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  1. Detox complete! Headaches, daytime drowsiness, shaking, flu-like aches everywhere and so much fantasising about coffee I am really glad i did it. I no longer crave coffee and guzzle it by the bucket! Unfortunately though medication changes messed me up! :| I got 5 days to make count Its possible!
  2. well, i had a fun week, but i only just started really working on improvement 2 days ago. I am stopping caffeine consumption. Detox is not much fun!
  3. well.... week one has gone past. I went walking in entirely the other direction from my goals. lol. Ok, Still waiting for unit guides to come out for classes. I went on some emotion-fuelled shopping adventure looking for fitness journals.... um.... yeah. Ive not done much :| Thats ok, i have 3 more weeks to improve.
  4. So yet another challenge slipped away, but its all good. I have 2.5 weeks til uni starts again for me to work on a decent schedule. Still adjusting to a different medication combo giving me major mood swings >_< I GET TO STUDY PHYSIOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY YESSS I still consider myself a baby assassin though i might seem more druidy this challenge. I need some serious self care though, body is a temple and all that! I am going back to basics for a challenging but gentle quest. I feel i over reach sometimes **** Goal 1: Study 7hrs a week. (wis+4) Goal 2: Train for the splits 5+ days a week.(dex+4) Goal 3: Do 3 chin ups consecutively (str+3) Side goal: Mindfulness practice. 60min a week.(con+2, cha+2) **** I'll try to actually update this time.... Easily led astray by "punitive parent" mindset (see, i do listen to my psych!)
  5. I GOT MY FINAL MARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 88%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT AN HD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM THE BESTEST EVER IN THE LAND OF BESTVILLE though i have no idea what my exam score was, it must have been good I'll probably come back next challenge with something more achievable. fix up my life a bit before working on fitness
  6. OH GOODNESS so much for not giving up lol! I went on a holiday to see my grandparents for the last time, put on 4 kg and have done no exercise. I did however organise other things in my life. I have my text books, i completely re-organised and purged my bedroom of junk, and i am now preparing a workout routine for next round. So... looks like i'm not levelling up this time! Exam results come out on the 11th (of july)
  7. soooooooooo cardio is going great. Ive been walking everywhere. Did 14km yesterday. I finally did an arm and ab workout yesterday. I have not done flexibility. Or reading. But 50% aint a fail
  8. so i suck at updating! (thanks for support guys!) Ok, starting with exam, I think i passed, but the more i think the less sure i become. argh. The stress REALLY got to me, I ate half of what i should, and i MAY have self harmed(after 249 days clean)...... sigh. I wish i could take it back, cos its on my hip and i am not allowed to do high impact exercise under doctors orders(stitches), so ive been doing really long walks for cardio. Ive done no flexibility because of above too. And ive done all of one handstand conditioning exercises. However, i am on holidays now, and plan on focusing on self care. I have like 2kg to goal weight, and so i feel quite proud. I should be there by the end of the holidays. (6 weeks) then i'll major focus on fitness. I did succeed at studying, but now i'll have to find something else for my brain because the booklist hasnt come out yet Ok, wish me luck this week! i have high plans, and really want to get myself tuned around.
  9. Ok, this is basically a repeat of my last challenge since i totally messed up! Goal1: Cardio 3x week Goal2: Flexibility must come after cardio Goal3: Handstand conditioning (aim for 2 minute handstand hold) **** Side quest: Do something to exercise my brain(uni over for now so I have to find a new hobby) Okay, if i can just stick to this for 2 weeks that would be my personal record for the last 2 years XD D: Anyway i have an exam to study for now so i should.....
  10. well ive been awful at updating again! Things with the challenge didnt go well, but life itself went okay! I stopped exercising after week one, and 2 days ago got back into walking. Its just been hard to do things. I did make a couple of friends, and i finished all of my uni assignments. So they are positives in the face of "i haven't finished any goal" Sigh. Sorry guys! Im taking a holiday soon, so hopefully after that i can actually get into a routine. I miss exercise, it made me feel good!
  11. seems like you're doing well so far! I'll try to keep up with your thread more
  12. ooookay, so failing at basically every form of exercise this week because i've had full days studying and had no alone time to use the lounge. Everyone gets home with/before me . I finished my assignment which i desperately hope gets me a distinction because I NEED TO PASS OR I'LL BE A MISERABLE MOPEY MAD MESS I did do some dancing yesterday because i couldnt sleep and didnt know what to do... the doing the twist in your underwear kind.
  13. Thought i should probably update this! Doing well on all the exercise stuff, so far not so well on study, but i started again today and did a fair bit of work so i feel good. I think i need to make a food goal next time because Today my lunch was two soy chai lattes -Jumbo sized. Right. Got an assignment to do, to get some points for THE TEEN TITANS (we rock!)
