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  1. It looks pretty good. Maybe try slowing your descent?
  2. Hello, I don't know if you're still looking for weightlifting shoes or not but what are usually recommended are Nike Romaleos or Adidas adiPowers. They are tough to find in store but Brandon Campbell has a pretty good comparison video of them here. Adidas run narrower than the Nike's. If you don't have the cash to purchase either I have heard good things about Adidas Powerlifts Good luck
  3. Good call! GR1 is a great piece of gear!
  4. I don't know how much you rely on your glasses but I'd suggest leaving them off for a mud run such as Tough Mudder. I went with a few friends and I didn't wear my glasses luckily I don't have to rely too heavily on them. But I can see them easily getting lost or muddy to the point where you can't see through them or really clean them...
  5. For the cadence cycling computer I had the Cateye Strada Dual Wireless and it worked like a champ. Alas I sold my "nice" road bike yesterday...a Felt F65. I now ride a 1981 Miyata 710...she is not as pretty or as quick as the Felt but still puts a smile on my face when I ride.
  6. I'd suggest at least something reflective. I bought this for when I am out in the am. I have a friend who runs much more frequently and has small white led light she clips to a baseball cap
  7. I got a GR1 about a year and a half ago and I really like it. I travel with it, fits well under the seats on the airplanes, and when I get to the hotel I fill it with my water bladder, and some heavy stuff and I go out and ruck! I tried to attach a picture of it in the wild but it's too big! It's a great pack and if you have the money it is well worth it. Plus the customer service and the warranty are great.
  8. Due to the wheel base of the recumbent bikes (usually much longer) the hitch mount racks are more expensive. This gets good reviews on amazon.
  9. This is last my 90% 1RM snatch last Sunday, it's 135 lbs/61.2kg... I'm always looking at my third pull... I feel like I don't get my elbows high and outside... https://youtu.be/gifCOJiii64 Help is always appreciated!
  10. I think you picked out one of the problems yourself! I would try and get your knees back instead of moving the bar around your knees; by moving your knees back/out this should load up your hamstrings to fire when you hit the power position. I'm sure jdanger and paparafc will have more concise answers!
  11. Yay for the Route! Now get out there and ride!
  12. Hey! I just remembered coming across a video by Brandon Campbell about knee sleeves...I know not what you're asking but he did mention being able to use the SBD knee sleeves as both a knee sleeve and a "shin guard", maybe could pull double duty for you as well! They are 30 bucks more then the RockGuards but you'd get more out of them...
  13. Haha, I use evernote for personal stuff and OneNote at work! Keeps life organized; yet personal and work are separate!
  14. Take a video and throw it up in the form check forum. jdanger and papa raf c will help you out with your olympic lifting form.
  15. I know some of the women at my gym wear long socks(for deadlifts, box jumps and rope climbs)...your least expensive option is probably soccer socks, although I've seen these and these at the gym... I am confused how you hit your shin doing a clean...deadlift I understand...
  16. 4x10 front squat 145 lbs Every minute on the minute for 30 minutes 1st minute 3 deadlifts 185 lbs 2nd minute 12 wall balls 20 lbs 3rd minute 5 toes to bar I thought the wall balls were going to be the worst turns out toes to bar suck...
  17. The more you put in Evernote the more valuable it is! I use it for recipes too, just grab the web clipper extension for chrome!
  18. It's really personal preference. A lot of people over in powerlifting/weightlifting like good ole paper(notebook) and pencil. I actually really like Evernote. I can add the strength work out: sets, reps, weight and notes if I'm feeling zesty. Then I add the WOD as written (I don't use any abbreviations so that it's easier to search). I like Evernote because I can access it on my phone or my computer, it also syncs across all platforms. The biggest reason I like it is because I can easily search. I usually have a new note for each month, and each month in a stack for the year. I also like to keep a page of all my PRs, lifts and benchmark WODS that I update monthly when I make a new note. Hope this helps.
  19. Hey! Hate to dig up an old thread but I'll be coming into the LA area for three weeks for work. I'll in the Inland Empire area (Ontario, Rancho Cucamongo) area would love to meet up with some fellow nerds!
  20. How is no one looking at his pants?! Side note and actual question...am I allowed to play? I'm still short of 50 posts...
  21. Hi stelia! I have not personally used but have heard the StrongLifts 5x5 app works very well with the caveat you are doing SL 5x5...and I checked it has a graph portion! Outside of that for charting purposes I'd suggest a google spreadsheet in google doc.
  22. This has served me well for three plus years and gets used on a fairly regular basis.
  23. Sorry kind of late to the party again, the only reason I suggested the Alysa vs Route is because you loose a lot of power and (in my opinion) don't gain that much comfort from the front shock of the Route. The geometry of the frames and the aluminum they use now give a very smooth ride! But again, buy what you're going to use, then use the heck out of it! Just know that when you get bitten by the bicycle bug it bites hard! I have had at the most four at once (they were all different) now I'm down to two!
  24. NeverThatBored if they have Raleigh bikes check to see if they have the Alysa 1 or 2 (or 8 which has an internal hub as Sloth suggested). Unless you're in an urban area with a high bike theft rate a simple bike lock should keep most bicycles safe.
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