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  1. My quest may not make sense to you, but it is mostly just for me. I want to join this challenge, but am feeling hermit-ish and shy about my idea. I may have taken the epic quest/video game analogy too far, but I don't care. It is NERD fitness! lol. This is my fairy-tale analogy based quest. Main Quest: Heal my curse of being miserable, exhausted, ashamed, fat, etc., by unsticking all of the pieces and people of the past, ending the distracting bad habits and fully facing my true self with fearlessness, relentlessness, and never looking back. Figure out all of the stuck pieces and peopl
  2. I like them! And I do count the walking. It's great to have exercise built into daily life.
  3. Okay, well week 6 was a bit of a failure, but I got about a b- overall for the whole challenge, including the extra week that I did. Thanks everyone and I am excited for next time!
  4. I am basically still doing the potatoes not Prozac diet, but nerd fitness focuses a little more on paleo so they take out some of the grains and fruit. I found that after a while, eating the potato at night made me feel good, but I typically ate too big of a potato. I still really like the potatoes diet, but the nerd fitness one allows me to take it to the next level as far as weight loss goes.
  5. Alright here is my late but still present update for week 4. This week my grade was a B.I rode my bike to my classes, but did not remember to walk anywhere. I ate at nerd fitness diet level 8 all week, I have barely anything on my to do list, and I did get down to below 1500 calories over. That was quite a feat! I did most of it in 3 days. I was up to almost 3000 over. But with a lot of exercise you can burn a lot of calories! I did not level up to nf level 9 because it's just impossible this point, but that's okay. It was a good week, I'm still at it, and I am looking forward to the rest of t
  6. Oops. I can't figure out how to delete the duplicates. Sorry! Lol
  7. Okay! Today has been awesome. Just checking in here yesterday made me more motivated. I guess that's how it works right? That's why I love nerd fitness, and you guys of course! Today I have burned over 700 calories so far. I took a half hour bike ride to my college and back, and a 25 minute walk around to find out where all my classes are and how long its going to take me to get from one to the other. Then I came home and went for my second couch to 5k run. Today went much better than Wednesday. on Wednesday my knees hurt after my run, despite warming up, cooling down, and doing a lot of stre
  8. Ok the last week finished well! This is the first week that I got a "B" in anything.I did everything except reach my calorie lowering goal. I decided that was a B because I was up to the level I wanted to be down to last week. And now I'm a little bit above that, so I'm back to needing to go down about 3200 total calories still. It is going to be extremely hard to finish leveling up this week, & I have no idea how I could do it the next two weeks. Unless they add some new quests or really change up the experience, I do not think that it is possible. What is left are things like doing somet
  9. Lol! No,but it's my last chance with my relationship. It was tough for me to learn to be a good relationship partner, and I might have ruined things with a good guy. He's going to decide by the end of the year if he wants to keep trying or not. I've gotten a lot of chances I messed up, and this is my last one. So that's motivating me to do my best.
  10. Challenge for 9/14: Main Goal: To continue unburdening myself and reclaiming my strength, freedom, passion, integrity and identity. Motivation: Lose all my weight in a year! Stay on track with 1.35 pounds per week, so I can make it to 70 pounds lost by June of 2015!!! Sub Goals: 1. Increase my daily exercise to 45 minutes per day, or 90 minutes for makeup sessions. 2. Lower my calorie goal from the moderately active to lightly active calculation in my calorie tracking app, and always be within the calories allowed at the end of each week!!! 3. 4.
  11. Things are great! Doing this update was going to be my first task on the todo list today! I've been spending most of my time working on decluttering my house. Originally this was not part of my to do list, but I had so much motivation to do it and there were so many different tasks that I did, I ended up just adding all of the house tasks to my to do list. So then when I recalculated how many things I actually had on my to do list it was quite numerous. So I recalculated my to do's for the challenge, and I'm going to edit that above soon. So this week I want to really attack my to do list head
  12. Yay! I got everything completed for week 1! This challenge is awesome. I think I finally got good at structuring a challenge the way I like them, at a pace that builds and works for me. I am loving this challenge. I'll try to post more details soon.
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