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  1. Kinda makes me happy that I'm not the only blop around here.... no not really. But hopefully you'll outblop me next week! You know what your reasons are that's a step in the right direction!
  2. Thanks for all the inspiration! Everything looks awesome. Makes me come visit you for a week and get my motivation (and ass) kicked into gear
  3. Great idea with the two part challenge and of course all the off topic chatter going on here...
  4. So sorry to read about your accident. That said, I admire your positive attitude and reading your set of rules makes me want to go in the garden and climb up our walnut tree. I used to climb around on it all the time when I was a kid but that was quite some time ago Thanks for getting that idea into my head I wish you a speedy and thorough recovery and lots of trees in your future!
  5. Congratulations everyone! Keep up the good work!
  6. Ok, I'm out! This challenge was supposed to give me time to destress and relax after a super stressful period in my life. Turns out, doing a challenge at all is rather stressful to me! Just the thought of having to update my thread or reply to someone else's raises my stress level quite a bit. I need all the time that I can get to focus on doing things that are good for me and give me energy. With all the shitty things that have been and still are happening I can't spend time and energy on things that either aren't giving me energy back or aren't absolutely necessary. I don't know what it is a
  7. Thanks! Thanks! I'm just glad to have figured out how my body works best! One week too late. Bummer! Definitely have to plan that trip! Wasn't much but better than the night before. I don't think my kids are old enough for my wearing earplugs soon, though! Good luck figuring it out! Don't be! You're doing great, thanks for stopping by!
  8. What SuNo Yo said! Insist on having one nice and relaxing room in the house done! Give J a week to do it himself otherwise you'll hire someone to do it. Then you stuff it with all the rainbows and sunshine you have in your apartment's bedroom, then you relax and then you get better! And tada, we have our happy Bekah back! *sending lots of hugs and kisses your way*
  9. Way to go for getting that major stressor out of your life! Congrats on finishing your dissertation! That beginning of your story is really well written and I love the story so far! Is there going to be more to come, now that you have a little more down time?
  10. Tell me about IUDs! I got mine taken out yesterday and of course that little sucker had gotten attached to my uterus so it took her like ten min (felt more like an hour) to get it out! I should have celebrated with chocolate ice cream as well! Glad you're feeling good enough to browse recipes though!
  11. Boobytrap backwards is partyboob...this seemed like an appropriate addition to this fabulous conversation!
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