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  1. Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been around much, but I started to feel a little overwhelmed with life too (feeling ya, Buggs!) and stepped away for a bit. Unlike Buggs, however, I didn't really drop in to give ya a heads-up -- that wasn't nice! Thanks to those who checked in on me! I have posted my week's update here. Even though I felt really off this week, the results were good. I'm struggling with recovery from my running days, probably just my body acting its age, but it's keeping me from accomplishing my yoga goal for the challenge. I'm trying to hang in there and keep up with stret
  2. Week 3 Summary -- A Running 3 runs + weekly distance walk completed: A+ Done! I was able to increase my dreadmill time to 28 minutes before I ran in my 5k race on Sunday. I also did 2.2 miles around the soccer field while my daughter was practicing on Thursday. That got me a bonus! This week I get to start more trail running! Yay! Yoga 4x yoga practice/week: B Slipped a little this week to a straight B. Body is just not cooperating with my regular yoga practice, and I'm spending a lot more time doing plain old stretches multiple times a day rather than one longer yoga sess
  3. My Week 2 summary can be found here. Woot! I managed a 28-minute run on the dreadmill today -- mighty proud of that. I didn't know if I was going to make it! My 5k is this Sunday, and I have no designs on running the whole thing, but I am going to jog as far as I can, then walk for a minute and jog some more, etc. Only one minute of jogging for rests. I'd like to see a time somewhere under 40 minutes, but we'll see what I can manage! Hope everyone's Week 3 got off to a great start!
  4. Week 2 Summary -- A Running 3 runs + weekly distance walk completed: A Done! Increased my time on the dreadmill to 25 minutes, and got in another 2-mile walk during soccer practice. The walk would have been longer, but I stopped to chat with some of the other parents about Saturday's game, and before I knew it practice was over. LOL Yoga 4x yoga practice/week: B+ Same grade as last week, did 4 yoga sessions and a lot of stretching for my very sore muscles... I'm starting to think that squeezing one more yoga session into my week may be virtually impossible. I'll try again n
  5. My positive addiction (thank you, Buggs!) had me on the dreadmill for my regular workout this morning in spite of a lingering ache in my right knee and what I suspect are the beginning twinges of shin splints. Gonna hafta get full blown before they'll drag me down. LOL However, I did get thrown for a loop toward the end of my workout, and I thought I'd share... I actually set my C25k running app to skip today's workout and move ahead to Monday's workout. That added 3 minutes to my total running time, but I felt motivated and ready to take it on. I had run for about 19 minutes of the s
  6. I agree with the magnesium. I sleep pretty well about 85% of the time now, and I fall back asleep much more easily now that I have in the past. When I was having the most trouble, I used this: http://www.gnc.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3502519 It was wonderful. Hope that, along with implementing a meditation routine, works for you! You might also try some kind of white noise. There are sleep apps for your phone that play all kinds of sounds, from monk chants to birds to traffic noise. They helped me a lot, too.
  7. Getting ready to go on a trip is always stressful, so I'm glad to hear you're taking time to do relaxing stuff like taking walks with your daughters. Sending the light to you as you prepare for your journey. Safe travels!
  8. Yes! Do that, wideeyed! That would be awesome!! Incidentally, ElbowRocker, I just wanted you to know that my 13-yo son's new favorite saying is "got verbed right in the nounhole." Thanks so much for that... Rock on, Brigadiers!!
  9. I woke up feeling blah this morning, lots of little complaints coming from my body. I decided to take a rest day from the gym. I hated to do it, because it makes me feel like a failure... Got up, got hydrated, got coffee (so, you know, dehydrated ) and got the kidlets to school. The "slacking" was just nagging at me, so I did some stretching and tried to ignore it. It would not be ignored. Soooo...I took my body to the trail and had a go at my first trail run. It felt great. I was able to run over half the time, which really surprised me. The weather was perfect! Blissed out right
  10. I was going to suggest hydration, but Donar beat me to it. Hope you get it nipped soon and get back in top form, Ash!
  11. Agreed, Ash! Nobody around here is using a walker...yet. Oh Donar... *sigh* Are you sure I need to eat all this stuff? I feel like I am *gorging* myself, to the point that I actually get tired of eating. Yesterday I missed my cal/pro/cho. All I hit was the fat. Any suggestions? I just need a little help getting it figured out!
  12. I wanna be golden! I wanna! I REALLY wanna! I'll do my best, Coach! Pickle juice reminded me that my friend's husband once did shots of tequila followed by shots of pickle juice at a party. He was fine for about 10 shots' worth, and spent the rest of the party with his head in a bucket. We now call him BucketHead.
  13. Sooo...yeah. I'm going to check off "vegetable nagging" as complete for the day. The Brigade has your back, Will! We're all rooting for ya!
  14. Thanks for the rec, forks! I'm going to check it out!!
  15. Oohhhhhhh... *gulp* Shandies. I miss shandies. No wheat, no beer. Have one for me, will ya? Ima stick to my gluten-free hard cider up in here.
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