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  1. 1/16: Got @ 8 hours of sleep. Ferments. Broth in soup. Good food day. High in calories, but hungry and making up for not eating the past 3 days. Ate 'food I eat' and not carby junk. Ran 1.5 miles and had an awesome Yoga class. Didn't read. May read some if I have time before lights out.
  2. Article written and applying for the position is FANTASTIC!
  3. 1/15 = flu day. 1/16 Got @ 8 hours of sleep. Still tired from being sick, but feeling much better today! Today I will go to the gym for yoga. I'll probably run a bit, too.
  4. Jan12: 8 hours of sleep, but started too late enjoyed ferments/broth Ate too many carbs, but did get in enough protein. ran only 2.6 miles. Forgot my shoes, and my bare feet needed to be finished on the tread mill. I no want toe blisters. Clicked over to 7% on my reading. Finished my new batch of kombucha before I started vomiting. My cabbages are sitting on the kitchen counter all lonely like. Jan 13/14: I has the flu. All over muscle soreness like full body DOMS, and vomiting, and fever, and chills. GAH. So I get to be in bed/on the couch until I'm better. Broth is ok
  5. Jan 11: Up late retrieving husband from airport and comforting vomity 9yo. (What's up with the stomach bugs? He had another one less than a month ago. GAH!) Got 8 hours sleeping from 2 to 10. Ingested broth/ferments. Ate way too many carbs and way too little protein. Took a short walk. Too short. Tomorrow is 'long' run, koombucha brew and cabbage shred day.
  6. Jan 10: Lights out by 10:00. Best night of sleep in a while. Probably hit the 9 hour mark. Ingested broth and ferments, Did half my workout. Got to 6%
  7. Jan 9: Lights out by 9:45. Not quite 8 hours of sleep. Ferments/broth ingested. Need to start a new batch of kombucha and kraut..... And buy more bones. Due to time limitations (beyond my control) I was only able to run a mile with my yoga. But yoga was great. Fell asleep reading. Still at 5%.
  8. Jan 8: Lights out by 10:00, epsom salt bath and sleepy cherries/glutamine first. Didn't quite get 8 hours, but I tried. Lacked motivation to do workout. Did it pseudo anrgy bird style - did all exercise sets once (even though normally the workout has two different circuits) and then did it three times spaced through the day. Did all the exercise, just not all at once. Ferments/broth down my gullet. Ate the rest of the 25g bar of chocolate I started eating on the 7th. Read some. Still at 5%. DOMS still domy. Part of the lack of motivation to do the standard workout. Looking
  9. Need to cook meat tomorrow. I've eaten way too much tuna over the past week.
  10. Jan 7: More than 9 hours of sleep, but only because I was able to sleep late. Run 1.3 miles/kickboxing. Ingested ferments/broth. Only ate @ 10 grams of 85% chocolate. Read several chapters, still at 5% Lots of DOMs from yesterday's BW workout. No strength training for several weeks = DOMS when you do it again.
  11. Put several drops in a glass of water and drink throughout the day.
  12. I'm a big fan of Bach's Walnut remedy when dealing with change/possible change http://www.directlyfromnature.com/Walnut_20ml_p/bfr-0033.htm
  13. Will say that over the holidays I: 1) only did my Thursday runs/yoga and my Sunday runs. 2) ate all the junky food and gained all the weight. I am o.k. with this because it was a conscious decision to do so. It's two weeks out of my life, and I'm in this for the long haul. A few weeks is not my life. And my body REALLY surprised me by not going into an auto-immune flare. I think all the ferements/probiotics/broth is helping my gut/gut immunity. I have no intention of routinely eating all the carbs, but it was nice to know that my body seems to be in a healthier place than it
  14. 6 Jan: workout done ferments ingested broth enjoyed excessive chocolate. It bugs me when this happens. I don't derive that much more pleasure from more chocolate. It's just something to grab. :doh: Need to a)drink some water/green tea or b)grab something else like a carrot or c)practice one of these http://www.yogajournal.com/poses/468 or these http://www.yogajournal.com/poses/2478 instead. Running late for 3yo's bedtime routine. No school tomorrow (due to excessive cold) so we can sleep in a bit, but I need to get on that soon.
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