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  1. Damn! You're killing it with those lifts. I really don't know anything about form or lifting in general, so I may not be the best to say. But I am impressed! Wowza!
  2. Any tips for those of us who are unable to use the apps? There are at least two of us. Or are we just unable to participate?
  3. You can choose to identify with an existing companion. But I'm more interested in getting myself ready for being a companion. And the exercises aren't assignments. Just a bit of themed fun. Obviously, you can take them on as part of your challenge. But I'm not wanting to pile more things on to people who are already dealing with goals. I know I plan on pull-ups being part of a future challenge. But I have basics to work on now. Sounds like you're not much of a Martha fan. I'm really not. I love Donna, though. You are working with similar goals to myself. I'm doing the BBWW 3x a week as a challenge goal. And another challenge goal is to eat only food prepared at home. Not part of my challenge, but I'm trying to check in more, too. You're right. The BBWW is perfect for companion prep. Right after a session I feel like I could take on an entire Sontaran Battle Fleet. Although, shortly after that, I feel like a little baby adipose could kick my bum. Could you explain to me what an "RM" is? It's probably really obvious, but it's lost on me.
  4. I'm so jealous of everyone and their fun with The Walk. It makes me want a new phone.
  5. Great to see you're back at it. Holidays are rotten. And I know how much of a strain work changes can impose on your life. At least you're back at it. Good on you!
  6. Oh, and thank goodness I didn't have a lot of physical tasks at work today. I hurt. Everywhere.
  7. They say money doesn't buy happiness, but it sure would alleviate quite a bit of my stress. Thanks for the encouragement. Tried to update last night. But I couldn't sign on. Don't know if it was the site or my computer. I deleted my cookies and turned the computer off. I was going for a restart, but it was late so I went to bed. Something worked. Here I am. So, Tuesday morning I dove into the BBWW. I was pretty wiped from the warm-up alone, but I more or less made it through one circuit. It took more time than I would've preferred. A bit more resting than is preferable. But I got through. Next time won't be so bad. This morning I went for a half hour walk. It's getting to the point that it's hot even before the sun comes up. I'm pretty sensitive to the heat. Most people thought today was a great day. I was miserable. And it's only April I'll get through it, though. Been doing good about prepping my meals at night so I have them in the morning. So far, a great start to week 2.
  8. Um. I won't have a working phone for 2 weeks. I can use it with wi-fi, but that won't help me on my walks. It won't track me. So I can only estimate my distance and I won't be able to use it with those apps. Plus, it looks like many of those on the list are incompatible with my phone. Does this just count me out from being able to participate?
  9. What a great first week! Please pop in and share your success with your fellow Companions in training. We've had a quiet board and I'm trying to get a bit more momentum going there. I know we can all benefit from the inspiration of each others successes. Hope to see you in there soon. And here's to kicking week 2's butt!
  10. Congrats on a successful first week!
  11. Happy birthday! I hope you had fun. Despite the pizza disappointment. It's probably better. Now you won't be craving it post b-day. I went paleo on my first challenge. I loved it. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be and I got to experiment with cooking. I usually hate to cook. But it was kinda fun trying new things out. Especially when I got the thumbs up from my family on whatever I made. The only reason I'm not doing paleo this challenge is that my biggest concern for the coming year is keeping a tight budget. Paleo can be somewhat on the expensive side. Just wanted to give you a little nudge over to Companions in Training. It's been a pretty quiet group and I'm trying to get a bit more chatting going. So if you can spare some time, I know everyone could benefit from the inspiration of what is working out to be a very spectacular challenge for you. Hope to see you there.
  12. What a wonderful first week. I am so jealous of your hike. I absolutely love hiking. When you're out there with all of nature and taking in all that beauty and fresh air, a workout just feels great. Sure, you're exhausted when you finish. But during is so euphoric. I'll eventually have to make hiking a priority in a future challenge. Sounds like the sleep is getting to be trouble for you. I can understand. Just do what is best for you and hopefully you can get a better schedule going when life better lends itself to it. Congrats on your other goal successes, though. You are killing it!
  13. Thanks for the encouragement everyone! First week has been mostly good. Friday and Saturday I got rained out from walking. I did manage to get it in on Sunday morning. But that didn't meet my goal of 3 times a week. On Friday I did jump rope in my garage for some cardio. Saturday I worked on form for both lunges and wall push-ups. I have decent form for the push-ups, so moved on to the lunges. As with the squats I'm going to hold onto something for balance until I get better. My eating goal was okay. Saturday and Sunday I didn't give myself enough time to prepare a meal and ended up getting something at work. I'll be working on getting something prepared before I go to bed at night. As for my life goal. I got paid on Friday and immediately got my car payment taken care of. I also have my insurance to pay. But I'm waiting on my brother to give me his bit. I'm trying my best not to spend what I have before we can pay it. As I mentioned. It will take me some time to get caught up with everything. As a result, my phone (prepaid) turned off today for lack of payment. I probably won't be able to rectify that until next payday, two weeks As for the start of week two. Today went well. I went on a walk this morning. I got to take an hour since I didn't need to be at work right away. I also got to sleep in for a bit. It was so nice. No food from outside my house today. Tomorrow morning I hope to do at least one circuit of the BBWW. I can't manage too much before my body gives up on me. But I hope I can complete 3 circuits before the six weeks are done. I'll do my best to keep up with the updates. I have been jumping on here regularly. But I usually only have a few minutes. So I'll post on someone else's thread or on my accountablibuddy group. But I'll try and be better with the updates.
  14. You are doing fantastic! I am in awe. So inspiring. I wish I would've checked in with your challenge earlier. But I'm glad I saw it now. I was bopping around making sure I got all the Companions in Training linked and I checked in with everyone. Our group has been pretty quiet, but I'm trying to get thinks moving a bit. I hope you'll stop by and share your successes this past week with us all. We also are trying for a little themed conversation. Hope to see you there soon. Keep up the amazing work, you awesome rebel, you!
  15. Just one of your fellow Companions in Training checking up on you. Want to hear how your first week went. I hope you're doing well. Check in and let us all know. If you're needing any encouragement, just ask. You have a whole forum full of people who want to see you succeed. Also, come check in with our accountabilibuddy group and join in on the conversation. Hope to see an update soon!
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