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  1. Oh boy, it's been a while. Let's see if I can catch up. I found out on Wednesday that a friend died. Obviously that had a big impact on the rest of the week. Cancer is the worst. February 26: Goal #1: Lights out by 10:45 PM. Goal #2: Food tracked. Goal #3: 30 minutes writing February 27: Goal #1: Lights out by 10:45 PM. Goal #2: Food tracked. Goal #3: 45 minutes writing February 28: Goal #1: Nope. Spent hours texting mutual friends about our friend's passing and sharing me
  2. WEEK 1 RESULTS (really Week 2 for anyone who started the challenge on time, cough cough) GOAL #1: Lights out by 10:45 PM. Grades: A - 5 days per week B- 4 days per week C - 3 days per week D - 2 days per week F - 0-1 days per week Grade for the Week: A with 5/7 days this week. AND it was a school vacation week, too! There was no reason for me to go to bed early, but I did. The extra sleep definitely helped combat the burnout I was feeling after a busy January/first half of February. GOAL #2: Track food. Grades:
  3. February 24: Goal #1: I let myself stay up for the weekend. Goal #2: Food tracked, with guesses on the (delicious) brunch I ate with family. I eat out maybe 1-2 times per month. Vacation means EAT ALL THE THINGS. Goal #3: Took the night off. February 25: Goal #1: Lights out at 10:45. I did NOT fall asleep until a bit after midnight. The end of February break will bring me back to crushing reality. Goal #2: Food tracked! I also MADE so much food, oh man. Savory breakfast muffins, coconut banana baked oatmeal, tofu zoodle so
  4. February 22: Goal #1: Lights did go out at 10:45, although hoo BOY did I not fall asleep right away. Goal #2: Food tracked! Much easier to track what I ate, since my mouth ached more than expected after the dentist. Goal #3: 30 minutes of writing. February 23: Goal #1: Already met for the week. I might... GASP... stay up until 11:00 and turn the light out at 11:30! Or I might not make it because now I've established my sleep habits better. Goal #2: Food tracked, with some restaurant guesswork. Goal #3: ONE HOUR
  5. February 21: Goal #1: Lights out at 10:45 again. Having to confess to strangers on the Internet keeps me in line. Took me a while to fall asleep because I've fallen into more of an 11 PM-8 AM sleep cycle over vacation, but I will be MUCH less miserable when I go back to work next week. Goal #2: Food tracked, again a little guesswork on my coconut milk bubble tea. SO GOOD. Goal #3: 30 minutes of writing, sadly not more. As I'm sure any freelancer knows, it's hard to structure your day so as not to waste time. "I must urgently scrub the bathroom, and then ta
  6. February 20: Goal #1: Lights out at 10:45, though I didn't fall asleep until 11:32 according to FitBit. Guess my body has finished catching up on sleep and now requires more exercise than wandering around town with a friend. Goal #2: Food tracked, although cafe food was all estimated. Vietnamese iced coffee on an unexpectedly warm February day = 100 percent worth it. Goal #3: Solid 30 minutes of writing, impressive after a day of socializing! Today's intentions: writing, bike ride, clean the bathroom, gym. It's good to be on vacation.
  7. BP was amazing! Probably the Marvel movie that does the best balancing an ensemble cast. Everything, from the characters to the visuals, had so much vibrancy and personality.
  8. Man, I'm starting this challenge on Hard Mode because my district is on break this week, so there's no reason for me to go to bed early. February 18 (technically not part of this week, but I started yesterday anyway): Goal #1: Lights were out by 10:43 PM. I was quite tired thanks to staying out late on Saturday night, so I don't think I lay awake for TOO long. Goal #2: Tracked my food, hooray! Goal #3: Wrote for half an hour. February 19: Goal #1: Lights out by 10:45 success! Goal #2: Tracked my food again. Who
  9. Aw, thank you! Thank you! Always awesome to hear from another teacher. Tragically, my coworkers are wonderful about birthdays/baby showers/etc. and there are ALWAYS homemade treats in the staff room...
  10. Long time no see, my dude! Taako is the perfect choice for self-care. <3
  11. Long time no see, Nerd Fitness! Since my last challenge in 2015, I've started teaching in a wonderful school district, joined a gym, and gotten engaged to one of my favorite people in the world. I cook 95-100% of my meals per week (and no longer have to do dishes, thanks to the fiance). I work out 4-5 times per week at my awesome gym. I also walk from work to the gym, then from the gym to home, which gives me more exercise as well as time to catch up on my latest obsession, a D&D webcast-and-also-podcast known as Critical Role. (I'm watching the second season live, but there was no way I c
  12. <3 I somehow never subbed to this! I'm happy for all these good things, especially the personal day with no guilt. Hard to do, yo.
  13. Finally floating back to NF long enough to subscribe. Feel better, Schuyler sister! <3
  14. Subbing! I should put together a challenge of my own now that I'm 2 weeks into the school year...
  15. ...that scaled "leave school by a reasonable time" goal is so good I'm going to steal it for the next challenge. Yay you!
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