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  1. Thanks Seth. As for the big three, I guess 600. I don't bench as I don't own a bench, so the 600 is just squat and DL. I would like to think I could probably bench 165? I have a mid morning flight but should be able to get to the spreadsheet sometime tomorrow night. Thanks again.
  2. I just figured out my 1RM on squats today too. Topped out at 300 lb, which is good, as I have no more plates to add, but is bad in that I still weigh more than that, so it's not very impressive in that regard. Fortunately, I do not have video as I'm a hideous monster and don't wish to offend sensibilities <wink>. #tryingnottostealanythunder I said it in your thread, but I'll echo it here: awesome job Vix! Such impress. Much squat.
  3. I've read support for both. I think it might be one of those whatever works for you things. I do chin down personally but I find myself lifting it when I'm struggling. Overall down feels better for me though. Good job on the 70kg squat! Awesome. Your progress is nuts! #keepitup
  4. Finally, an easy one to catch up on! Glad it's going well for you so far sir. Carry on! #bombeverywall
  5. Kiwi! Dropped by to give you a Rawr, and catch up later. Keep up what I'm assuming to be the good work! #rawr
  6. Thanks D! I'm really lagging on catching up to everyone this go round. Strength! I set out to find my squat 1RM, and ended up at 300 lbs. I couldn't get another rep out. I did manage 165 lb push press 5x5 afterword though, but it felt like a light day since there wasn't as much volume. Food! Wednesday I ate like crap. Lunch with work people, pizza for dinner, and an oath to eat no more pizza this year. Thursday, was much better. Back on track. Other! Nothing to report! #!
  7. Food - Wednesday. Lunch with work friends, and pizza dinner. Bad day was bad. Calories: 3,369 / 2,660 Carbs: 293 / 67 Sugar: 65 / 16 Protein: 154 / 166 Fat: 164 / 192 Food - Thursday. Salad lunch, chicken and butternut leek soup for dinner. Workout. Calories: 2,882 / 2,660 Carbs: 197 / 67 Sugar: 27 / 16 Protein: 295 / 166 Fat: 96 / 192 Workout! Squat: 8 reps @ 125 lb 5 reps @ 150 3 reps @ 175 1 reps @ 200 1 reps @ 225 1 reps @ 250 1 reps @ 260 1 reps @ 270 1 reps @ 280 1 reps @ 290 1 reps @ 300 I tried to get a second rep at 300, but it was NOT happening. PP: 5 reps @ 45 lb 5 reps @ 95 5 reps @ 115 5 reps @ 135 5 reps @ 155 5 reps x 5 @ 165 A small improvement.
  8. Crap, didn't see this till today. If you're still taking more people, let me know. If its a PITA, no worries, my fault for not keeping up with the forums. Good luck everyone!
  9. I see your truffle shuffle and raise you white people: #sillyhonkies
  10. I agree with Hatter and Fork. Doing things that scare the shit out of you often leads to growth, and other good things. There was a time when I was scared of joining a forum and talking to strangers about my terrible, horrible, no good flesh shell. Now I'm only moderately mortified! In all seriousness though it sounds like a girls only competition is probably a pretty supportive environment. Go for it! #GLHF
  11. Bad news / Good news? Worked out tonight. I set up to find out what my 1RM deadlift would be. I based it on an online calculator using 5 reps of 275 lbs as my best so far. That gave me a theoretical 1RM of around 310 to 315 lbs. Which seemed reasonable. The problem is I only have enough plates to get 300 lbs total. I assumed I'd be able to lift it once, and maybe even three times, and that I'd have a pretty good idea after that of what I can DL. I followed the plan I set up, except I capped it at 300 instead of 310 based on the aforementioned lack of MOAR IRONS. DL:8 reps @ 155 lb5 reps @ 1853 reps @ 2151 reps @ 2451 reps @ 275Here is where I get confused.10 reps @ 300Yup, 10. Not three, not five, 10.5 reps @ 300Gotta do another set, right?3 reps @ 300Feeling a bit ragged, but if I do two more, I'll have 20 reps @ 300!3 reps @ 300Craziness. I was a bit surprised when I hit 5 reps, but pretty shocked when I got the 10th out (barely). Clearly I shocked myself. This is the good news, I can lift heavier than I thought. This brings on the bad news: I'm really glad one of my goals is to learn, as clearly I've no clue what the fuck I'm doing. So, I need to learn, and also buy more plates. I didn't feel like doing the BOR's afterword so I did Bear Complexes instead: 5 reps @ 45 lbs5 reps @ 75 lbs5 reps @ 95 lbs5 reps @ 115 lbsI can see how bears can kill people, because that last one sucked. So bad. Anyway, decent night, if a bit confusing. #seriouslywtf
  12. Food - Tuesday. Salad lunch, chicken and sweet potato dinner. Lots of other stuff. Calories: 2,774 / 2,660Carbs: 156 / 67Sugar: 74 / 16Protein: 250 / 166Fat: 129 / 192Had to eat some macadamias and a coconut bar thing to bump calories after dinner, as I worked out today. Workout #4, done Friday 11/15. DL:8 reps @ 155 lb5 reps @ 1853 reps @ 2151 reps @ 2451 reps @ 275I set up to find my 1RM, but my set is 300lb total, so at this point I couldn't add weight. I figured I'd get three reps or so and fail. Here's what happened.10 reps @ 3005 reps @ 3003 reps @ 3003 reps @ 300Craziness. I was a bit surprised when I hit 5 reps, but pretty shocked when I got the 10th out (barely). Then I decided to do more sets because why not? Gotta get at least 20 reps in.BOR:5 reps @ 45Got really bored with that warmup set and my back wasn't feeling the bent over rows at this point, so I finished with Bear Complex(es).BEAR!:5 reps @ 455 reps @ 755 reps @ 955 reps @ 115At this point, I was cooked. Good day but I'm so confused now. Really self, WTF? Am I over-repping on my normal deadlift sets? Too much warmup? #?
  13. You guys are crazy. I love it. I gotta go find some fun pics before I'm even allowed back in my own thread! #brb
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