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  1. Ding ding ding, we have a winner! I don't make art that I profit off of, lol. Would be cool, though. I know it's doable. I've dropped 40 pounds before, then put it all back on, plus some. I actually started with a main goal to lose 150lbs, but I've lost about 10 pounds since then, so I had to change the goal weight there. I think everything is my issue, lol. I want to eat nummy food and I hate exercising. I have a weird thing where exercise doesn't make me happy like most people. I get grouchy and I don't like to be grouchy, so I don't want to do it, because my brain makes me miserable enough on its own, I don't need to be putting myself through things that make me miserable on purpose. The exercise I want to do costs money I don't have. I don't know if I can get over this "exercise makes me miserable" thing or not, but I need to. I like to walk, though. Makes my feet hurt, but there is nothing that makes me happier than over coming a hill or walking a good distance. Walking back from my old job location made me happy cause I conquered all those hills that were evil. It hurt, but I did it. Having to sit on a stationary bike or lifting weights, it all makes me miserable. Any tips?
  2. Oki, for +1 CHA on the adventurer's mini, here are my two truths and a lie. Any guesses on what's what? 1. I used to be a fashion major until I fell in love with web development all over again and changed my major (I was never any good at that fashion junk anyways). 2. My best friend has the same name as me, though with a different spelling, and we HATE when people tell us it's so cute and that they wish they had a friend with the same name. No you don't, cause you'll get that same bull all the time and it gets old fast. 3. I make most of my money selling my art and only work for the funsies.
  3. Okay, let's do this: 1. I used to be a fashion major until I fell in love with web development all over again and changed my major (I was never any good at that fashion junk anyways). 2. My best friend has the same name as me, though with a different spelling, and we HATE when people tell us it's so cute and that they wish they had a friend with the same name. No you don't, cause you'll get that same bull all the time and it gets old fast. 3. I make most of my money selling my art and only work for the funsies. I'm Jazzy, a jack of all trades and an over achiever. I'm currently in college and will be for a long time, because my dream job requires a super special degree, so it'll take me forever. Ah well. I've fluctuated in weight, going up and down in my time here at the rebellion. Since I've started over on my own, I've lost about 4 pounds. Hoping for more.
  4. Omg you're doing well! And I'm so glad to hear that you get to go back to your pole classes. Keep up the good work and go enjoy those classes! Also, i think you'll do great as a teacher and you'll only getting better with teaching others how to do it. And I think that it's only you who think you look like a harpooned whale. *nods*
  5. Wow, okay, I've been really bad at keeping up. I need to make my spreadsheet and stop being so lazy about it, lol. Sooooo, update: I need to change my walking goal. Why? Because I got the transfer to the full time position I was going for at a new school. And at this school, the bus stop is right across the street. So that means no hilly walk after work. What am I going to do? you ask. Well I just so happen to have a recumbent bike sitting in my living room! Yesterday: I didn't do my walking because I didn't go to work because I had a migraine that left me hardly able to open my eyes and movement made me nauseous. None of that works well when you work with kids. Didn't eat a whole lot yesterday, either. So I guess it's a win. Woo. Now to buckle down into next week!
  6. Ack! I forgot to check in last night. I checked the website, told myself I would post not long after, then plum forgot. Ah well. Yesterday was a good day. I walked about 10 blocks home from school, then walked from work after work. My feet were killing me because my plantir ficiitus (how ever it's spelt lol) decided to act up. But I was happy despite it. I love my new job.
  7. Today was okay. Didn't walk from work cause it was rainy.
  8. Today went well, though school was closed so I didn't get my walking in. Not a big deal, I gave room for this to happen. Honestly, though, I didn't know school was closed until after I made my goals, lol. I'm proud of myself, though, because I really wanted to get junk food from the 99 cent store, but I didn't! Yey me! Over all, today was good and productive.
  9. Good luck on yours as well! Thanks for stopping by!
  10. I think this here has made me happier than anything I've come across. It's really made my day. So thank you and I look forward to hearing from you in the future of this challenge Thank you!
