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  1. Is there just one teensy little thing you could do that is moving you in the right direction, whatever that may be? If there is, just do that one little thing for now and leave the rest for another time (if these are absolute "must-do" things). You don't have to do ALL THE THINGS at once.
  2. Heh... I'm also in the land of beer and Lederhosen... Sorry. Didn't mean to hijack your thread. Please continue...
  3. Will! Awesome to see you posting again! Looks like you are still doing a lot of stuff! How are you doing (besides working out a lot)?
  4. The uncalled dentist is totally understandable and can be easily dismissed considering your extensive list of accomplished goals. Merry Christmas, brave Hobbit and keep rocking! \m/ \m/
  5. Portable fat bombs (unless you are allergic, of course): nuts.
  6. Welcome back to IS! Looks like you're off to a solid start with your challenge!
  7. Ohnoes! Sorry to hear that... But yeah, it's true that there is no quick fix. I'll second NeverThatBored: What's plan B?
  8. Thank you! And thank you for your patience, Ensi! Back to foxes, business, and sharks. Must never forget Le Shark!
  9. Sorry to hijack your thread for a bit, Ensi, but: Do you happen to have a sword-proof phone now? If so, which one? (Not that I need a sword proof phone, but a pony-proof phone would be nice...)
  10. Tach! Oder um's mit den hiesigen Einheimischen zu sagen: Servus!
  11. Sounds like you are doing all the right things to move you in the direction you want to go. That is huge! Thank you for asking! I'm still rehabbing my left wrist and elbow, and I am still taking it very slow. But I have started going to KB classes again in August. Still scaling things down, in regards to training, and it's sometimes frustrating to see all the things I can't do (yet), but my trainer is very good about recommending regressions or more paw-friendly variations, so that is very helpful. TL;DR: I'm plodding again, though at an even slower pace than before. Though it feels like I have nothing much to report, so I'm not logging here, for the time being.
  12. Out of context, this sentence is awesome. Within context, congrats on hitting that poor fish! AND also on those lost 2 pounds! Onwards and upwards!
  13. Happy birthday and welcome back!
  14. Guess what - I've been working in this quickly evolving field for almost two decades now (wow, I'm OLD!), and if you decide to work in web dev even only for a time, I'm pretty sure your "own spot" will keep changing as well. Mine did and still does. It's one of the things that make work in development so rewarding for me: You always keep learning.
  15. I'll admit, I am a bit biased, but I am glad you are okay with the edit.
  16. Here, I fixed that for you. Summer colds are the worst! Waldgeist, get better soon!
  17. Keep on keeping on! We're rooting for you, even if your wonky internet connection won't let you see it all the time!
  18. Welcome back! Glad to hear that most of the crazy-busy-ness is now behind you!
  19. Actually, both wrists still tend to be twingey when it's cold. Or hot. Have been like that since the tendonitis 25 years ago. -- In the meantime, I have been mainly plodding along with my wrist rehab and regular appointments with the Drill Master. After another setback including whiny elbows, he's happy with the progress my wrist is making. Extension is stronger than flexion, though, so there's still lots of room for improvement. I've also been doing my FF practice (mostly frog + pancake stretches with occasional pigeons thrown in) and more cat/cow and dolphin variations for spine + shoulders. Shoulders even felt so stable that I attempted a forearm stand (against the wall). I didn't crash, although I could only hold it for about 2 seconds. But still, shoulders didn't collapse! Yay! I also tried my first tripod headstand since B.S. (before the splint), also with wall support. It was wobbly as heck, but pain free. I'll take it! Also first attempt at un-weighted TGUs since BS - AKA "attempted suicide by yoga block". There is so much "room for improvement" that it's difficult to decide where to begin.
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