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  1. At times yes, but I also imagine a lot of lazy time because of the heat! Poor cat.
  2. Fuuuuuuuck I think I might be sick. Woke up tired but no I have a sore throat and headache to go with it. Nooooooooo this is the worst timing, I better be fine by tomorrow!
  3. Nah I stand by my statement, nobody’s impressed by a casual climbing level. Solid yes, impressive no. Most excellent shins then. Wiggling sounds lovely. Totally cheating. Grades are so so very gym dependent they don’t make any sense.
  4. Umm sure let’s say that and ignore all the classes I’m booked in for including the next day. Real deload will happen from the 31st when I fly out. That’s what you have mighty shins for. My teacher and show groups will hate me forever for ruining their show and I’ll be out of sync and stab someone in the eye with a heel. Besides that absolutely nothing at all. It is on my phone but not my iPad so it might be that I still see an old cached version.
  5. @Tanktimus the Encourager can you get someone to remove the stray } sign? I can’t unsee it and aaaah.
  6. Waiting until January is bonkers. I’m sure there’s some outside org you can contact for help. At the very least you should get reduced rent.
  7. I think it’s the opposite, I think it’s scientists that gamed the system who made the study.
  8. I just noticed the show is in 11 days and now I’m mildly panicking. What even happened to time??
  9. Fair enough. Though I really need to stop wrecking myself like this. A few more weeks until a deload! They’re more gimmicky than difficult, but they are very fun! Much more fun than on aerial hoop because doing the same thing on a metal hoop with bare feet suuuucks.
  10. I do love a dark, squishy pencil! No 6B is thoroughly non-impressive. For a bit of perspective, if someone new comes in to our gyms they’d start at 4s and 5s. 4s are ladders, 5s can sometimes be quite tricky but not very physically demanding. Most people would progress fairly quickly to 6As by climbing once per week. We don’t include ex-gymnasts or 18 year old dudes because we all know that’s cheating right @Waanie? To climb 6Bs you have to put in some effort and climb fairly regularly for a while, as well as build up a decent base level of strength and technique. This is a probably the median gym grade? 6Cs and up require quite a bit of very specific climbing strength and typically you’d have to climb multiple times a week to reach this level. This is more of an advanced intermediate grade. Then the grades jump to 7s* and if you can climb at 7B at the gym people will stare at you in awe as you’re a beast. This is for a regular gym, in the elite climbing world these are warmups and the grades go up to 9A which is incomprehensibly obscenely difficult. * No the grading system doesn’t make any sense, and it’s the only instance I can think of where imperial units are way more logical. These days grades are not that interesting to me, but being able to flash 6Bs in a variety of styles means I’m maintaining strength very well considering I’m climbing on average only every 4 weeks or so. Flashing means climbing something first go, so in theory I should be able to climb even harder climbs if I spent more time on them. Bat hang!
  11. Nope not dramatic at all, this sounds dreadful! Know that feeling! Could be a lot lot worse though. 4 days a week sounds excellent!
  12. I never have anything to report here, its always the same thing. Climbing plus hang out on Saturday, pole training followed by more pole training on Sunday. Today was open training which I spent remembering choreo A and polishing moves in choreo B, then I stayed for tech class because why not? (The why not is everything hurts and I’m dying but we’re ignoring that.) Climbing surprised me, despite garbage tech I managed to flash a few 6B/6B+s, on overhangs. Neat. Also yay for bat hangs!
  13. It’s only stuff. Not really, everyone makes life choices.Also I’m not convinced, parents seem to develop a tolerance for noise. But it’s just a phase…
  14. That’s amazing. It’s also seeing the structure of your planning. Are you programming the same way for yourself as your clients?
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