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  1. Disappointed in myself today. Barely ran half of what I normally did and I had a side stitch that was literally unbearable. I have a really high pain tolerance but there is something about an internal pain that hurts so much more than usual. I didn't feel fullfilled at all like I normally after running. I know I reached my limit but at the same time didn't feel like I pushed myself hard enough. It's a crappy feeling.
  2. Started out badly but ended well. Started stronger yesterday and hoping to keep it that way through the rest of the week.
  3. 5 miles is my goal. And thanks I am posting about it now! Sorry for the delay >.<
  4. Hey everyone, Apologies for the delay - life has been crazy! In the best way. I will write an update in my challenge thread soon and copy it here but until then... I went clothes shopping and realized I've officially gone down 2 pant sizes in the last 3 months. I get my jeans from American Eagle and started wearing their slim fit 33 pants - compared to my previous 36 waists (and at one point on the verge of having to get 38). I've had a few people tell me they noticed, as well. Also my high blood pressure is gone. Got it checked today and it was 128/74. So thats exciting!
  5. Hey everyone! I finally made it back from Vancouver! I even lost 1 pound while there. I am assuming from all the walk, but I did eat healthy as well. Which was my goal. I wrote a quick summary in my thead. Anyway, glad to be back!
  6. Subscribing. Also - I took ground transport so no problems post-flying for me. I actually did way better than I thought I would.
  7. Great update for everyone! Vancouver went amazing! I had a wonderful time. I didn't eat completely healthy but it was a huge improvement to what I normally do. I checked the scale and I'm at 212.5 - that means I lost about a pound over those 5 days! I think it was from all the walking. So while I didn't run, I can officially consider Side Quest #1 a success. I got up today and ran. It was hard but I pushed through and actually ended up going further than usual. 3.75 miles! So looks like Im still on track for my goal of 5. Very exciting!
  8. In Vancouver and so far have ate health! Cheers!
  9. Heading out of town for the first since the challenge. I'll be walking a ton so my main goal is to focus on eating healthy. I'm carrying a bag of nuts and beef jerky with me. Time to go on my first side quest!
  10. Risky reporting in - about to get in my ride to Vancouver until Monday. I will be walking all day everyday but still want to get something in running wise. I brought my running shoes but if I can't may do some of the travel workout I saw on the site. Anyone have any traveling work out tips?
  11. I used to work in Midtown too! Definitely take photos of the Flatiron, Washington Sq Park and that cool white building beside it, Public Library if you go that far east, FIT if you go west...
  12. For headaches I can only suggest water. Are you sure you're getting enough water and are hydrated? I have to drink a TON of water or I get headaches. I seem to be very sensitive to dehydration.
  13. Hey Mort! Glad to see running is going well. And ashknife I tried running quite a few times and hated it, but this time it just seems...different. This time however I'm about 25 pounds lighter and no longer considered "overweight" so maybe thats it but I just love running now. I feel amazing after I get passed the first couple of miles and I'm riding on a high the rest of the day.
  14. http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/forum/13-daily-battle-logs/ Under Rebellion HQ.
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