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  1. Thank you I saw your previous post this morning and already felt threatened. 😄 Here is my crazy fluorescent backlit nudi (though I admit I gave up on fixing the edges it takes bloody forever).
  2. @Harriet btw I’m still working on my offering, but it’s on the way! Figuring out the colours took forever as I refused to resort to the colour picker. Feel free to threaten me if I don’t get it done tomorrow. 😄
  3. Your new hair is super adorable, I love the styling! 😍 Very curious how the gentle probing will work out, as I was just spitballing out of my ass. 😄 I’m also trying to apply it to myself, as well as if it were my grandma what would I tell her/make her do)
  4. Finally made it! Do you need some buttkicking, I mean help? 😄
  5. Oh no so sorry about your dad! That’s an awful set of injuries. What happens when he doesn’t get his medication?
  6. Ooh love hearing about the meditation vs somatic work stuff! The latter is super relevant to the course I’m taking. What resources are you using? What kinds of movements do you feel resistant to, or is it more the language used? One thing we touched on in the course is how the focusing on the breath is actually contraindicated to certain people. I definitely can sometimes feel stressed out if I focus on the breath and notice that it’s too fast or too uncomfortable or I can’t breathe normally anymore (“don’t think about the pink elephant” sort of thing). For some it can trigger really big unpleasant reactions though, which is not exactly ideal for something supposed to make you feel better… Not to say breath is not useful, but the way my teacher prefers to incorporate it is in a non-direct way. For example instead of talking about exhaling she might talk about melting into the floor or asking us to discover what makes us exhale deeper (as opposed to tell us exhale deeply for a count of 5 and do it right now)
  7. You are quite right. I’m very behind on my offerings and don’t want to incur the wrath of the slug goddesses.
  8. Yay! Fingers crossed it doesn’t make the crash worse! + I just wanted to make it really clear that what I was talking about was about pushing through in tiny, experimental doses rather than using brainpower to figure out whether it’s worth pushing through or not. Actually pushing through is a pretty garbage term overall which often leads to poor decision making. Maybe gentle probing is more appropriate.
  9. Oh interesting I didn’t know that CFS could present itself this way! I thought it always came with a certain amount of physical fatigue. I’ve had that feeling many times, it’s not very pleasant.
  10. Walking might well be more tiring! In the gym you can auto regulate or just like sit on the equipment. 😄And walks are boring, I use them as podcast time as it’s the only time I can focus on audio. But if walks make you feel crappy is there anything that feels ok right now? What about something just neutral? Is the gym far away? That sucks. But is it possible to make room in the budget for the gym? Exercise/movement is good for so many things it seems to me like it shouldn’t do harm if well regulated. And being entirely sedentary surely makes everything worse. This indicates that you do in fact know! Palpitations and gym sounds like a terrible idea. But if you feel like you bounced back it’s probably worth a try? Of course there’s always risk involved but if you take it super easy and monitor you can at least minimize it. Mood is not a great indicator though for the reasons you mentioned. Yes! Really well put and it makes me think of something we talked about in the floorwork course I’m taking! In movement we’re often conditioned to move through our end ranges and looking for difficulty and discomfort. This was in the context of dance/mobility but I think it applies to strength and endurance as well. But the middle ranges are super valuable as that’s where we have more control and ease and can really get to know ourselves better.
  11. Happy anniversary!!! The meal sounds delicious. 🙂 Not gym bros, military! But going too hard too fast is universally true for any movement. Doesn’t matter if the form is “perfect”. I think bigger problems with sit ups is that they can’t easily be overloaded (at least not without increasing the injury risk) so quickly become obsolete from a strength perspective. And maybe they don’t give the most for the buck, but that really depends on your goals and what is enjoyable. And as EG said there’s no point in letting optimal be the enemy of good enough and running your own experiments. 🙂 Adorable!
  12. Super late but I love the theme, I mean dragons. 🙂 Love the flower painting! After a year mostly in SE Asia I concluded that dragonfruit is the most disappointing fruit of them all. It’s so gorgeous, but so bland. The red ones are better than the white ones, but only marginally. They do make a wonderfully coloured smoothie base though. ☺️Huge fan of mangosteens too but they’re very seasonal and very expensive.
