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  1. Things have not gone according to plan. My mom is back in the hospital, have not been thinking about crushing anything. Sent from my KFTT using Tapatalk 2
  2. Nice to have you here. Don't be afraid to invade the weight room! Sent from my KFTT using Tapatalk 2
  3. I trained CoC's on Wednesday managed to work some volume on the grippers. Still having trouble getting the #2 closed. I did manage to get a longer time on the holds. Went to the gym on Thursday for some stupid back work. Started with Zerchers from the knees, 365 3 singles. Then I did seated Zerchers with 205 3 sets 3 reps. Both of these were brutal but the best i can do without having real Atlas stones to lift. Nest I did Jump shrugs with the 205. Three sets of 2 were enough. Moved on to regular shrugs and it went a lil somthing like this: 225x30, 315x20, 405x10, 495x5....then dropsets 405, 315, 225 5 reps each drop. Finished with supersets of facepulls and 1 arm rope row with 170, 3 sets 10/8 reps. Finally I did the eliptical for 15 minutes at level 10 HIIT. Stoppedat 7-11 and got some junk food, headed home and watched college football and BBT. I was sore before I went to bed...
  4. Should be decent...It will be Batman and Superman Brave and the Bold. Cranston willb e an awesome Luthor.
  5. That would be nice to see. Would love to see more of the SCL and WSM qualifiers on TV.
  6. Great input... I have been supersetting RDL and Good Mornings the past couple weeks.
  7. Yeah...taking the slack out of a bar is a skill all by itself. This was an impressive deadlift. Shaw is amazing. Can't wait to watch the show on CBS sports in October. Oh yeah here is a real Viking winning the loading race... http://youtu.be/Ik-6VXlKhus
  8. John Brookfield's stuff is amazing to read.
  9. What are some of the Warrior's opinions on Good Mornings?
  10. Deep is the only way to squat. Safer on the knees and better for the leg development.
  11. After one helluva week I am back on track. I need to catch up on my writing and Captains of Crush training. Good to see people making progress!!
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