  11. Jazzy started as something hit her on the head. She wished she could say that she had been meditating —she was sitting in the correct position, after all; hands on her knees, legs folded in front of her, back… slouched, chin on chest— buuuuut, she had been asleep. Not even in a very comfortable position, either. Who slept like that? He, apparently. She never knew it would be possible. She shook her head, blonde bangs falling away from her face for a brief moment before falling back into their original place. Searching for the thing that hit her, she found a bottle on the ground in front of her. She reached for it, her stomach getting in the way of reaching the bottle that really wasn’t all that far away. She grunted as she tried again, her claws just barely scratching the shiny surface, making it roll a little farther away. “Oh come on you stupid piece of—.†She rolled backwards a little then forward, onto her knees for a brief moment as she grabbed the offending bottle, then plopped right back on to her bottom, tail just barely moving out of the way. “Aha! I win, you stupid bottle,†she muttered at the bottle, holding it up for inspection. Inside it was no liquid, but a letter. What could it be? Could someone be in trouble and need help? Could it be a long lot love letter? And how had it fallen out of the sky and hit her on the head? Especially considering she was in a room, and this room had a roof. Inspired by curiosity, she pulled at the cork, her nails catching in to and pulling it out. “Come ‘ere, come ‘ere, come ‘ere you.†She shook the bottle opening towards her palm until the letter fell out. It felt… warm? And not in the ‘been sitting in the sun for a while’ kind of warm, but a living warm. She was suddenly regretting her decision to open this bottle. Well, she was here, she might as well go through with it. What could she lose by opening a warm piece of paper? Slowly uncurling it, dread growing in her chest. A light began to shine from it as she continued to uncurl it, causing Jazzy to squint and turn away from it. The light engulfed her as the final crease smoothed out and her world was gone. ************* Once upon a time, Jazzy could move easily, hop around in her fox form, taking Halloween candy from children, or just plain run around in her human form. Once upon a time, Jazzy could do gymnastics to an extent. She’d never been a full gymnast, but she could do things. Now she has hardly any balance to claim as her own. She was lucky to stay up right most of the time. Once upon a time, Jazzy knew who she was and would go out and do things. She enjoyed herself and her clothes and being seen by other people. One upon a time, Jazzy was a camera whore, taking selfies (though she hates that term) of herself and with her friends while they did things. Now hardly any pictures make it out of her, not even in her cosplays. Sometimes she remembers those once-upon-a-time days with a tear in her eye. Those days before she fell into that deep rut and barely moved from the couch. Those days before she lost herself. Sometimes she wonders who she is now and where she went. What happened to loud mouth Jazzy? What happened to confident, in-your-face, shy-but-made-friends Jazzy? Where did she go, and why can’t she be found? The old Jazzy stirs inside the current Jazzy’s chest, screaming to be let out, begging to live again. She wants to live, this new Jazzy doesn’t want to be here anymore. It’s time to find and break out the old Jazzy, bring her back to the light. ************* The orange ear twitched on top of Jazzy’s head, causing her whole face to twitch. Sunlight baked down on her face. She rolled over, wanting to escape the torture of the sky ball. Unfortunately, she was met with a face full of morning dew. Dew? Where did dew come from?! There was no dew in her bed! She jumped to her knees. Or, tried to. More like she groaned and pushed herself up as quickly as she could, staring wide eyed at the grass beneath her. The serene air was broken by a scream, and it took Jazzy a few moments to realize it had been her that screamed. This wasn’t her house. This didn’t even look like her cement forest, the place she called home. Hell, it didn’t even look like the desert she enjoyed visiting from time to time. This was… this was a meadow. She didn’t even know where the nearest meadow was. Did meadows even still exist? She spun, landing on her bum as she stared around, wide eyed. She wasn’t in California anymore. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ Well, looks like I've decided to take another stab at the Nerd Fitness boards. I did three really good challenges, then fell apart, then stopped coming on all together. In the mean time, I've completed the big challenge I took upon myself and went 365 days without soda. It was tough and I've decided that I miss root beer too much to continue not having soda. I have, though, given, up Starbucks as of April 11. So here I am, rebooting myself and doing this again. I plan to rock it this time around! Long Term Quest: Lose 140 pounds Main Quest: Lose 10 pounds 1. Eat like the locals - I don't want to count calories, but my boyfriend is helping me to set up a proper way of eating. So my goal is breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. I have very specific, 100ish calorie snacks that I can have. My boyfriend prepares and serves dinner and we have breakfast and lunch already planned out. Do this every day. 2. Following the purple brick road - My new job is a little ways from my house and I don't have a car, so I take the bus home. But to get to the bus I have to walk 8 blocks, half of them up hill. It's quite the work out, especially in this heat. This will be done 5 days a week, unless the school is closed and I don't have to go to work, or I'm sick. (This goal had to be changed because I got a new position at a new school, so I don't have the walk to the bus stop anymore) Ride the bike for 30 minutes every day. 3. Journal - This one works in one of two ways, depending on time and how I'm feeling. Both options include checking in every day. The first option is just an update about the day, maybe food pictures of dinner (cause I love my boys hoe cooking. Mmmmm). The second option is to actually write about Jazzy on her adventure. I want to try to write as much as I can so I can prep for NaNoWriMo this year, since I haven't don't it in years. Life Quest - Learn pixel art so I can teach my kids at school about pixel art and how to apply it to perler beads and eventually to cross stitch. This one will not have point assigned to it, but I wanna put it in writing so that I can hold myself responsible. Grading - On a spread sheet, each day I complete correctly will obtain a 1. At the end, each goal that is above 90% will be a pass, below that will be a fail. Reward - I will finalize points for each at another point. And a final reward... I know! One of my last challenges, I bought myself a shirt that says 'Good girls go to heaven, Bad girls go to Hell with Dean' but I failed and I've never worn the shirt. This will be my reward! Stats: Beginning weight: 292.1 lbs Current weight: 292.1 lbs Ultimate Goal weight: 150 lbs Minis: +1 CHA |
  12. Wooo!!! *waves around all spastically* I'm so glad to see you back! With you back, you make me wanna come back. So I think I may just do that. Started a new job and all that jazz, so maybe it's time for something new. I say you and me be accountability buddies or something. I believe we tried before, but it was during the time you hurt your foot, so it didn't really work. Also, I am so jealous about the pole dancing! I wanna try pole, but I am so not comfortable enough in my own body yet to do that, yet. But some day! So glad you found it and like it, though
  13. I've been MIA for a while, but I wanted to announce that as of today, I am 300 days without soda! I've also decided to give up Starbucks and am 76 days into that. Yey!
  14. Captain checkin' in on yeh. I'll be followin' yer progress here. Keep up the good work! I'd love to try parkour someday, so I'll be following closely, maybe learn some stuff from you =)
  15. Oh noes! I hope your husband gets better with the least amount of invasive surgery as possible! I'm glad he's okay, though. Take your time spending time with and helping out your husband and taking care of RL stuff. We'll be here when you've got the time to come by. I love your Discworld theme. I love the Discworld. My boyfriend and I have been reading the books together since we got together. I'm obsessed, lol. Keep up the good work! I look forward to more.
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