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  1. Everything's off the rails right now. At this point I will be doing great if I can just get my eating under control by the end of this. Work has been stressful, family life has been demanding, and to top it off, we were robbed last week, so needless to say, my stress levels have been UP, and stress eating has made it back into my life. Like ALL the sweets. Like a junkie. I've managed to avoid sweets today, eating more than I'd like, but hoping to get the sweets back under control, because I can tell I've gotten past that level where they can control me, and it will take a few days to kick
  2. This week has been complete craziness with no spare time, and nothing foreseeable until next Monday, so I'm considering this week a "do my best" week, and nixing the basic and advanced for this month, there is one level, which is in between, to finish out the rest of the challenge. Eating Sticking to a Mediterranean style of eating, sweets only on special occasions (son's b-day, and the times we go out as a family for a treat, no extraneous sweets or refined flour at other times). Tracking: Log food into MFP minimum 5 days/week Exercise Walking: 10k 3 days, 8k 6
  3. LOL well we start today, right? haha, this weekend was Pokémon Go community days, so I enjoyed my last days of off plan eating and also walked 12 MILES yesterday, so, I'm good. So far today has been good, I plan to post later today to finalize/set my quests exactly how I want for this challenge. I'll have that in later today.
  4. That is one of the best things I've ever heard!
  5. I saw a listing for adult beginner ballet class in my city's parks & rec catalog, it lured me in with promises of "balance, flexibility, posture, and agility". I've never taken ballet before, but I thought "why not?", could be good. (not gonna lie, I do wonder if I'm going to be the least fit person in class....) Anyone else do or have done ballet want to share your stories or encouragement? I hope I have a good experience, not sure what to expect!
  6. Just putting down my draft for more/detailed challenges. Eating Sticking to a Mediterranean style of eating, sweets only on special occasions. Tracking: Basic Level: 4 days, Advanced Level 6+ days Exercise Walking: Basic Level 10k 2 days, 8k 5 days. Advanced level 10k 4 days, 8k 6 days/week Self Care Posture stretching Foam Roller (adding the Uncaged Human squat exercises) Basic: 2x week Advanced: 5x/week Set aside “me” time 1hr min. Basic: 1x/week Advanced: 2x/week Household Basic Level: Dining Room FULLY DECLUTTERED Advanced Level
  7. Awesome, I looked at their pages, definitely going to check them out, thanks! (the Darebee site looks good too, thanks Stribs)
  8. I struggle with posture too, look into doing thoracic spine mobilization on a foam roller. Laying out with it along the length of your spine with your head also on the roller, arms out to your side dangling on the floor is a good one, and also rolling the across way, but take your time and let things stretch. It hurts but I think it will help with what you are doing. The dumbbell stuff you're doing is great, I really need it too! Pulling motions especially. Thanks for the reminder, I'm going to add posture stuff to my next challenge too!
  9. Katy Bowman? I legit thought you were talking about Colony. This IS a nerd forum. LOL.
  10. Yeah this. I came over because you commented on mine, and WOW! Good luck!!
  11. Tell you what, I'll add one, you take one away! I legit dropped mine down to 3 because I was struggling to even get close, and would give up because no way. I had a couple challenge periods where injury knocked out my plans, and having a full time job and 2 tiny kids made some of that "sweet dreams" LOL. I'm trying to get specific and focus because it helps me to have a plan I can stick to!
  12. Haha thanks! Someone in one of the other boards kicked my butt into more specifics, and I like it. I can't just tell myself, well, close enough!
  13. Hey Rangers! This month, I'm following up with last month's theme, but a little different. Same questline, with 2 award levels, just different tasks. 1. Walking: Distance/frequency TBD 2. Kettlebell/weight workout: Frequency TBD 3. Chores: TBD Loot: TBD, but completing the Weightlifting quest snags a bonus Tuff N Tiny "Squattle" Tank Top
  14. Thanks! I needed this advice too!
  15. I'm happy you are finding time to swim. I used to swim regularly, and I miss it now. Is Pokémon GO available on your phone where you live? I know it's in Europe, so I imagine you won't have trouble getting it working in France. I've picked it up after a couple years off and it's REALLY motivated me to walk. The difference is night and day! I feel so much better now than a few weeks ago when I started. I'm limiting sugary treats as well, but I allow myself VERY DARK chocolate every day. It's only one or 2 squares, so it's not huge indulgence, but it always feels like a t
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