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  1. I AM 1 POUND AWAY FROM MY YOGA MAT! I have been watching my calories pretty well, though having the boyfriend back in town makes it slightly more difficult. We have lots of fun stuff going on. Saturday we went on the party barge and I had a cheat "meal" that consisted of 2 hot dogs, 3 small bags of chips, and about 5 beers. That counts as a meal, right? I have been pretty good at doing my 30 day core challenge, and have been either climbing, doing cardio, yoga, or at home weight lifting stuff on fitnessblender. So far everything is going great. No alcohol during the
  2. So great news! The boyfriend gets back from three weeks away today and also I am SO close to getting my yoga mat and I can't wait! Hopefully at my mid-week weigh in next week after all the damage from this weekend. I weighed in this morning at 127.8, so I just need to drop that .9 and that beautiful purple yoga mat is all mine. It couldn't come quickly enough because I used my old mat for yoga on Sunday at a bar. I just can't get over putting my face down onto a surface that has been on a bar floor. Workouts: Sunday - yoga Monday - nada (aside from my 30 day core stuff a
  3. Hi guys, It has been a few days since my last check in. So far the challenge has been going really great. I feel a bit thinner and have gotten two comments from friends that I am looking more "toned". I decided that what I really want to focus on is flexibility and core strength. I think these will be both help immensely with yoga and climbing. I started doing a 28 day core/ab challenge last week and so far so good. I've also been doing some sort of yoga every day for at least 10-20 minutes, if not a whole hour at class. I'm feeling a bit more confident in my poses and keeping up w
  4. Overall it was a good day. We have a little lull at work, which is nice. I got back into yoga and after about 6+ months, I finally feel like I am really doing well at keeping up and I am improving in my balance and flexibility. I think this a huge bonus because I have never been a gymnast or dancer. I would never consider myself to be strong or flexible, but I am getting there and it makes me so excited! I also don't even miss any of the alcohol during the week. Tomorrow we are doing happy hour at a bakery, so I will have to practice some really good self control.
  5. So this weekend was pretty awful health wise. I don't know why but seriously the second I get back into the midwest I am just loaded with cookies and ice cream and poor self control. I was doing so so well before and feeling really high energy and mentally clear. I suppose the good thing is that I only had three alcoholic beverages during the weekend, so at least that is a plus. We went on a couple walks for exercise, but I think that doesn't really count. The hardest thing was that we had to put my childhood pup down on Sunday. We think he may have fractured a vertebr
  6. I definitely had a replica dress made just for the occasion! I have been using myfitnesspal and sync it up with my fit bit. So far it is worked okay. Obtaining an object is a lot better reward than food. I do best when I am working on challenges or with individual competition. Every time I do yoga, my mat gets thinner and thinner so I am really excited to use it!
  7. Congrats on your tickets. It is always great to know you are actually going to go on your flipping awesome trip. I dream of going to Australia (met lots of people while backpacking in Europe and Asia). I hear Melbourne is the place to be.
  8. E_Mo

    maegs vs maegs

    Actually now it is cuter
  9. E_Mo

    maegs vs maegs

    I'm willing to bet that you have the cutest bottom half of a page 2 in all of the forums.
  10. You feel so accomplished with workouts in the morning. And then it's extra awesome when you feel like you can do a small workout at night. Best thing ever. Someday I will take my own advice!
  11. My beautiful purple yoga mat came in today! it is going to sit right in the front entry way so I see it when I leave my house and when I come back. I had a meeting after work that should have lasted 1 hour, but it lasted almost two so I missed my boot camp this evening. I did a FitnessBlender leg workout to make up for it. Hopefully I will get to a yoga class tomorrow. It has been a week and I can feel it in my neck. In other news, I watched the entirety of Stranger Things on Netflix in the last two days. Those are the things that happen when I'm left to my own devices for a few w
  12. Good day 1. My calories were about 1350 net. Ate a little much yesterday. I usually try to steer clear of the elliptical and only getting cardio that way, however I had a lot of energy yesterday and powered through 30 minutes. Today I will go climbing and I think I am going to get some MyFitFoods for the week while my boyfriend is out of town. It's so nice to have already prepared meals when you come home. I leave for Michigan on Saturday and the fam cooks with a lot of Midwestern values (ie lots of butter). I am giving myself 6 weeks for the 4 lbs because I know that
  13. So let's be real. Last challenge was a failure for me. I worked out a good amount, but went out to eat a lot, ate a lot of ice cream, and reallllly took advantage of my summer of fun things. Vacations, floating rivers, 4th of July, celebrating birthdays, boat outings, and all the other fun stuff Austin has to offer in the summer. Now who could float down this river without a drink or two or three?? So I have a new tactic this challenge! I heard about this thing called diet bet. It is where you put your money into a pot with a bunch of other people and pledge to lose
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