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  1. what makes it so scary is that with BabyBear i had a super bad pregnancy, with a Partial Abruption, where the placenta partially comes away from the womb, and that was at 16 weeks. I then was in and out of hospital every other week until i was induced 5 weeks early because i went into Eclampsia, and BB ended up in the NICU for ages. So i'm literally not taking any chances this time Or at least until i have been scanned and everything is confirmed as being all good Hopefully this time with Bambino, this is just a blip and not a promise of what to come Fingers Crossed!
  2. wooooaaaaahhhh in the UK, we literally have only TWO types of Cheerios and that is Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios... end of lol As for an update i weighed myself yesterday and i was 215.5lb.... and i have exercised and i then started bleeding which if you are a pregnant person is some seriously scary shit to happen so i have been put on bed rest.... as for the chest infection i can't say i'm not grateful for the reprieve on the exercise front because i am dragging my knuckles on the floor i am that Exhausted, sick and just lacking in ANY form of energy... then to top it off i stupidly thou
  3. Thats pretty cool... (lol I just realised what I did there, blame the paracetamol) Yeah northern Canada I can imagine is seriously cold. .. After all I watch ice road truckers It got to-10 a few years ago but that's just the lowest is gone in my memory
  4. Arillian, pardon me if this sounds rude... BUT... What the heck is your Job??? Have i missed something because it sounds.... very.... COLD O.o! And yes in those temperatures i can understand why your water bottle would be freezing and you'd need a hot meal!
  5. i'm in awe that you can just get up and run a 10k, i can't run a mile let alone 3.5(ish)!
  6. awwwwwww thank you!..... yeh i dont think i could EVER live on cheerios, it just seems to be the only thing that doesnt make me sick and settles my stomach nicely fingers crossed cause i've got fish for lunch :S
  7. i'm now crying! Damn hormones :S I think i needed someone to tell me that.... i think i'm going to go and chill with Babybear whilst i create life x
  8. Okay, so... sorry that i haven't posted in a while, to say i've been feeling rough as a badgers bum would be a VERY STARK UNDERSTATEMENT! I have a chest infection, a heavy cold and horrible horrible morning sickness... and when i'm not being sick i feel sick so i am getting no sort of relief at all, especially at night when i'm sleeping i'll wake myself up feeling sick, and if i move without eating something then i BE sick!.... Whoever said morning sickness only happened in the morning was a sick sick joker! So yeh i weighed myself this morning and i am 216.75lbs so i have dropped 1 pound s
  9. No he didn't..... fail! lol and yeh i tried to do a sweet and sour sauce and it didn't really work, it had vinegar and pineapple but not in scary quantities... nevermind, i will try it again and tweek it Morning sickness is killing me not going to lie i have cheated, the other day the only thing i could look at without it making me feel sick was cheerios so i thought screw it and had some.... to my surprise i didn't have as big of a reaction as i was expecting *shrugs* I haven't tried that recipe but i'm definitely going to give it a go!! Thank you so much!
  10. yesterday was a good day! Dinner was me making some sort of chinese paleo meal which came out a bit wonky but it was edible at least lol and The Husband seemed to enjoy it. I'm not quite sure whether it settled properly in my stomach, but then nothing seems to settle properly at the moment :/ I did some squats which i enjoy and then i tried to get my treadmill mile done whilst BabyBear was asleep but my brother turned up after someone reversed into the front of his car and needed some help so that scuppered that :/ Oh well i will get on with it and hopefully get my mile done, and if Bab
  11. Congrats on the good dinner and don't sweat the barely fulfilling the requirements... sometimes you need to just blah, as long as you get right back on the wagon asap! You did your stretching and again that is better than nothing, when the choice was stretching or doing NOTHING at all then at least you did something! Well Done!
  12. I definitely second this! You can't blame yourself and be hard on yourself for something you didn't know! That just adding unnecessary stress to yourself and generally not being fair on yourself either And yeh, asking for help isn't nagging, so don't worry
  13. yeah thats why i said to use leeks cut length wise instead because its amazing! I did try the courgette/zucini idea and it didn't work for me but it might work for someone else so definitely give it a go nomy nom
  14. I completely agree with you when you say that this is the time of the year when all plans of goodness and health go to pot, they just seem to crumble and its slightly more than depressing! And congratulations on the step climbing! If theres ever a zombie apocolypse my plan is to get as high as i possible can ( although i did wonder if this would leave me stranded with no escape 0.o) and then using whatever weapon i could find.... KILL THEM ALLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!! Its kill or be killed after all and i have BabyBear and Bambino to look after! The Husband can come along if he wants but only if
  15. THAT is an amazing workout! I bow down in wonder at that, i would love to do something like this but to be honest it scares me silly! Good Luck on your goals too, and the Judo sounds like good fun!
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