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  1. Can you even do anything about pinky fractures? Either way it’s fine, still a bit swollen but I can move it so I’m not concerned. So rude. True, the only thing I use my pinky for is the shift key and as phone support (which incidentally I should stop doing) I know I know, I just feeeeel both bored and boring and I hate it. I swear it came out of nowhere! @Scaly Freak is the smart one. No. I had a super grumpy day. I didn’t sleep that well - first I couldn’t fall asleep and then a spider crawled onto my phone (yes yes I know I shouldn’t have been on my phone) and I had to move it, but I lost it on the way. Spiders are fine but I don’t exactly want to share bed with them and I had to go hunting for it which woke me up even more. In the morning I discovered I had run out of coffee, which forced me outside after two days cooped up in the flat. I hated it. It was miserable, slushy slippery icy snow where every step is treacherous. I did take it very easy at work, but I was still sad about not climbing and life in general. Really hope I’ll snap out of this mood soon!
  2. Today was a little more chill but my concentration bar is still tapped out. Also a wall hurt my my pinky. There I was, minding my own business and suddenly a wall squished it and now it’s all swollen and painful. And now I can’t go climbing tomorrow. But I still have this time blocked out in my work calendar so I’m going to try and not get distracted and use it for something fun. Sorry guys about the boring ass negative updates….
  3. Oooh how exciting!!!! Fingers crossed everything goes well!
  4. Today sucked. I couldn’t concentrate on anything and I finished work really late and I’m still so so tired. NF: still behind Tidying: check Positives: I ate a meal. And I cleaned the bathroom floor. Duo for a little bit +0.25 INT. Negative: lots of things but I don’t know how to act on them so skipping this.
  5. I watched a bit of a skate video in Spanish. Haha don’t know about “yay” DOMS, but it was fun! You say this like I have any say in the matter of what I can focus on. It’s… not ideal… Thanks! Need to learn more Scrabble vocab. There’s nothing outside the window but darkness.
  6. This is hard yo! I wanna do all the things and challenge but work is draining the juice out of me. Last week was bruuutal and this week isn't starting off any better. So many thiiinnngs. I actually do enjoy the discussions while they happen but this constant context switching and details and politicking and trying to deal with stuff happening today as well as planning for next week/month/half year, and peopling and drama and AGGGHHH. My normal mode of operation is focusing on a single thing a time or not at all, which admittedly has its own problem, but this I don't know how to deal with yet. I need this for my brain. I did have a lovely weekend though, thanks for asking. Too short but lovely. On Saturday I hung out all day with some friends and yesterday I went for coffee with another friend and then climbing with more people. It went surprisingly well, but the DOMS is kicking in already. Goal things NF - clearly not going well Tidying - still going strong! I often miss the Fitbit alert during meetings, but even tidying for a few minutes a few times a day helps a lot and my flat is still under control! Far from perfect, but under control and that is pretty miraculous. Noting positives - nope, been in survival mode. Today's good thing is going for a stroll with a friend in freshly fallen snow in the sun! My face still hurts though. +1 WIS, +1 CHA (I've been forgetting the stats thing but I'm starting now) And this morning I read a few pages in my book +2 INT, because it's in Polish. And some Spanish Duo +0.25 INT. Not a lot but the first step is to break the cycle of doing bugger all but watching endless streams of YT videos. Will try to catch up properly soon!
  7. I’m sorry guys, failing miserably over here! Between Finland and work I’m just so so tired. I’m getting pulled in a thousand directions and it’s frazzling my brain. One more day!
  8. Uggh I'm running behind on updates, but these past two work days have been sooooooo long and weird and I don't have the brain juice. I scheduled in a Very Important Meeting with myself tomorrow afternoon to try a catch a breath though, hopefully that will help!
  9. LOL at year of bum. Does that include non-human bums? I feel the art that I'd like to make usually doesn't involve humans. While good practice and definitely useful I'm not sure I'd like to commit to that. Don't have any good suggestions to contribute with right now though, brain friiiieed. People who drop truth bombs on you are the worst. And hiii! How's it going??
  10. Then why would you put any more faith in random supplement dude on the internet?
  11. The answer to this on is easy, nobody can tell you exactly what you need. At best you can work with a professional who can help you guide your experiments and untangle the data.
  12. I get where you're coming from, but I feel like NERD fitness is not the place to bash on nerds, no matter their fandom.
