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  1. Didn't have to do full PT but more just doing stretching and doing more body weight stuff trying to figure out what my body is capable of still. That is funny, the ratio of men to others! I can see it though. There is one guy in our gym who I don't know that I have seen doing legs ever. He might do it on days where I am not there, but he does all arms.
  2. Week going well so far: 2/3 runs done, 2/3 yoga workouts, 4 days of stretching/lacross ball work, tracked every day so far. Long weekend this week for us so should have plenty of time for doing the last run and yoga session. A bunch of guys from work have done a Murph in preparation for the Memorial Day Holiday. I may have to do it just as a practice for the Spartan race coming up and the peer pressure of it all...
  3. Got to love the "fun" life events that interrupt everything. I have jury duty coming up next month. Lagree sounds interesting! Might have to look up some videos on it and try it out. Don't know if you have read "Name of the Wind" but Lagree sounds like a similar exercise to the Ketan in the books.
  4. Glad that you are back in action! I recently injured my back so I feel you on the down dog struggles... Hopefully with some movement it stretches out quickly!
  5. Looks like some new fun things to work on and great that you have someone who is interested in the same things! Hopefully the high of camp carries on for a bit and you get to enjoy all these new things!
  6. So this week has been decent, got in the yoga and stretching. 2/3 runs complete. Tracked food each day and was pretty active so overall good week. Not perfect but we will get there. The good news is the back is feeling a lot better due to being sick. Blessing in disguise I guess!
  7. Yesterday got back on track.. Well at least tracking again. Didn't hit my food goals but at least I logged it all. Got a bunch of steps and drank all the water so that was good. Today will be some stretching since weather is not great for someone who is coughing still. Rain and high of 55 F. Well at least that fits into my goals right?
  8. Tib bar looks interesting. I could see that as an undertrained muscle and might have to give it a try as well. Being a runner, I could see my calf muscles being well build but tib being under trained.
  9. Hitting the protein goal can be hard but you can do it! Have you looked into protein bars at all? My favorite right now are some Kirkland Brownie and Cookie Dough bars. Not too many calories and I find them to be a good breakfast option since I am not an egg person. I know Kirkland might not be an option for everyone but I have found them to be helpful.
  10. How is the challenge going for you? Haven't seen an update in a couple days. Feeling back to 100% yet? I am still getting over whatever sickness hit me last week so looking for motivation to get back at it.
  11. Now that camp is over, how are things going for you? You have a great time at camp?
  12. Well a week later and still coughing... I did do a 13mile bike this weekend with my son. Felt pretty good doing it other than it was hot out. Today I mowed the lawn and we will be walking to the park soon. Still don't feel "normal" but if I wait for that, we could be here a while. I have 2 months (almost to the day) until the Spartan race so need to start training sooner rather than later.
  13. Well, weekend leading up to challenge was great, lots of time outside with great weather. Got a 4 mile run in and back felt good. Then Monday hit. By the end of the day had a fever and chills. Tuesday and today not feeling great. Had some work meetings I could do from home but overall not feeling well. So rough start to this challenge but we will get there. On a "fun" note, the stress indication on Garmin has once again proven correct at showing when I am sick. Our family had a stomach bug back in January and both my Garmin and my wife's showed elevated stress levels before and during the sickness. During sleep last night my levels were dropping again so hopefully that means I am on the mend.
  14. Sounds like you travel a lot, I am guessing for work, so you got a good plan for traveling. Good luck with this challenge! I know hotel breakfasts aren't the best especially when it is the same over and over. Had a couple multiple week trips for work before and the mental side for me is the hardest part of the trips just trying to stick to the plan.
  15. You make it sound so simple for something called "75 hard"! Look forward to seeing how you do! You are the 2nd person recently to do this challenge so maybe the more people that do it, the more I will be interested in it? We will see.
  16. Hey Fox, sorry to hear your story but glad you are back. We have had 2 kids since I was last on here and watching my wife go through the post partum stuff was not easy for our kids, so I can only imagine the emotions that come with your situation... We have some friends who had a lot of troubles with pregnancies but recently were able to have a kid. So there is hope! It might not be now but that doesn't mean never! I don't want to discount what you are going through but more to offer some encouragement. You seems like you are off to a great start if you have the whole schedule for the challenge done! Welcome back!
