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  1. I guess that's good and bad news then, I assume the leg has not been an issue recently then?
  2. Yowza that sounds painful and nasty! Any chance this sickness was causing the leg problems?
  3. Monday Update: Food: I ate some chocolates after dinner but the rest of my day was paleo.... Exercise: Legs still hurting from Saturday, felt like every step I was getting punched in the thigh and butt so I figured if I didn't want to throw up I'd skip soccer!
  4. Bad day all round, tomorrow is a new day and next week I only work half the week!!
  5. Wowzers good luck! You seem to have a pretty good handle on your workouts, well documented and organized, as well as your sleeping, but what's your food measurable? Also, why are you doing all this? What are your goals? Improvements are always good but setting up an objective or something like a specific race is good to motivate you! Then once you reach the goal you can set another one further away!! Good luck and keep us updated
  6. Mom convinced me to start an ab challenge with her today (15 situps, 5 crunches, 5 leg lifts & 10 s plank) and we just walked 3.3 km in a Santa Clause parade
  7. P.S. Don't beat yourself up over a bad week, it happens, it's what you did, it's not what you'll do.
  8. I've been there! This might be a good time to re-evaluate your goals, what are you working towards? How long do you want to give yourself to get there? Then maybe look at your training plan, perhaps your approach is too aggressive? Working out should be fun, yes it's important to be healthy but it's not worth killing yourself for! Maybe replace a workout with joining a beer league, my boyfriend plays soccer once a week and sometimes they go for a beer after. He works super hard during the game but he has fun and almost always wants to go, but you gotta make your fitness fun Or get your wife to reward you.... I'm sure she'll think of something that doesn't detract from your goals
  9. Friday update: Food: I ate potatoes and corn at dinner but otherwise all paleo (minus my protein shake) Saturday morning I attempted this but with my 10 and 15 lb kettlebells and I didn't complete it because my legs kept shaking and refusing to work so I may need to make a few more attempts before I succeed but it'll come
  10. Thursday Update: Nothing good came of this day. Bank debt: 20 x bent over rows + 20 x burpees Saw the movie "The Secret," seems a bit hokey but there's something to be said for maintaining a positive outlook. I want to make a vision board not because I think positive energy will magically bring it to me but it gives me goals and might help me keep those goals in my cross hairs
  11. Today I'm going to tack 20 burpees onto my bank debt, work is having a pizza lunch celebration for closure of our final design reviews with the client, and who am I to turn down free food? Then tonight I've been invited to watch a documentary and I'd planned on bringing a bree wheel with apricots and croissants wrapped around the outside. I had expected that to be my one non-paleo thing today but alas, I have failed! Spot of good news, a colleague discovered we are members at the same gym but both under utilizing our memberships, she invited me to work out this weekend and be gym buddies to help motivate each other, yay!
  12. Wednesday Update: Food: I ate the last of the sour cream and onion rings as well as a bowl of popcorn. Paleo otherwise but I owe the bank 20 rows, must get that done tonight! Meditation: The work mate I usually do this with "didn't have time for it" so since I was waiting on her I didn't realize she wasn't going to do it till the end of the day so I didn't end up doing it! I need to just do it at the regular time even if she's not available because it's obviously not a priority for her and it is for me. Fitness: rest day. Life Advancement: Ordered my winter tires, sourced some rims on costco.ca that I need to order. Next I need to call shops in the city to price compare installation. No progress on statement of experience or walking the dog. Overall feeling tired, dog has been waking up at 4:30 a couple days in a row while my alarm doesn't go till 7, I'm knackered.
  13. How does mustard help muscle cramping? Two things: 1. Acetic Acid 2. Sodium Cramping occurs from a deficiency in acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that stimulates the muscles to work. Mustard has acetic acid which helps the body to make more acetylcholine. On the sodium front, one tablespoon of mustard has around 200mg of sodium, an important electrolyte to help with muscle cramping. That’s the same amount found in 8 oz of Gatorade, but without the added sugar and long list of ingredients. It’s also believed that when consumed at night, mustard may help prevent sleep cramps, or charlie horses. I noticed you did not admit to doing less squats off the running track....
  14. Forgot to mention I changed my oil and fuel filter last week so one small victory! Ordering winter tires tonight and steel rims to go on 'em TPMS not worth the cost though for winter tires so instead I will invest in a black sticker to cover the TPMS warning light, lol!
  15. Tuesday Update Food: Had two non-paleo snacks (a hot chocolate after the range and some sour cream and onion rings while I waited for dinner to cook). I was tired from the range so I did 20x10# (lightweight) rows per arm. Fitness: Spent about an hour at the archery range, it started to snow soon as we arrived and didn't stop till this morning I was cold but I shot until my arm was too tired to hold the aim. You know what they say, you get better and stronger by just sending as many arrows into the target as you can. Meditation: Meditated in a conference room for five minutes in the afternoon, thanks Steve for calm.com, it's a life saver! No other progress to report.
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