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  1. The half marathon was yesterday. Weather was supposed to be hot with a side of humid. It was. Despite this, I still had a good race. Last year for this race I ran a 1:55:04. So that was the mark I was trying to beat this year. I started the race back in the pack so as to not go out too hard. I slowly increased the pace to my normal pace and settled in. There were a few different parts that were difficult from either hills or body parts that were feeling a bit weird. My hip is still bugging me a bit today. But I was able to power through and finished. A couple of times during the rac
  2. Woot for the new Blaze! I have that one as well. I will say for the first few days of tracking the heart rate is a little high (or at least it was for me and when my wife got hers). That sounds like a very busy day. Only twice have I managed over 30k steps! Great work!
  3. More fried rice for breakfast. Per the "peer pressure" from my co-worker, I decided to start tracking calories but more specifically macros. He is doing it for a couch to crossfit thing he is doing so it has gotten me wanting to do it again. So far things are looking good for the day. Workout at lunch was 2.5 miles. Relatively easy pace which our watches said was a lot slower than it felt. But easily made it through. Might go for a second run tonight, we will see.
  4. Frogger is another fav. I got distracted with other things. It wasn't because of the program. Love the program layout and ease of planning. It was more making it a priority that was the issue.
  5. The Sparta Spartan sounds epic! Good luck with it! I just did a Super near me and had a blast with it. You got this!!
  6. 7 games of Spikeball and a 2.5 mile run this weekend. I would call that a good weekend. Plus I was helping with some cleaning and lifting heavy things on Saturday so that was fun. Today: Chicken Fried Rice for breakfast Chili with peas and blueberries for lunch. Workout: Push Stuff - More of a strength focus today. Did super sets: 1) Dumbbell Bench with Clapping Push-ups - New PR on the bench! Got 70's up for 1 good rep (2 more with help). That is the first time I have come close on those! 2) Plate presses with dips. 3) Russian push-up with
  7. @Cheetah: Thanks! Been a busy couple of days at work and home so I haven't posted for a bit but have been exercising at least. Wednesday was shoulders, tabata style. Enter Sandbag #12 sandbag "wall balls" 8 rounds 12 reps per round (20-10) #12 sandbag - front raises 6 rounds 12 reps per round (20-10) #12 sandbag - slams 6 rounds 13 reps per round (20-10) Battle rope - 6 rounds 30 reps per arm (20-10) Thursday: Back Day Body weight rows superset with dumbbell straight arm pullovers. Rows superset with lat pull down Plank rows 5 re
  8. Granted they were 2 different races but I must say a lot of progress happened between race 1 (Indiana Sprint) and 2 (Michigan Super)
  9. My gym has a couple that are integrated into various other machines so sometimes it can be hard to get on them. Plus being a taller person, only one of them actually allows me to keep a full hollow body hold while doing pull-ups. Cooking ideas include: chili or chicken soup given the colder weather. I like to bring those for lunch at work and warm them up. Chili I have been substituting celery for chips to dip into the chili and use for a scoop. For the books, is there a specific thing you are looking for when you highlight things? Are they life improvement type
  10. If I had somewhere to play, racquetball would be my cardio of choice! I played with a friend in college but have dropped it since. However I would do it hands down over running any day! Looks like a good set of goals!
  11. Where are you at in the program? I also have Elements but need to get back to it. Lost focus on the movement portions but have been using the stretches and movement portion in other parts of my training. Definitely my favorite exercises from it is the hip circles. But I am finding a lot of the different things useful in the program. Keep it up!
  12. Today lunch workout: Tabata style (Active-Rest) Warm-up: Bodyweight squats: 5 rounds 20-10s Main Sets: Step-ups #20: 4 rounds 40-20s Pistol Squats w/#10 plate: 4 rounds 40-20s Deadlifts #60: 4 rounds 40-20s Glute Bridges: 4 rounds 40-20s Single Leg Cross-Hop: 3 rounds 20 (L) 20 (R) -20 rest Russian Twists #10: 3 rounds 20-10s
  13. Hello again to all my Ranger friends! I started my journey here a while ago but then went over to the assassins for a while. I have decided to come back to the ranger fold for my current goals. I just completed my first Spartan Super this past weekend. I beat my Spartan Sprint time from 2015 by almost an hour! Also 0 obstacles failed this time, so I was super pumped about that! This challenge is mostly going to be focusing on my half marathon coming up. I got 2 weeks to finish my recovery and then run the half. So while that will be mid-challenge, it is still an important
  14. Week 2 Wrap: YAYOG: 6/6 plus finished the last one from last week Mobility: 5/5 Running: 2/3 Snacking: 7/7 Pretty good week overall. The long run on Saturday was a bit painful. Literally. I did the first 3.6 with my wife and then went out for an additional 10 on my own. I got to mile 7 of the 10 and my knee was in pain. I haven't had issues with it before so it was a little disturbing to have some pain. I had to jog/walk the last 3 miles home. I was on the verge of tears a couple times, but made it home. Did some ice and compression on and off the rest o
  15. Week wrap up: YAYOG: 5/6 Mobility: 5/5 Running: 2/3 Snacking: 6/7 While the week doesn't look that bad by the numbers, I feel like it was a train wreck... I think part of it might be the mental "funk" I am in right now but this weekend was rough for motivation. It got to the point last night where my wife wanted to run and I didn't. I am not sure what it is but I need some kind of jump start to get motivated again...
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