Stretching: I did deep breathing exercises every day over the weekend. I'm not sure when my surgery is going to be, but deep breathing is recommended and it helps calm my spirit. I'm going to count it as it is what I need at the moment. 10/28 Quest 3 - Daily activity: camping. I packed, set up camp, chopped firewood, hiked and walked all over and basically had an awesome time with my husband. Absolutely fabulous weekend. One of my favorite moments was sitting by the little lake by the campground in the morning and watching the sun bounce off the ripples made by the breeze. It reminded me of fireflies. 13/28 Quest 2 - New Trails: Scioto Trails State Park. We hiked most of the trails of the park. A couple were so overgrown that we could begin to follow them. My favorite was a climb up to a ridge where we had a nice view of the surrounding forest. There were a wonderful tree stump big enough that we could sit down and enjoy the morning. 2/4
  4. Thanks dayzee84. We had a fabulous weekend. Wonderful weather at a fabulous little state park.
  5. Thursday -- 9/28 Quest 1 -- Stretching: Did do it. Just having trouble focusing on anything after what my doctor told me on Wednesday. 7/28 Quest 3 -- Daily Activity: Walked to the store for some groceries and walked to have lunch and walked some more. Walking is how I am coping. 10/28 Quest 2 -- New Trails: My husband and I are going camping at a state park this weekend that we've only visited once before. It has many trails and I hope to spend quite a bit of time on them this weekend! My brother was able to get next weekend off work and we are headed to the Red River Gorge area in Kentucky for an easy backpacking trip. I haven't hiked in either area and I am excited to explore. 1/4
  6. Wednesday -- 9/27 Quest 1 - Stretching: I seriously didn't want to do any yoga today, but I made myself get out the mat. I did day two of the 30 day challenge on doyouyoga.com. It had something about stress relief in the name and I was really stressed about a doctor's appointment I had at noon. I couldn't keep my mind on the mat to save my life, but I made it through the practice today. 7/28 I found out at noon that there is a high probability that I will have to have major surgery soon. I have to go in for another test next Tuesday to give the doctor a better picture. Even though the doctor says I should be feeling terrible, I feel fine. So what was just a routine annual physical has turned out not to be so routine. I feel scared, anxious and totally stressed. Quest 3 - Daily Activity: Once I got home from the doctors, I had so much nervous energy raging inside of me. I really wanted to hit a punching bag or something, but I don't have access to one. So I just went walking. Walking always helps calm my mind. So I walked. After dinner, my husband went with me for another shorter walk. 9/28
  7. Tuesday -- 9/26 Quest 1 -- Stretching: I have been very tense the past couple of days, so I chose a restorative yoga session this morning. I chose day one of the 30 day challenge from doyouyoga.com. I really enjoyed my time on the mat today. It moved slow enough to allow me to breath into the poses. Sometimes they move so fast that they are several poses ahead of me while I try to get into one. I'm a yoga mess, but I am trying very hard to just accept where I am currently. The instructor suggested we pick a mantra to focus our attention on our breath. I chose "relax the shoulders". I'm so tense and stressed right now that my shoulders want to stay by my ears. Oh and not one downward facing dog! Haha 6/28 Quest 3 -- Daily Activity: once again I did an evening walk. Besides an actual hike, this is my favorite activity. I'm afraid I'm not being very adventurous so far on this quest. I need to work on that! 8/28
  8. That's awesome! I don't work, so I do the majority of the cooking. My husband helps on the weekend which I really appreciate.
  9. Have you thought about setting your step goal to beating yesterday's step count until you feel comfortable at 5000 again? Are you working on a specific craft project? I'd be interested in hearing about it, if you'd like to share.
  10. This made me smile. I love that your husband is helping to keep you accountable. Is your husband helping with the meal prep? That would be totally awesome! Sorry to hear about your toddler. I'm wishing y'all restful nights for the upcoming week.