  13. Ooh this sounds delicious and super interesting! You mean the chair that your cat let you borrow? 😉
  14. Or maybe we love overcomplicating things, and attempt to use our brains instead of our bodies to figure this out? 🙃We can change state with really quite small means like breath (e.g. hyperventilating to up regulate our nervous system), movement (not even working out but like a good whole body shake or stretch like a dog or a few twirls or twerks), changing scenery (even if it’s simply a different room) or, like, a sandwich. “Making ourselves move” also doesn’t need to mean forcing ourselves to do a full workout or being instantly super productive. It’s more about breaking the cycle. And if we’re still tired it’s becomes clear we need to rest. I’m also going to go out on a limb here and suggest that a lot of the time we already know the answer, we might not just like it (whether it’s resting or moving) 🙂After all transitions are hard, and there could be a bunch of psychological things in the way, like don’t wannas or hypothetically in Harriet’s case a fear of future crashes?
  15. I haz challenge? Oops. I have to admit I got stuck. I got stuck in watching random YT videos and playing games and procrastinating homework. I’m wasting so much time and life and it doesn’t feel good. It needs to stop. Speaking of homework, we had to record a video of ourselves doing a really simple movement loop while making a running commentary of what we felt in our body. IT WAS THE WORST! Something about recording myself moving, without music, speaking unscripted about myself in a gym where people can walk in on me at any minute made it horrendous. It’s weird, because I don’t mind filming myself. And I don’t mind talking to other people live (kind of). And I’ve done weird enough things in the gym, but admittedly in the protectiveness of closed eyes and loud music in my ears. But this, oh my word, it was the most self consciously anxiety inducing thing I’ve had to do in a long time. I spent 10 minutes afterwards bouncing on a Pilates ball to recover. 😂
  16. I very much believe it does, and I’ve definitely observed this in my grandma (the one with Alzheimer’s). Hate to admit it but it’s like watching a much exaggerated version of myself. Left on her own she has really low motivation and doesn’t want to leave her bed and she gets angry and irritated much more easily. But when she’s forced outside, on walks or to be social she always feels much more optimistic and alive. Even when she crashes after a walk she has more energy later. There’s also the idea in psychology that action comes before motivation. So I do think there’s a lot of truth to that. But there is the caveat that slug is not equal to sick, and sometimes it can even be difficult to tell the difference. I like Sea’s suggestions a lot which basically boil down to do a warmup and see how it goes. It’s like in climbing, sometimes I’d feel awful going in to the session but after a good warmup I’d perform really well. And sometimes it’d be the other way around and actually going home and rest would be the appropriate thing to do. But at least that way I’d know whether I was tired or a slug.
  17. Wow this is gorgeous! @Rookie I love the little guy. ☺️
  18. Here are some of my favourites, scorpion spider conchs. They’re very charismatic little critters and almost always come in pairs if not more. 🙂
  19. I was gonna say exactly this! 😄 And your snail is super cute, he looks so joyful. ☺️ @Amaroq Apprentice I love the embroidery, I’m sure many diving nerds would adooore it too!
  20. I wasn’t gonna challenge but then @Harriet mentioned slug studies and I couldn’t resist, because SLUGS. 😍So here we are. I’m currently doing a floor flow (teacher*) training course and it’s wildly interesting but there’s so many ideas and concepts not only related to floor work but to flow and neuroscience and dance history and somatic therapeutic applications and movement in different populations like the elderly and neurodivergent crowds and developmental movement and how to teach movement and how to use inclusive language and movement and movement censorship and so so many things disguised under “floorwork”. It’s awesome and a little overwhelming and it all makes my brain happy. ☺️ Now I don’t want to do goals because they really don’t work for me, but there’s one thing these challenges are very helpful for and that’s writing things down in a semi coherent way. So I’m going to use this space to write down insights and ideas from the training of things that I find interesting to help me make sense of the material and hopefully get your input too. 🙂 And there will be gastropod art. *I don’t have any plans for teaching I’m just doing it because it’s interesting.
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