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  1. She's good. We have a private backyard for her to do her business in, and we still take her on 1-2 walks per day. Otherwise, working from home and spending all day with her is her normal. I'm just concerned she's not taking this coronavirus more seriously! As far as my workouts and writing and such: These days, with me working out at home, I'm doing the following every day, as advised by my online coach: 10 pistols per leg 10 single leg RDL's per leg 20 chin-ups 30 planchey push-ups 1 minute accumulated handstand hold (can use wall for assistance)
  2. Fun fact: i was living in Ecuador at that time, so I took a bus 3 hours to an airport, flew up to Atlanta, GA, and stayed for 48 hours to give that talk, then flew back to Ecuador. Man, that feels like SO LONG AGO. I've actually changed my tune around goals (and instead more interested focused on creating a great day, or building a good system, with goals to help guide the system I want to build). Speaking of Systems, my system is now completely upended, so I'm having some fun tinkering and creating a new normal! More updates incoming
  3. Okay nerds Lots of writing this week. We put out a big post on how to stay in shape while not leaving the house, because that's exactly what I've been doing since Wednesday. I got my last workout in Wednesday (deadlifts), and have bought a pull-up bar and kettlebell to move my training into my home for the foreseeable future. I'll be documenting my workouts and strategies over on the Nerd_Fitness instagram in the stories each day (if I'm doing a workout), so hopefully I'll see some of you clowns over there too. Yes, it's just me replying and comments and wr
  4. I'm on my 3rd listen... So yes
  5. SATURDAY WORKOUT A1) Back squats Warm-up: 6x95, 6x95 Week four: 6/6/6/6/6 @ 175 B1) Front lever pulses Week four: 4x3 w/ 4 sec pause at extended position B2) Handstand push-ups Week four: 3/3/3/2/2 C1) Good mornings Week one: 4x12 D1) Archer ring push-ups Week four: 2x8, 1x6 D2) Wall handstands Week four: 3x60s MONDAY WORKOUT A1) Weighted chin-ups Warm-up: 5xBW, 2x25 Week five: 5x5 @ 38 B1) Alternating arm bodywei
  6. Love this, obviously. I'll wear bright stuff to the gym tomorrow
  7. THURSDAY WORKOUT: A1) Chest supported dumbbell incline row Week four: 6/6/6/6 @ 60 B1) Pull-ups Weeks: 35 reps in as little sets as possible 13, 12, 10 B2) Push-ups Week four: 20/16/50 Got 20/16/42 D2) Incline bench curls Week four: 7, 6, 6 @ 40 lbs D2) Overhead triceps extensions Week four: 3x14 @ 40 HIT calories, did shoulder workout, got some writing done.
  8. Pepper Update: Still Cute.
  9. UPDATE! Monday 3/2 - hit calories, handstands, shoulder work, and got some creative writing in: A1) Weighted chin-ups Warm-up: 5xBW, 2x25 Week four: 5x5 @ 37 B1) Alternating arm bodyweight archer rows Week four: 2x8, 1x6 1 set of regular bw rows (false grip) @ 15r C) Ring dip holds Get into the bottom position of the dip on the rings and hold for time. All weeks: 3x20s D1) Wall handstands Week four: 3x60s D2) Band and/or pulley facepulls Accumulate 100 total reps. TUESDAY 3/3
  10. Pretty good! Right now it's just a lot of "kick up against wall, hold for time" stuff - rebuilding the muscular endurance and balance. But i've had some holds of 40-50 seconds freestanding which feels great. I'm hoping with increased shoulder mobility and focus on hollow body holds, I can really get these handstands to be completely perpendicular, which should help with time under tension upside down!
  11. LATE ON MY UPDATE! I think this is one the most important things i do that happens to work for me. I really try to not shame myself or feel badly about occasionally eating poor foods or missing a workout. Life is meant to be lived, and food is more than just sustenance. It's a part of a gathering with friends, or enjoyment with family, or whatever. So, just EAT the thing. And then the next day, go back to do what I do normally: eat the foods on my plan, hit my workout, and get right back to it. so, WEDNESDAY: Hit my shoulder mobility work, got my h
  12. Back from my trip! I ate all the things while visiting Nashville: BBQ, tapas, fried chicken, etc. Didn't work out much, but walked a LOT. Got back Monday afternoon, and immediately went to the gym for a very crappy but "just show up, get back-on-track" workout! I was in bed by 9:30pm last night, and although my Oura Ring says I only got 7 hours of sleep and I tossed and turned a lot, I woke up feeling great and don't remember sleeping in at all. I got my writing done this morning (Tuesday), but it was tough to get back on track, as I had 3 days of impo
  13. I LOVE forest. Though I feel like an Idiot, as I spent all my coins to get like, digital palm trees and cherry blossom trees...instead of them ACTUALLY planting a tree for me! lol Ha! I'm not that desperate! I mean, at some point I still need to play: Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls 3, Sekiro...and whenever they come out Cyberpunk 2077, Last of Us Part 2, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and Ghost of Tsushima, plus whatever the new Assassin's Creed game is this fall. ...and then PS5 and Xbox Series X (or whatever nonsense they're calling it) comes out this fall. Arg. That
  14. Pup tax. Sometimes she gets stuck halfway:
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