  11. Monday -- 9/25 Quest 1 -- Stretching: Did a beginners yoga routine in the morning while doing loads and loads of vacation laundry. I rock some power poses like Warrior. I have pretty good balance on poses like tree pose although I can't get my foot above my knee. I've never been fond of downward facing dog. I try to breathe my way into anything that involves a forward fold. And my knee still doesn't like child's pose although after the yoga, I was able to ease into child's pose. Still debating whether to get the cortisone shot the doctor recommends on Monday..... 5/28 Quest 2 -- New trail: I didn't hike any trails today, but we are going car camping this weekend at a local state park. It has several trails I have not hiked and I'm looking forward to hiking them this weekend. 1/4 Quest 3 -- Daily Activity: After finishing the loads and loads of vacation laundry, I just wanted to get outside and take a walk. In my neighborhood, I see many people walking in the evening and most exchange a brief greeting. I walked to a small local park which has a nice walking path around the perimeter of the park. The place is always busy in the evening with kids and adults playing soccer, basketball and around the playground (I like the swings although I didn't swing this evening). They have several ball diamonds there, but I've never seen anyone playing baseball or softball (I just realized that). My neighborhood is pretty diverse and I hear several different languages. It is wonderful to experience this friendly atmosphere after watching the nightly news. I do need to start my allergy medicine in the morning as I'm allergic to fall. Such a beautiful time of year, but it kills my head. 7/28
  12. I explored a bit of a new trail this past week, but I have three more weeks to explore some trails in my area. Not as exciting as the mountains of the Smokies, but wonderful in their own way. I met a young couple this year hiking the entire AT with a little one. Last I heard they were still out there walking the mountains and the little one is loving it. I hope your little one comes to love the backcountry. It is always a joy to see them out enjoying nature. Thanks Hazard!
  13. I’m back from vacation. Even though it didn’t go as planned, I had a great time. It was an extended family vacation and the two people that I thought would be hiking with me weren’t able to hike. Seriously bummed about that. I was looking forward to sharing some of my favorite hikes in the park with them, but another time (hopefully). I get plenty of time to hike on my own, so I decided not to go out on my own this trip. Instead I choose to spend time with family. Quest 1: Stretching – Hmmmmm….. I started out strong with this quest, by starting my mornings with some sun salutations and additional stretches on the back deck of where we were staying. But as the week wore on and the mornings were a bit chilly, I opted to join my husband in the hot tub on our back deck instead of stretching. Oopsie. So, a poor showing so far in this category. Now that I’m home, I’ll get back to my stretching. 4/28 Quest 2: New Trails – Mark, my husband, decided to go on a short hike with me and since he doesn’t like much elevation change, I choose to do a small portion of the 16 mile Old Settlers Trail located in the Greenbrier section of the park. It was a new trail for me and the elevation and description of the trail looked like a good fit for my husband. It was nice and easy with no boulders or steep sections and at this time of year the creek crossings were very simple rock hops. We hiked out until he was ready to turn around and hiked back. On the way back, we spotted a young bear watching us. He wasn’t very big, but did look big enough that we didn’t need to worry about the location of mama bear (we looked for her anyway). The Smokies and Shenandoah National Park are the only places I’ve hiked where black bears don’t just turn tail and run from humans. This guy just stood there watching us as we watched him. He must have found a good patch of berries or something, because he was very reluctant to leave. He was very close to the side of the trail that we needed to walk down and he was making us a bit uncomfortable. I finally banged two hiking poles together and he meandered off from his delicious lunch. I am sure he came right back after we went on our way. It was a great way to spend the morning of our anniversary. 1/4 Quest 3: Daily activity – This was a little tougher than I thought it would be while on vacations. Without the hiking and with the sedentary lifestyles of the family with us, I had to take several long walks in the evenings around the resort to meet this goal. There were a couple of highlights though. On Sunday, I took everyone to one of my favorite quiet places near the resort. It’s in the Greenbrier section of the park at the second parking area from the main road. At the end of the parking area, there is a small trail that goes down to a wonderful creek. The creek is full of boulders to play on, trees to hang a hammock and a small gravel beach to just hang out. I’ve been here often and I enjoyed sharing it with my family. We had a rock skipping contest which I lost, chased butterflies, enjoyed the sights and sounds of a bubbling brook and climbed around on the boulders. It was like being kids again. This was probably my favorite part of the vacation. Another highlight was an evening walk Mark and I took around the closed golf course at the resort. The trees are wonderful especially the sycamore and willow trees. They are given space to themselves and allowed to grow without crowding by other trees. So gorgeous! I had a short conversation with a squirrel hanging out in a tree (I like talking to squirrels even though it sounds like they are giving me a scolding in return). We also saw several deer and a huge flock of geese hanging out on the course. It was a nice walk and the course is beautiful. I did have a couple of days with no activity whatsoever. This seems inconceivable, but it is what it is. 6/28 I have 20 more days to bring up my sagging scores.
  14. Thanks, Elastigirl! I've hiked over 1,100 miles total in two long section hikes with just over 1,000 left to go. It's a great place for an adventure. I have some beautiful states left in New England! I will get back there some day.
  15. Huh, I always wondered why I couldn't get back to my toes. I can do knee push-ups all day (well not really), but haven't been able to get back to the toes. Thanks for having the push-up quest, so that I could learn this little fact and I'll switch to step push-ups. When I was in the Army so many moons ago, they "helped" us get better at doing push-ups, by making us do them repeatedly throughout the day. Drop and give me 20! Good luck on your challenge Echocheanic.
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