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  1. Whole30 fail. Twice. I've lost the battle, but not the war. Time to regroup and restrategize.

    1. danica


      I know there's no way I could stick to that for 30 straight days. I aim for 85% clean eating. That's doable.

  2. thinking about starting a Whole30 on Valentine's Day because I love me and I'm worth it. Plenty of time to research what I need before then.

    1. Strickland5


      Hear good things about it. Good luck! I know nomnompaleo is doing a lot of Whole 30 stuff on their stie.

    2. shaar


      I love this idea!!

    3. DELETED


      i'm hoping since i'm already gluten and dairy free, the transition (and grumpiness) will be less. but my real addiction is sugar, so it's going to be tough i think.

  3. Yay! Nazy's back!! Your goals are great. You can do this!
  4. love "ITheBlaze" ! you should totally use it somewhere!
  5. When 2013 was ending, I declared (publicly) that 2014 was my year. Highlights of 2014: hospitalized with pneumoniadead grandmothertonsillectomy (and yes, I’m a little old for that)dead auntthyroid levels that still bounce around and make me insanefinding out that gluten free would probably help that (but is inconvenient)discovering that dairy free helps my breathing (but is also inconvenient)embarrassing myself in front of not one, but two, people I highly admire to the point that I’m terrified to talk to thema weird “something is stressing me out but my brain won’t tell me so hereâ€
  6. here i am. sorry to disappear. my thyroid levels were off again, which caused a resurgance in my depression and i gave up on pretty much everything. i started to feel better in january, only to be hit with pneumonia, that i'm still trying to completely recover from. i'm working on a nutrition plan, sort of half-heartedly mostly because i'm still not feeling well which makes it hard to care completely about anything. it's ultimately an extreme plan, but i think given my personal set of health issues, it's the best plan to feel better naturally and not pharmaceutically. i just have to make mys
  7. i tried stalking you on FB and you didn't come up
  8. Day 6 without caffeine... there aren't enough words to describe how tired my body feels.

    1. Jittersthe.Clown


      Well done. It's a hard road to walk, but you're doing great. Keep it up!

  9. Dropped the gift at the post office today! Thanks!
  10. caffeine withdrawal. headache. know it's for the best. but omg this sucks.

    1. Jittersthe.Clown


      Yes it does. But, like you mentioned, it's for the best. Stay strong and good luck!

    2. theonlyhoss


      Friend of mine is 20 and nearly breaks down if he goes more than a day without coffee. Any tips to help him?

    3. DELETED


      jitters - thanks! theonlyhoss - as far as i know, it's one of those "just have to deal with it" kind of things. :(

  11. running rest day caffeine - accidentally consumed! i had an iced tea to avoid drinking a cola and then thought "doofus, that has caffeine in it." when i make hot tea or chai, i use decaf, so i didn't even think about the iced tea having caffeine. i must be more vigilant! ice cream - easy to avoid as it's not in the house and i wont be buying any. french - did a duolingo review... 3 times... and failed 3 times. looks like i will be redoing some lessons. but trying and failing is better than not trying at all. and i probably only failed because i havent been studying every day like im su
  12. it IS torture, but it's a good torture. our cores are getting so strong!
  13. DECEMBER! IT'S ON! Started week 6 of ZR5K today. Knees were stiff at the beginning and the end, but seemed to be working ok in the middle. Still some of that weird pain, but my ankle seemed ok. Overall, i had a nice time today. I changed up the music on my phone and that helped. I think my knees might be caffeine related... so no caffeine in december. also, no ice cream in december. because... well i've been eating it too much lately so let's just stop that, shall we? ice cream makes me stuffy and tubby. those are not happy things. i'd like to drop around 10lbs this month if i can. i jus
  14. The Pretty Little Dolly by Mona Abboud. i'm kinda twisted like that. and i've yet to figure out how to embed videos. (someone educate me!) so here's a link: http://youtu.be/G0xq2K-ut8U (ps Johnny's face as the song goes on is pretty awesome)
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