  13. I'm looking forward to the update where you realize it's not a big deal. In your own time!
  14. I'm out too with those names. Sounds too much like crossfit. (Jk not bashing on crossfit!)
  15. I discovered that my library also has a challenge, but without the cool card. So lame.
  16. Hahaha. I wanted to try again for reference, and with my little 8kg it doesn't feel hard per se, but I can feel the instability, especially on the left. Enough so that doing anything dynamically would feel preeetty scary. This is what I suspected from my own experience but of course n=1 is not the same. It's so interesting that you have them alternate like that. I often do the regressed movement variation to jog my memory too, but can't think of any case where I'd alternate. It's cool! It makes sense though that them solving their own body puzzle >>> someone telling them what to do. Do you ever film and discuss the footage with your athletes? Yay for games! I'm thoroughly biased of course but it's also such a great way of breaking the ice between people and creating a bit more of a community. Thanks for sharing your examples, very cool to read!
  17. Sure, let's call it "interesting" and not me getting bored every 3 months. Scheduling fake classes sadly won't work, I can't trick my brain like that. If you try it I'll try it too. But there's still plenty of room to experiment with styles, and subjects too if you're creative about it. I don't think you have very scattered styles though, in fact I'm impressed you already have such a distinct Harriet style! It's cool to see.
  18. Cool! Like what? I remember the paused squats. Hmm... hmmmm.... are you trying to make me suffer? Indeed, indeed. Even as a go-to it could be helpful. Of course you do! I don't see much difference between writing, driving or any creative projects! It's all the same problems, it's only the technical details that differ. I've come across his videos too and I also really enjoy his style. For me the reminder I need pretty much every day is "thinking about doing something is not the same as doing something".
  19. My teacher would still explain some of the more technical things in nerd language, things like the shoulder positioning in handstands. The warm ups were very freeform though, reflex games, lots of partner games for mobility and stability... So were the morning acro classes where the movements were soft but with very high complexity. Not gonna lie, that hurt my brain and at times I really wanted him to just tell me what to do instead of having to spend an hour flailing and having no clue what was going on. But in retrospect I liked it because it forces the body to solve its problem without the brain trying to logic itself out of the situation. Fair enough. I just remember being quite shocked at how little weight I needed for my shoulder to feel unstable considering they feel fine in handstands. Have you seen any correlation there, or is it simply different when you're "locked" into the floor vs moving a kettlebell? I'm now kinda curious whether working a little bit with KBs might have helped my handstands or not. Ah I couldn't remember, it was such a long time ago! I do miss him... That's super cool that it triggered something in your own teaching though, I'd love to hear what you've discovered!
  20. Equipment: yep pole, rings-ish (usable but very tight on space since I put in a desk). Technically I have access to weights a the office gym, but let's be real I'm not going to go there when it's this cold. Could pick up the kettlebell we have there though, or maybe the adjustable dumbbells (though I find them really annoying) Had I had more space I could probably borrow the whole squat rack, but alas. I definitely don't want to buy another program, I have plenty. Periodization is definitely a good idea. Usually it comes naturally depending on what classes I have access to, but now it's chaos. That's an interesting thought applying GMB's framework to art! Thanks for your input, much appreciated! It's not a goal atm, especially not now in the skateboarding honeymoon period. It's definitely interesting advice. But there's so much to learn! This feels like more like a project, or an experiment in improving creativity than building fundamental skills. Or do you see it differently? I have a little mini project in mind for a future challenge, but I'd like to learn a liiiittle bit of technical skills first before committing. I do like how you're thinking, but personally I'm not a fan of mixing and matching like that because it feels like I'm getting the worst of both. Like skateboarding would become a chore, and strength training in heels is just silly and dangerous. I think I'd rather suck it up and keep it short. Hmm good question. I really don't know, I just like feeling "strong enough". The only thing I can think of is pull-ups because it's a good indicator for when I've gained too much weight and/or not moved enough. I like that pistol squats have been a side effect of climbing, but I don't really care enough to train for them. If I did weightlift it'd be a different story because that's the whole sport so then it becomes much more interesting. Now we're talking - two sets two times a week I could commit to. If nothing else it could be an interesting experiment. Shame the squat rack is so far away though... maybe I should suck it up and bring over the kb or the dumbbells... GMB rings is verrrryy far off right now. And even when I was in good pull-up shape I was miiiles away from doing even a single dip. Thanks guys, much appreciated! I think there's enough here to start with, a teeny bit of strength to get started and the rest I can essentially freestyle. But I might try Vitamin seeing as apparently I have it and see if I like it or not. And you've given me ideas for art goals as well, though I still need to ponder how to put it in practice.
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