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  1. So, I'm still feeling a wee bit under the weather, but I've been pushing as much as I can to keep up with my challenge. I think I'm doing pretty good! That being said, I'm going to be making some changes to my challenge (again). I'll keep with my current goals for the rest of this week, but school starts next week and my schedule for it has changed a bit and it's really going to effect my challenge. I'll be spending the rest of the week figuring out the new structure for my challenge. I'm slightly bummed to be altering my challenge again, but life happens! What are ya gonna do..?? And, I'd rather change my challenge than quit because of conflicts with school.
  2. WEEK 2, DAYS 2 & 3 Strength Training Day 3 (Wed): 25 minute BUTI yoga workout Cardio Day 2 (Tues): First C25K workout = Brisk five-minute warmup walk. Then alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes. I forgot to wear my heart rate monitor, but will remember next time. Grain and Dairy Free Day 2 (Tues) Brunch: protein shake Dinner: teriyaki chicken rice bowl (white rice, chicken breast, zucchini, carrots, broccoli, sauce) Day 3 (Wed) Breakfast: bulletproof coffee Lunch: chicken salad (chicken breast, lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, dressing) Dinner: chicken thighs, fingerling potatoes Yoga Pose Practice Day 2 (Tues): Tree pose - I LOVE this pose! I always have. My standing leg is a bit wobbly, and my bent leg isn't as high as I would like, but I'm working on it! Day 3 (Wed): Monkey pose - Sooooo much progress to be made here. Yoga Journal lists LOTS of prep poses for monkey pose, so I worked on a few..seated forward bend, reclining head-to-big toe, and wide-angle seated forward bend. Mini Challenge: Archers Day 2 (Tues): 30 sets Day 3 (Wed): 40 sets
  3. WEEK 2, DAY 1 Definitely feeling better than I did last week. Still have some sinus stuff lingering, but pretty okay otherwise. Strength Training Did five minutes on the elliptical and two rounds of the BBWW, followed by yoga pose practice. Cardio Off day Grain and Dairy Free Breakfast: steak and eggs Lunch: clam chowder (leftovers, homemade, dairy-free) Dinner: radicchio and pear salad, plantain "tacos" (the plantains were the tortilla), spanish rice (with zucchini and mushrooms), herb roasted potatoes - a bit heavier on carbs than I usually do, but we went out for dinner Yoga Pose Practice I worked on my crow pose after my BBWW in the evening. Still can't quite get in to the pose, so I worked on prep poses again -- bound angle, plank and downward facing dog. I practiced the prep poses for a while, no quite sure how long. Mini Challenge: Archers Did 30 sets
  4. Hey Dan! I really REALLY hope so. I'm feeling really good about this challenge..and I really want to make some healthy changes in my life..and I really don't want to turn 30 (July 5th) so unhealthy and flakey!
  5. WEEK 1 SUMMARY I'm still giving myself grades for the week even though I was sick for most of it. I've made a few small tweaks to my goals for this challenge (posting shortly) that are effective today/week two. I'm feeling really good about this challenge. I've kept things simple and manageable and I think that is REALLY going to help me to be successful. Week two is definitely going to be better than week one!! Strength Training: 1 out of 3 sessions = F Dancing Practice: 0 out of 3 sessions = F Bulletproof Eating: 6 indulgences = D Yoga Pose Practice: 1 out of 5 practices = F
  6. WEEK 1, DAY 7 UPDATE Strength Training Rest day Dancing Practice Rest day Bulletproof Eating Breakfast: chorizo scramble Lunch/Dinner: steak, salad, clam chowder (homemade and dairy free) Yoga Pose Practice Rest day
  7. I'm feeling MUCH better!! Thanks Thanks Hatter! I thought a lot about them and tried to keep them as simple and clear as possible. I'm feeling really great about this year!
  8. Great week one!!! Good luck on figuring things out with the alcohol!!
  9. Nice Day 8! I have a really difficult time getting up early...and I have to start getting up at 5am starting tomorrow... Best of luck to you!
  10. Great first week! And what a nice boost (the ex seeing you)!! You are a totally kicking ass!!!
  11. Great week one!! MAJOR props on staying away from the sugar!!! It's a big struggle for me. I will continue to look to you for inspiration!
  12. I'm glad you're having such a good time!! And still getting workouts in!
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