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  1. I found this topic and wanted to join in. I am almost 300lbs and joined Karate last October to help me be more active and help with weight loss. I'm not going to say it's easy because it's not but what is at this size. I agree with the people above who said find a dojo that fits with you and go from there. I did a trial membership with the club I'm with and fell in love. They feel like a family, are very supportive, never made me feel bad about myself and I love going. I find it very motivating to keep going. I make 3 classes a week most weeks.
  2. Checking in for the start of week 3: Weight: holding at 166.4 lbs (however I am on a part of my cycle where I retain water and tend go up in water weight, so I won't know until the end of the week if I am down or not) Although, i don't feel bloated this cycle, which could be a benefit to my diet changes. Physical changes are showing in the mirror. Goals to complete Quest1. Do not binge (impulse buy a food item as the store and mindly eat in car) - PASS2. Exercise 3x per week - PASS - (changed goal)3. Continue with current positive diet changes, about 80% Paleo.- PASS
  3. I mostly drink coffee black when I have it, a couple times a week I'll add in the sugar/cream as a treat. I had 2 coffees last week and I was fine. I went a naturopathic Dr. a couple of years a go and one of the things she asked me to do was to cut out coffee for the caffiene because my hormones are out of whack she said it was because my liver wasn't processing them out and that I should detox to give my liver some help. I am just worried that I will go back to having 3-5 coffees a day again. However, I did have 2 coffees last week and both times I was happy with the one and still chose to dr
  4. Good Luck! Get well soon. I've been meeting my most importand goals -- no binge eating and no dairy/grains. 90% I think I've been about 97% this week. I'm pretty happy with that. Food is my mental block and I can't believe how I don't have that without grains or dairy, I'm not sure if it is one or the other or the combination of both. Either way it's working for me.
  5. Weighed myself today and down to 166.4. I have lost 10 lbs not counting calories but eliminating dairy and grains for 3 weeks. I haven't had any coffee either but I am nervous to add it back.
  6. Dreampirate I am sorry to hear about your m-in-law thatis a tough time for sure. Focusing on your health while you are there could be very helpful to get through it. When my dad was sick I got up early and went for runs and it helped me clear my head and gave me more energy to get through the long days. Watching my foods was harder but it was something to distract me.
  7. That's right N8 keep at it and you will get there. Please try to like yourself now and not just your future self. For me that shift in thinking really helped.
  8. Week 2: Check in Weight: 168.2 >> 1.4 lbs. Goals to complete Quest1. Do not binge (impulse buy a food item as the store and mindly eat in car) - PASS2. Exercise 5x per week, 3 strength, 2 cardio - FAIL - Will give it another try this week.3. Continue with current positive diet changes, about 80% Paleo.- PASS I am especially pleased with 1&3, as the only non planned non Paleo foods I had was a handful of cheese popcorn, a tablespoon of bbq sauce on my chicken and a cup of salad with a bit of parm cheese on it with crunchy bits that were definitely not gluten free. Planned non pal
  9. Okay, so I am checking in for Week 2. Wow time flies. Last week was a challenge for me time wise because I had a death in the family and family funeral to attend, worked late 3 nights to make up for the 2 days with the family, and then Saturday through Monday even I was up North as a small cabin on a lake with family for our long weekend we just here in ON Canada. Not sure if you fellow Canadians in other provinces had this civic holiday? With that said, I didn't meet my fitness goals for the week, however I did make my Food/Diet goals which is HUGE for me because it's always the toughest pa
  10. Definitely head into the weekend with a game plan and you will follow it and be happy with yourself. Just make it reasonable because you know that you have the travel/catching up to do. For example plan for the group run, and if the group doesn't still go for a run and a couple other small acheivable goals, you want to set yourself up for success!
  11. Have made great food choices through a difficult time, that is a true success. So far so good.
  12. Good to see that everyone is doing well! I haven't logged in for a bit because I've been with my uncles funeral. It's done now and I am proud to say that during a very busy couple of days I made all good choices with food and I am incredibly proud of myself. Normally in this situation, I would have used it as an excuse to fall off the plan. Plus, my mom's place has only food that I can't eat and I planned and prepared for that and it is normally the key place of failure for me but I didn't fail. Yay. I joined the fb group and i think the twitter list, but I'm not quite sure how the twitter
  13. I like how you're picking one element of Paleo to change to per challenge. What I noticed once I cut out grains from my diet, was that at first it wasn't easy I really wanted some but I stood firm and after a week I no longer craved/needed them I did when I was eating. I still sometimes want something but I don't feel like I need or nor obsess over it until I do eat. It can be there and I can just not eat it.
  14. Wow, lot's of new folks joining. If you put your challenge thread in your signature we can pull it up so we can follow. I'm down with this, it's easy to filter on the hashtag and quick/easy to use.
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