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  1. Sure. Hassle me all you want.
  2. Woohoo! Yay for multiple pullups! I need to get back to that.
  3. Too bad about the delay. On the other hand, extra free time is nice.
  4. Hiya! I'm not on much, due to school business, but welcome to the group. I hope to be back for the next challenge.
  5. I feel the Monopoly hatred. Amazingly bad game, given its popularity. Dominion's okay, though I prefer Pandemic. Good luck with the challenge!
  6. We will never be tired of talking with you. Make the best decision for you, then deal with things as they happen. We'll back you up.
  7. I did that a lot this week, too. Not quite so late, but every night was 'but I wanna do this... oh crap, now it's midnight, I need to sleep.'
  8. Good luck with Trista!
  9. Death of Rats was indeed appreciated. Pratchett is an awesome writer. The movies are generally pretty great, too.
  10. Those clothes look great! Ebay does have some great finds, though it can take a lot of searching to find the right ones. Trista looks like she's wondering what you're doing instead of petting her. Really glad the new workouts are working for you.
  11. Well, thankfully it IS summer now. Sorta.
  12. That's a very serious look on her face. Does that mean you'll be chasing paper balls around and running up and down the stairs?
  13. So glad Trista is okay. Well, other than the upcoming tooth cleaning. I think you underestimate the stress you're under. You deal with a lot of crap. That sort of thing is going to grind anyone down. I hope the course helps you deal with it all. <hugs>
  14. Glad the shoulder is mending. Those folks are great.
  15. Yay! Very glad to hear this.
  16. Hopefully it heals up fast this time. <hug>
  17. Hm, I think it would reduce the sound if we got you a giant hamster wheel. Then you could run and run all day.
  18. Not sure if I'll do a battle log. I'm mostly just on here to give mild encouragement to others. I'll stick around for that. If anything big changes on my end, maybe I'll post something.
  19. Starting to get back to exercising again. I'd heard the old challenge had ended, but I ddn't know the new challenge had started up. Not sure I'll do a thread, as my posts are either 'Exercised exactly the same as last time' or 'Didn't do as much, will get back to normal soon.' I don't have much to report other than 'Doing the same thing again,' at best. If I can still monitor other threads, I'll keep checking in and occasionally commenting, though. If that's not allowed, I understand. I thank you all for the kind words you've had over the past half-year or so that I was posting.
  20. Final wrap-up report, as I hear it's the end of the challenge. No exercising this past week, due to time constraints due to schoolwork, work, and an unexpected 3 hours staff meeting. This challenge was pretty much a failure for me. Hopefully the next one will be better. Schooling should work out better, and as the snow goes away, exercising will become a bit easier. I can do the long walks to Costco for groceries again. All in all I'm generally feeling okay, just not any lighter or stronger. Hope you all are well.
  21. I think you did really well, this challenge. Getting better at scheduling sleeping is a huge benefit over what came before.
  22. Nice! I'm glad it's something simple. Also, the kitty pic is adorable.
  23. Sounds like things are going okay.
  24. Exercised last night. I only did 3 sets instead of 5. Too much stuff to do. I think that's how the next 2 weeks are going to go. I've got exms coming up and a major project due. I figure 3 sets per night is better than skipping some of the nights. I'm back to doing push-ups again now that my knuckle has healed. Things seem to be going okay.
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