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  1. I continue to enjoy the training videos! Keep up the good work!
  2. So some cool updates over here. Yoga - on point. Down dog is getting better but it still depends on the day. Definitely throughout the session it improves but more work needed there. Running - doing great! Did 10 miles this weekend pushing my son in the jogging stroller. Felt tired after but the next day felt fine! I wanted to do a long run since I had been doing a bunch of intervals recently. So it was a nice day and I was feeling good so the initial goal of 6 turned into a bit of a stretch goal! The best part comes with the food/tracking portion of the challenge. I have been talking with our health coach at work since it is a free resource for us and he has been somewhat helpful with some ideas as it relates to the cholesterol. Part of the meetings we do a Tanita scale (body composition scale) and every month we do a new measurement so we can track progress over time. April - 199.6lbs 12.6% body fat May - 193.2 lbs 11.6% body fat June - 192.2 lbs 10.0% body fat I am happy with that trend but also with just seeing that what I am doing is having some effect. With the end goal being cholesterol, it is hard to see that progress. Next month I will be doing some bloodwork to check, but for now I will hope that body composition improvements will equate to cholesterol improvement.
  3. One run and one yoga complete so far this week. Movement in general has been great and I set a new streak for step goal for my Garmin. Just trying to get 10k steps a day but it is keeping me active which is good. Food tracking has been going well. I am curious to see what the cholesterol numbers are doing. Unlike weight, it is hard to know without testing on a regular basis what the changes are doing, if anything. I feel good with what I am doing from a sustainability point. This challenge has flown by and I can't believe it is almost over! On a similar note, that also means my race is getting super close!
  4. I have been doing some of the exercises from this video on a mostly daily basis and have noticed some improvement in hips and low back so take a look and see if any of the exercises might help you out. I like a lot of the GMB stuff, not sure if you have heard of them before.
  5. Holy soreness Batman! I felt that workout before bed yesterday but this morning is a whole other level of soreness. I even did yoga last night to try to help! Week in review: yoga/stretching - check Running - check Food - pretty good. Tracked all days and had more fish this week than normal which is good. Been meaning to eat more salmon but never seem to cook it. But had 2 meals with it this week!
  6. Well attempted the Murph workout due to peer pressure. Made it 8/10 rounds on the exercises but completed both runs. I might have been able to complete last 2 with horrible form, easier version or a bunch of rest but that didn't seem like the spirit of the workout. Plan was to do 10 rounds of 30 squats, 20 push ups and 10 pull ups each round. I guess it serves as a good benchmark for improvement.
  7. Didn't have to do full PT but more just doing stretching and doing more body weight stuff trying to figure out what my body is capable of still. That is funny, the ratio of men to others! I can see it though. There is one guy in our gym who I don't know that I have seen doing legs ever. He might do it on days where I am not there, but he does all arms.
  8. Week going well so far: 2/3 runs done, 2/3 yoga workouts, 4 days of stretching/lacross ball work, tracked every day so far. Long weekend this week for us so should have plenty of time for doing the last run and yoga session. A bunch of guys from work have done a Murph in preparation for the Memorial Day Holiday. I may have to do it just as a practice for the Spartan race coming up and the peer pressure of it all...
  9. Got to love the "fun" life events that interrupt everything. I have jury duty coming up next month. Lagree sounds interesting! Might have to look up some videos on it and try it out. Don't know if you have read "Name of the Wind" but Lagree sounds like a similar exercise to the Ketan in the books.
  10. Glad that you are back in action! I recently injured my back so I feel you on the down dog struggles... Hopefully with some movement it stretches out quickly!
  11. Looks like some new fun things to work on and great that you have someone who is interested in the same things! Hopefully the high of camp carries on for a bit and you get to enjoy all these new things!
  12. So this week has been decent, got in the yoga and stretching. 2/3 runs complete. Tracked food each day and was pretty active so overall good week. Not perfect but we will get there. The good news is the back is feeling a lot better due to being sick. Blessing in disguise I guess!
  13. Yesterday got back on track.. Well at least tracking again. Didn't hit my food goals but at least I logged it all. Got a bunch of steps and drank all the water so that was good. Today will be some stretching since weather is not great for someone who is coughing still. Rain and high of 55 F. Well at least that fits into my goals right?
  14. Tib bar looks interesting. I could see that as an undertrained muscle and might have to give it a try as well. Being a runner, I could see my calf muscles being well build but tib being under trained.
  15. Hitting the protein goal can be hard but you can do it! Have you looked into protein bars at all? My favorite right now are some Kirkland Brownie and Cookie Dough bars. Not too many calories and I find them to be a good breakfast option since I am not an egg person. I know Kirkland might not be an option for everyone but I have found them to be helpful.
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