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  1. With that, it is time to say goodbye. Thank you all for the encouragement, the inspiration and the friendship. I hope to see you in the future.
  2. Final numbers. This week: Weight: 196.0 lbs BF%: 7.85% Fat Mass: 15.38 lbs Lean Mass: 180.62 lbs Waist: 32 3/8" ----------------------------------------- Last week: Weight: 197.0 lbs BF%: 8.25% Fat Mass: 16.26 lbs Lean Mass: 180.74 lbs Waist: 32 3/8" ----------------------------------------- Week over week change: Weight: -1.0 lbs BF%: -0.4% Fat Mass: -0.88 lbs Lean Mass: -0.12 lbs Waist: Same ----------------------------------------- I crushed basically all of my goals with the exception of the lean gain. On one hand, my gym performance has been unreal....on the other I am still leaning out....lol Here were my first numbers from the professional grade calipers I purchased: A little over a month ago: Weight: 197.4 lbs BF%: 8.49% Fat Mass: 16.77 lbs Lean Mass: 180.63 lbs Waist: 32 3/4" ----------------------------------- This week: Weight: 196.0 lbs BF%: 7.85% Fat Mass: 15.38 lbs Lean Mass: 180.62 lbs Waist: 32 3/8" ----------------------------------------- Changes over the challenge: Weight: -1.4 lbs BF%: -0.64% Fat Mass: -1.39 lbs Lean Mass: -0.01 lbs Waist: - 3/8" Little off the waist and freaking destroying it in the gym....I will take it.
  3. Amen brother. Those two sentences are the message i am trying to communicate to the world. I am so glad awesome people like you have not only heard it....but are living it....and dominating it!!! So proud of you man.
  4. I see people doing squats in those platform heel crosstrainers all the time.... I am just waiting for them to have their ankle roll due to knee pronation and then see the total car wreck that ensues....
  5. Awesome workout today. BB Row: 265 x 6, 6, 6, 6 (tightened up form and will go up next week) HammerStrength Pulldown: 230 x 8, 8, 7 (2 more reps than last week) BB Shrug: 245 x 8, 8, 7 (same as last week...trap strain still bugging me) HammerStrength Press: 210 x 6, 6, 5, 4 (up 10 pounds from last week) Notes: - Ripped the rows....think I might send this strength cycle out with a bang next week and do 275 - My trap strain is still a little pissed and I could feel it in the pulldowns and shrugs
  6. I have a couple calculators on my blog that you can use. If you are in between 25% and 30%...its not super critical to be all that accurate just yet. Use the standard calculator and a multiplier to find your "maintenance." Nail your nutrition right at that number for 3 weeks and make a decision based upon your data on the next step. My time here is limited....but you know where to find me.
  7. So....this is the end of the challenge!? Like....tomorrow? Man, time flies.
  8. This. Spot on. You are awesome....the occasional speedbump is not a problem for you.
  9. My turn today!! Aaaaahhhh! Yeah! Thank goodness.... Heck yeah man! Love it.
  10. Whew...you have your hands full.... Remember to make some "Ash time" OK? Good for the body and the mind.
  11. Jefro, getting a clear definition of what you want to accomplish is critical . You need to have a vision for what the end game is....and an excellent goal can be the one that slaps you in the face when you aren't necessarily thinking about it. No matter where you end up, I will be there to cheer you on.
  12. Don't sweat a stagnant week here and there....what you are doing is still working. Fat loss is very much a non-linear process....and you need to basically ignore the scale.... A typical waist measurement over the course of 8 weeks might look like: - 0.25 inches down - 0.125 inches down - same -0.125 inches down - same - 0.5 inches down -0.25 inches down - same Hang in there man. You got this.
  13. Not sure about that....it would require a massive overhaul of my home office... Food scale....just make sure it measures in ounces and grams....and uses a standard battery. Don't buy one that would require a trip to radio shack every time the battery died because it usues some idiotic type of battery....get one that uses AA or AAA batteries.
  14. Got some good news at my massage therapy appointment last night... I had her work the area that had been bugging me on the middle of my back. She found it, I have a mild strain in my lower left trapezius, and she worked the knot out of it.... She said there were several grape-sized wads of tightly bound muscle fibers in there.... I am sore as hell today....but feel much more loose....whew. I need to start working at home in a proper chair.....that will help also....lol
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