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  1. What awesome progress! The climbing wall sounds like a total blast and doubles as an awesome way to have fun with your kid. Keep it up!
  2. I will not say I'm doing great or terrible but "striving for better". Last week I hit a total wall mid-week because (prepare to be shocked) even with most nights of a successful bedtime I was DEAD TIRED from not enough sleep. I was in the middle of one arm dumbbell rows and literally could not lift another. So, I packed up that day, took a total break on Thursday. Friday I went for my Thursday run/walk (2.5 minute intervals! Finally!) and on Saturday I did my Friday strength session. Needless to say, after a rest, I was in much better shape. Who knew? This week I am totally psyched to get back to it and rock some good workouts. Especially now that you have reminded me we are nearing the halfway point! Eep! Today I got 50 squats in 4 sets (1 Star) and I got 2 minute plank done in 3 sets (2 stars!). I did not get bench press or dumbbell rows in today. I have an early morning meeting tomorrow so I will be hitting the gym after work to get that done along with my Tuesday "wog" Are you motivated yet? Don't be like Grumpy Cat!
  3. I have long been an admirer of the early morning treasures; just never a big fan of keeping the necessary hours to see them. Monkey: your post was like a well needed hug tonight. Some days it is a struggle to keep going on. But, encouraging posts make a world of difference! *hugs*
  4. Good Morning! I got my AB workout in today and completed everything already (Yay! No worrying later!). Here's how it went: Bench press 30#: 2 minute rest10/10/10/10 (1 Star) One arm dumbbell row 20#: 2 minute rest12/10/10 (2 Stars) Squats:15/15 (3 stars) Planks:37/35 (3 Stars)1:12 (72) total I think it's time to level up and start working on 2 minute planks and 50 squats. Oh My! Today's gift when I went outside: The Orion constellation was bright in the sky and I saw a shooting star within seconds of going out my front door. It seems as though a good day may be in my future...
  5. Hoping things are going well, SH and that maybe you've just not posted. I'm still waiting to swap my Angry Birds war stories with you! Cheers, PG
  6. I realized that I never set a grading system! Workouts: A= all 5 workouts completed B= 4 workouts or less completed C= 3 workouts or less completed D= 2 workouts or less completed F= 1 workout or less completed Sleep: A= 6 or more nights on time B= 5 or less nights on time C= 4 or less nights on time D= 3 nights or less on time F= 2 nights or less on time
  7. This morning I had a short run but at least I got out, right? I went 1.07 miles in 19 minutes 30 seconds and had a (slower) pace of 18:15 per mile. It was very chilly this morning and though I was dressed for it I couldn't seem to get a great pace going. But I came back and did my squats and planks. Here are those numbers: Squats: 31 total in 3 sets (10/11/10) 2 Stars Planks: 77 seconds total in 3 sets (27/32/18) 2 Stars I'm very glad I got out because I saw the coolest thing. I rounded the corner from my street and saw the moon setting in the sky. It was still big and bright and looked like it was close enough to touch. I wanted to take a pic but my phone just wasn't going to take anything worth capturing
  8. My heart goes out to you for this sticky situation. As if vending machines aren't bad enough having a DD nearby is killer. It sounds like you are on the right track to knowing what your Achilles heel is and doing what you can to make smarter choices. Keep up the great work!
  9. Last night I got to bed at 11:15 (yikes!). Lots of stuff weighing on my mind as MIL is preparing to come home from a week long stay in the hospital. I find solace in my workouts and these issues help feed my need to do them. This morning I truly used the inspiration for the AB workout. I dragged my ass around the house and left later than I wanted to get to the gym. I'm sure this had absolutely nothing to do with the late sleep time....*Cue guilty whistle* So I did things in pieces. Hard to do for a recovering "all or nothing"-aholic. I got in my bench presses and one arm rows. Bench Press (40) 30 lbs: 10/10/10/5/5 (0 stars) One Arm Rows (30) 20 lbs: 15/8/7 (2 stars) Squats and planks to come tomorrow morning following a run about the neighborhood. Can't. Wait.
  10. Just reading about your preparations for deadlifts and pull ups gives me tingles! Can I live vicariously through you until I get there? Sounds like you've had an awesome run so far. Keep it! I second Kiwi's RAWR!
  11. I'm a few hours (days?) late to the party...but! I simply must agree with all of the other excellent advice given to you already. I know how it is deflating to "miss" a goal on day 2. But it's true that it is all in how you react to it. Early on I got the "too much too soon" bug; I lifted heavier than I was ready for with equipment I was unfamiliar with. I let myself learn from it and built my form back up rather than say "I'm no good at this I may as well quit". You're seeing confidence in your Zombie runs; take that and run with it. Literally! It's new territory-it may be scary (in which case I recommend this). Worlds apart you and I are on awesome new career adventures! I'm loving mine and want to see you love yours, too! Remember that awesome quote that Steve throws out here and there from Batman: "Why do we fall down, Master Wayne? So we can get back up". I know your old shape is trying to take back over but we aren't going to let it! Keep kicking ass and I can't wait to hear more awesome reports to come! Remember "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you'll land among the stars".
  12. Wow, what a chilly run this morning. It will soon be time to break out the cold weather gear! 1.68 miles around the neighborhood in 30:03. Not too shabby. I am in my 2nd week of 2 minute running intervals. It is going easier but the cold weather certainly is not doing me any favors. We'll see how Thursday goes but I am just happy to be passing new landmarks almost every outing. Back to angry birds tomorrow morning; RAWR!
  13. I think your goals sound wonderful and not a cop out at all. We all have to learn to crawl before we can walk, run and fly. Good luck with everything and let us know how your second yoga class goes!
  14. Off to a killer start. Went to the gym this morning and got my workout in. I had upped my weights today-what a challenge! Here's what happened: Bench press (30 lbs): 43 total in 5 sets 10/10/10/8/5 One arm dumbbell rows (20 lbs/per arm): 30 total in 3 sets 10/10/10 This one really got me near the end Body weight squats; 35 total in 3 sets: 10/15/10 Planks; 66 seconds total in 3 sets: 26/20/20 Today's workout brought to you by the letters RAWR!
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