  17. So it has been a while since I have posted to one of the challenges here. I joined Prime last fall but have been around the rebellion for a while now (checked my profile and it says I have been around since 2013!). A couple weeks ago was deadlifting and hurt my back. Many chiropractor visits, lots of pain, lots of stretching, and taking it easy for a few weeks have helped. However, I am still not 100%. On top of being out of commission, Spartan (the obstacle course peeps) decided to post the location and date of a race near me, so of course I signed up. I could barely walk upright when I signed up but hey, motivation right?!?! I posted on Discord but will put it here as well. I don't care how long you have been lifting, have someone check your form every once in a while. It could have saved me a lot of pain and hopefully it will save you some too. Goals for this challenge: 1. Back bends - Well more generally stretching/getting back to normal range of motion. Goal is to get 2 yoga sessions and 3 days of foam rolling/Lacrosse ball/tissue work in per week. 2. Back to running - I would like to get back to 3-4 days a week of running. I started testing out running last week since the back was feeling better. I can, but lungs weren't that happy and hips were really tight. 3. Back to 190lbs - I am not an unhealthy weight right now but I would like to lose a little weight. I also have historically high cholesterol so I am tracking food like mad right now to see what sources of junk might be present. My dad has high cholesterol as well so genetics has some to do with it but I am guessing there is a large part that is what I eat as well. So working with a coach through work to help get me on track there. Since I have started on this already and seen some weight loss from cutting out pop mostly (I am guessing) I expect more weight loss to come but that is not necessarily the focus. I look forward to chatting with all the Rebels I have met in the past and meeting some new ones on this journey as well!
  18. The half marathon was yesterday. Weather was supposed to be hot with a side of humid. It was. Despite this, I still had a good race. Last year for this race I ran a 1:55:04. So that was the mark I was trying to beat this year. I started the race back in the pack so as to not go out too hard. I slowly increased the pace to my normal pace and settled in. There were a few different parts that were difficult from either hills or body parts that were feeling a bit weird. My hip is still bugging me a bit today. But I was able to power through and finished. A couple of times during the race I told myself, "slow down, just don't walk. It is more Important to finish running it all than walking." So long story short, finish time was 1:50:05! New PR since those are the only 2 half marathons I have done. I think for next year's race I can do it faster if I do 2 things. Train more variety in training plan. And second, fix my flexibility/posture/joint position.
  19. Woot for the new Blaze! I have that one as well. I will say for the first few days of tracking the heart rate is a little high (or at least it was for me and when my wife got hers). That sounds like a very busy day. Only twice have I managed over 30k steps! Great work!
  20. More fried rice for breakfast. Per the "peer pressure" from my co-worker, I decided to start tracking calories but more specifically macros. He is doing it for a couch to crossfit thing he is doing so it has gotten me wanting to do it again. So far things are looking good for the day. Workout at lunch was 2.5 miles. Relatively easy pace which our watches said was a lot slower than it felt. But easily made it through. Might go for a second run tonight, we will see.
  21. Frogger is another fav. I got distracted with other things. It wasn't because of the program. Love the program layout and ease of planning. It was more making it a priority that was the issue.
  22. The Sparta Spartan sounds epic! Good luck with it! I just did a Super near me and had a blast with it. You got this!!
  23. 7 games of Spikeball and a 2.5 mile run this weekend. I would call that a good weekend. Plus I was helping with some cleaning and lifting heavy things on Saturday so that was fun. Today: Chicken Fried Rice for breakfast Chili with peas and blueberries for lunch. Workout: Push Stuff - More of a strength focus today. Did super sets: 1) Dumbbell Bench with Clapping Push-ups - New PR on the bench! Got 70's up for 1 good rep (2 more with help). That is the first time I have come close on those! 2) Plate presses with dips. 3) Russian push-up with triceps pull downs. Definitely a good workout.
  24. @Cheetah: Thanks! Been a busy couple of days at work and home so I haven't posted for a bit but have been exercising at least. Wednesday was shoulders, tabata style. Enter Sandbag #12 sandbag "wall balls" 8 rounds 12 reps per round (20-10) #12 sandbag - front raises 6 rounds 12 reps per round (20-10) #12 sandbag - slams 6 rounds 13 reps per round (20-10) Battle rope - 6 rounds 30 reps per arm (20-10) Thursday: Back Day Body weight rows superset with dumbbell straight arm pullovers. Rows superset with lat pull down Plank rows 5 reps per arm plank 5 sec repeat without dropping down (4 rounds) x 2 (Something abs that I am blanking on...) Lawn mowing (51 minutes - push mower) Run 4.5 miles 8:02 average pace Today - Rest day!
  25. Granted they were 2 different races but I must say a lot of progress happened between race 1 (Indiana Sprint) and 2 (Michigan Super)
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