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  1. Edmontonian here, I haven't been on here for a while (trying to get back into the swing of things), great to see some new faces!
  2. Hello, another Edmontonian here. It has been a while since I have been active on here, but I am looking to get back into the game Is anyone interested in the EdMUDton 5K that is coming up (Sep 26th)? I wouldn't mind meeting up with some fellow Nerd Rebels!
  3. Fitbit One went crazy....

  4. That sounds great, we can definitely set something up for that weekend. Looking forward to it
  5. That is too bad, I just recently signed up with NF, but maybe if your travels take you to Edmonton again we could organize something Kananaskis is gorgeous! It is so peaceful and serene, I am sure you will have an awesome time. If you are going to be around in September that is perfect - I figured it would take a while to gather a decent size group of people for a meetup. Do you know approximately when in September you will be here?
  6. I am calling on fellow Nerd Fitness rebels in Edmonton! I know of at least one other person who is willing to get together, so it would be great if we could arrange a meetup in the next little while - please reply to this post if you are in the area and interested
  7. Yay people who use Fitbit! Please feel free to add me http://www.fitbit.com/user/2668BS
  8. I also have the Fitbit One and I have been using it for a few months now. It really does keep me motivated to stay active and is accurate with respect to the number of steps I take. It also syncs seamlessly with MyFitnessPal
  9. Worst DOMS. Ever.

  10. You are absolutely right Red, Every professor I have ever talked to says their field is the most important or contributes the most etc., with the exception of my supervisor - maybe that is the reason I chose him as a supervisor. Ironically, I also struggled in Organic Chemistry when I took it initially I hated it - I realized I just needed to be in the lab to get a better grasp of the concepts. In fact I did better in the lab sections than the lecture so it is strange that I ended up in theory and not experiment Wow medical school that is quite a challenge! I think I would consider mysel
  11. My username is mgedik17 on MFP - I just signed up a little while ago after I got my Fitbit One, so I could really use pals to motivate/support me on my quest!
  12. I love kettlebell swings and Thrusters I have no love for the burpees...
  13. Dungeons & Dragons would have to be my all time favourite... I also love playing Battlestar Gallactica, Zombicide, Resident Evil, Munchkin and I can't resist a game of Settlers of course
  14. Yay! Someone from my city Anyone else from Edmonton please feel free to PM me, I would love to meet up!
  15. You definitely do have diverse interests when it comes to video games but I will say that the ones you have listed are ones that I have either played or wanted to play. Funny you should mention Bio, as it turns out my Bachelor degree was a double major in Biological Sciences and Chemistry. I have to credit my chosen career path to my professor/current supervisor. I fell in love with Quantum Chemistry when I took his course as an undergraduate. I did a summer internship with him studying biological molecules using quantum chemical calculations and I was hooked! I think the reason I chose to
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