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  1. HAPPY ALMOST NEW YEAR, YA NERDS! I petered off at the end of the last challenge due to holiday stuff and also being real sick for a full week (I am very very bad at being sick and I kept trying to get up and wander around, and once I walked into a wall. Bad Rowan!), but I am happy to report that I did my week 4 workout just before getting sick, ate pretty well for the holidays, and was very very good with my dental hygiene. I just got back to Gotham last night, so everything is poised and ready for a new year, a new challenge, and a new age of not having to blow my nose every four
  2. NYMERIA! HELLO YOU ARE VERY COOL! Also, I'm considering getting an insta pot, so pls share all recipes!
  3. Hallo! Am here, not dead, but sort of dead from travel, holiday, two solid weeks of heavy extroverting and a whole battery of routine doctor checks squeezed in before new years. Week 3 numbers as follows: Workout: yes! three rounds of the Apex Predator workout Flossing: 7/7 Brushing: 7/7 Movement: 5/7 Draw: 3/7 Read the News: 7/7 Delicious Booze Units: 11 This week has been bonkers, but assuming I don’t completely space out tomorrow my week 4 should be nice and tight as well. Did a kickboxing class, got a bunch of fillings done, gave blood, saw Spiderverse, started playing the new Sm
  4. Hey hey, solid habit lifting guy with good food! I hear a lot about the apparent wizardry of having a coffee before a workout, but I’m always afraid that I won’t sleep or that my stomach will hate me. Seems to be working out well for you though, making me rethink my reluctance... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Rurik – you know, you just sort of hit the nail on the head regarding some weird feelings I was having about my 2019 challenge list – I think part of the reason why it’s been so hard to make headway in these five areas of my life is how much attention I’ve given to the fear – fear of initiating a conversation in Spanish and being laughed at, fear of working hard on a comic and it not living up to the vision in my head, fear of walking into the gym and lifting the bar, just the bar, while a jacked up dude stands behind me looking at his watch. Fear is the reason I go so long without going to th
  6. YEEEAHH. Man, I really like that - kind of needed to hear it too. You are an inspiration! Also, yes yes what books are you looking at?
  7. RAXIE! You are dancing so much dance! Dance....magic dance?
  8. WEEK THREE DAY TWO! Let me tell you, it is pretty hard to keep up with the forums when I can’t really check in at work and the rest of my life is crazybananas holiday busy, but I am here and I am STILL IN THE GAME! Sorted all my clothes this week, and put together a winter capsule, folding everything else mari kondo style in rolling bins under my bed – truly, this is my wizard power. I’ve now had a Normal Desk Job for just over two months, and I am living all my wildest fantasies of Wearing My Own Clothes At Work -this life is absolutely living up to the hype. I have be
  9. Week 2 Day 4 Hahaaaah well here I am again with an update, and BOY HOWDY am I tired. I looked at my calendar yesterday and realized that I had had a Big Extrovert Event every night for the last SIX DAYS. Then of course last night I ran around getting all my holiday shopping done and got home at midnight, so tonight. TONIGHT I AM GOING TO SIT IN MY BED AND PLAY ZELDA. Bleeh. Monday night I had one delicious fancy Christmas Beer at DnD night, Tuesday night I had the company holiday party, and I had three glasses of wine over the course of five hours, and tons and tons of oysters
  10. Ok so here's how it goes with the sea monster: I get hit with a ton of arrows while maintaining a nasty Witch Bolt on a giant angry Blood Cult Viking, and I fall down on the dock, my HP at zero. THEN a sea monster rears up and swallows me, and I'm about to really bite it when our Cleric heals me and I come to INSIDE the monster, immobilized. I then whip out my signature Lighting Bolt, a five foot wide wave of electricity that shoots up out of the monster, propelling me out of the smoking carcass and back onto the dock. It was a pretty fun session! Dungeons and Dragons has become a
  12. Hope sleep is doing better - the brain is a finicky thing!
  13. Hooray for no surgery! Now you can focus on ULTRA BUFF FINGER WORKOUTS and BEAUTIFUL TRUCKS! Also, tell me more about these stair laps, sounds pretty brutal!
  14. Holy moly cannoli you are killing it, friend! LOOK AT ALL THOSE THINGS THAT YOU ARE DOING, and going out and havign ADVENTURES outside...one might almost say...if one were so inclined....ranging? Like some kind of...person who ranges.... You have inspired me very much, maybe I will have an outside adventure sometime soon Also. Duct Tape. No judgement. ONLY HONOR.
  15. I'm glad you had a decent day! Those are good to have when they come along. Any word on the kittens?
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