  14. It came up at Tuesday 7:59pm.
  15. This handstand training is killing me. I swear it's getting harder! Then again its been one week so why am i expecting miracles? I need to study more. I spend so much time resenting it, got to remember i am training super intelligence and need to kick butt. Feeling proud of my current one week streak of exercise! Are there any good self-taught gymnasts i should research for youtube tutorials or something? Not sure how to progress alone, and ive only found 12-15yo gymnasts. Not that its important during the conditioning phase. 2 cardios, 2 handstands, 2 flexibility sessions done. Need my hour of study today, but since its bed time in 40 it might not work out! At least i did some yesterday! (am i ahead of you all? I'm in Australia and it always seems challenges appear the NEXT day after they say...)
  16. Thank you for the support! Ok, i'm now officially terrified about that mini challenge!!! an HOUR in one weekend?! that's insane, i'll have you know My flexibility training isn't particularly inventive. Just the usually recommended ones from Pinterest or YouTube for getting splits quickly, and back stretches like upward dog and (is it?) wheel pose. After my cardio, cos i learnt my lesson about stretching without a warm-up. My hamstring has not fully recovered after 6 months....(I tried doing a cartwheel after pulling a muscle attempting the splits) It's almost time for my first workout. :| I can('t) wait.....
  17. Pull-up goal looks formidable. Can't wait to see how it goes! Nothing beats an amazon assassin
  18. looks like you'll have a challenging .... challenge.... I'll come along for the ride
  19. I hope those splits do come! its gotta be the greatest feeling ever to get them... not that i have since i was 10.... You'll do great!
  20. Used to be with the Druids, but since i was no actually doing any Druidy stuff i figure its time to change. I want to be a self taught gymnast. This year I'm working on body weight conditioning and flexibility. So here's my first month trying to meet new demands Mission One, get strong enough to hold a handstand(against a wall) for 2 minutes. Goal 1 Cardio. 3x a week, any sort I want. (sta+4) Usually skipping, sometimes dancing. Walking doesn't count, sadly. Goal 2 Flexibility Training 4x a week. (Dex +3) Eventually want to get my splits. Also need flexible shoulders and back for handstands. Goal 3 Handstand Conditioning 4x a week. (Str+4) Exercise shoulder, abs and butt. Need strong butt for the kick-up. Side Quest Study! 7hrs a week for my University Science unit. (Wis+4) I'm supposed to do 10hrs of work a week, and 3 is class, so im gonna try 1hr a day, should be easy. I am super excited to see my progress this month as a baby assassin. I'm determined to improve until I fit in here. It's hard training alone
  21. well great. I am considering this challenge a write off. sigh. Ive done nothing really, except run a 5km with no walking. I'll possibly rejoin next challenge.
  22. Sorry it took so long to get around to following! Mindfulness is difficult to learn. Try not to get disheartened if it takes a year(or two!) to accomplish! Of course you are you and that makes you amazing so it might not be super hard after all
  23. The week continued to be interesting for my friend. Her car broke down (with us in it) just after midnight the day after her birthday(on the way back from her party). The alternator had basically drained the battery or something like that...Im not really a car person. It was terrifying. We were there like "ok, if it gets any worse we are pulling over" because the radio had carked it, the lights had gone from high beam to what looked like parking lights, even the engine seemed to slow down. It stopped just 5min from her house. Her mum collected us. We went back in the morning and waited nearly 2 hours for roadside assistance. In the end they towed the car and it cost her $250(aud). On the plus side we still got to go to our university for books. I have a student diary now!!!!! and i beat my anxiety on 2 occasions!!!! I actually ASKED FOR ASSISTANCE from shop assistants. I know, amazing, right?! 45 DAYS TIL UNI On to the exercise/lifestyle info! Study is basically ready. My dad got me some equipment so i have a massive monitor, its seriously like a small TV, wireless keyboard and mouse(which are attached to my laptop so i can work off it on a better system). Its pretty cool, but takes up half my desk XD My eating's okay, mostly healthy, but ive been buying sweet food(like a brownie) eating half and throwing it out. Today i had iced coffee, but left the icecream behind. Just WHY? 30 day challenge..... ive been doing the planks. Just the planks. Ive got to kick it into gear for the last few weeks. At least my planks are now 1min 15sec longer than Jan1 Im quite proud of my running progress, but i havent run 3x this week, because my mum is my running buddy and on wednesday she runs with a different person D: Lame excuse, but its what happens. I will become stronger. I will learn to exercise alone! Thats all i guess. Hope my massive fan following are all well. All two of you.
  24. Its been an interesting week. There were(are) major bushfires through the south of western australia. My friend had to evacuate cos the fire was apparently almost upon their region. So i had her over for a few days. It wasnt as nice as i'd like because she was (understandably) really anxious about her house burning down. Thankfully it didnt. In that time i did almost nothing. Except one run. and it wasnt very good because my friends not a great runner yet. i kept (mostly) at her pace. She's not used to hills so it killed her. But she did it all! We were all really impressed. Clean eating was iffy while she was over too, but im back into it now. I was super proud of yesterdays run! It wasnt amazing by any means, but i miscounted and put my all into what i thought was the last interval, only to find out there was another one. Right up a hill. ARGH. I made it though. With an intense feeling of pride. I am SOOOO good! I have improved my plank time by 1minute since new years! I survived a 1:50 plank. Im not sure if my form was amazing though so i'll hold off from telling my family XD
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