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  1. Awesome! For both of you, of course! I think it's pretty damn impressive that you managed to stick with your goals enough to lose weight even with everything going on. And I'm, as ever, so happy that "everything going on" is improving and doing well. I gotta go find that challenge log so I can keep up. See ya around there, then, broseph.
  2. Hey, brader. I'm glad to see that your neice is continuing to get better. It's great news and it really brightens my day to hear it (and I'm sure it brightens yours way more than mine!). Sometimes fitness goals fall by the wayside when something traumatic like your neice's accident happens. And that's totally OK. The weight loss is good, but I just hope that it isn't due to not eating because of stress. You better be taking care of yourself, you. You all are still in my thoughts and I hope your neice is still improving and that you and your family are adjusting and doing well. I'm looking
  3. Hey guys... I just wanted to come by real quick and say I'm alive and I think I'm back. I "fell mentally ill" (as I like to call it) and things got a little shitty for a while. I missed you guys while I was gone! But going through the infamously long Gurren Brigade thread right now feels a little scary, so I'll leave it at that for the moment. Hope you're all still kicking ass and taking names.
  4. PS 453 notifications! You guys have been VERY busy.
  5. So, uh, hey guys. Remember when I said I felt my crazy bearing down upon me and my main goal was to just not ditch NF even if I was doing horrible with my goals? Well, I was right about the crazy and I obviously failed at staying with NF and I did horrible on my goals, to boot! I'd been feeling kinda funky and I kinda knew it was coming, but, I mean, I didn't think I felt that bad. And then BOOM - I woke up one morning and it was just there. Just like "You know who sucks? You, Ayla! You suck. You're a useless person, undeserving of love. You never do anything right. Remember all those horrib
  6. Oh wow, she really is doing fantastic. And I bet you guys are glad to be saying goodbye to that ICU waiting room (I know I certainly was). I hope she's home by now and getting all sorts of hugs and kisses and attention and maybe starting to get a bit more "back to normal" soon. I'm so happy to hear this good news!
  7. Psh you went over by a tiny bit. Whatever! Don't sweat the little things. I'm sorry the pumpkin spice latte got to you. I used to work at Starbucks, so I know how hard it is resisting that temptation! Screw that dragon. Sometimes he wins, but you'll get him in the end. Have a good day tomorrow, Kiwi! Keep up all the great work.
  8. I know this probably doesn't help at all, but after my dad's cardiac arrest we spent quite a bit of time not knowing if he had brain damage or not. So I know exactly how difficult and frightening that is. All I can say is keep your head up and keep hoping. Those do sound like positive signs. You and your family are still in my thoughts. I hope you are well.
  9. Buggs: I could not survive without this youtube channel. M says he has more success making bedtime and meditation separate and everything's worth a try for sure, but these guided sleep meditations have done me, personally, absolute wonders. I really like the particular lady from the link because I find her voice very soothing and all her videos are consistent. Plus, she comes out with new ones constantly and she does several that deal with depression/anxiety/what-have-you that help me very much to calm the heck down when I need to sleep and my mind is racing with negative, irrational thoughts
  10. Oh man look at you go with those productivity hours. I need to get on that myself... Anyway, hope you're kicking Thursday's butt!
  11. What a jerk face that lady was! You know you, wideeyed. And, you're right, that's clearly not normal. I hope you can figure it out soon and that you're feeling a little better today. Take care.
  12. Oh my gosh Kiwi, the food you list always makes me salivate! I want all of those things! Great job killing those workouts. I hope that procrastination dragon is staying out of your way (where he belongs) today.
  13. Those workouts look terrifying, forkboy! How is Thursday treating you?
  14. Thank, guys! Wideeyed, that is quite the encouragement! I played rugby for one season my senior year of high school. Practice involved running and I was always the slowest girl, even though there were a couple other girls who were just as overweight and out of shape as me. I knew it was because of smoking, so I tried to quit. I only lasted like three days, but during those three days I could already feel a difference at practice when we ran. Well, right now one of my big things is that I want to be able to run a mile. I've never been able to in my life. Hopefully not smoking will get me there
  15. Haha I'm sorry I scared you, Will. I said I was good at fightin. I guess I'm a little too good. I still love you!.... Even if you did lose and we got Kiwi bwaaahahahahahhaaaa!
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